Color Of Blue

Chapter 32 - The Faction - Continued

Taylor fearfully shivered in his father's arms as Isaac and Zac looked on feeling totally helpless. They didn't know how to help their brother.
"Why did they have to do this? Everything was great and then they still couldn't leave well enough alone!" Zac said angrily pointing at Yven and Suolaej who slept on the blanket looking helpless and weak.
"The question is what is going to happen to them now? They only have minds like children." Ike exclaimed feeling like his world was crumbling around him.
"How are we going to explain to mom what happened to Tay?" Zac asked with tears filling his eyes.
"Be...will...right." Taylor said and squeezed his eyes shut tightly when he heard himself talk again, hating that he couldn't form his thoughts correctly and then say them properly.
"Power! Suolaej bellowed suddenly in his sleep making everyone jump.
"Even in his state of mind now...he still thinks of power." Walker grumbled as Taylor finally regained his emotions and rocked back away from him.
"Sad." Taylor said shaking his head and swallowed hard.
Demi walked over to the group with Mayte and Haelz following. They all turned to look at them.
"How is that Rytay one?" Zac asked even though he disliked her for what she had done to his brother.
"She will be okay. The child was dead. She doesn't understand what has happened to her." Demi explained looking at Zac sitting down next to him.
"How is our Taylor?" Mayte asked noticing Taylor looked down at his hands.
"We can't seem to locate the damage in his mind my young ones. I don't understand why." Nadroj told them as Demi turned into a shade of light blue.
"My Taylor? Come over to me again." Neque asked with Taylor looking up wondering what she was thinking. He stood walking over to her still feeling scared as he sat down in front of her.
"Just answer my questions with a yes or no. Okay?" Neque instructed as Taylor nodded looking up at her licking his lips.
"Do you hear all our words as we speak?"
"Yes." Taylor answered casting his eyes up and down as everyone watched with concern.
"Are you thinking the words properly in your mind when you want to speak?"
"Yes...think...no...say." Taylor expressed pointing to his forehead then his mouth.
"Try to say one word at a time for me. Just tell me something in a sentence and say each word at a time." Neque instructed cocking her head in concern. Taylor nodded and drew in a deep breath. He rubbed his forehead feeling nervous.
"I." Taylor began and crinkled his eyebrows thinking of the next word.
"Am." Taylor said with beads of sweat forming on his brow.
"Scared." Taylor finally stated smiling knowing that sounded right.
"Very good my young one. I can't explain it but somehow the connection between his speech center in his mind and the action of talking is not coming together as one." Neque declared as Taylor wiped his brow with a shaking hand.
"But can you fix it?" Walker asked sliding up next to her.
"That is the problem my Walker. I can't seem to find out why this is happening to him." Neque said feeling confused.
"If you didn't separate Taylor and Retah when you did, it could have been worse." Nadroj added with Taylor looking up at him.
"Worse? Bad...now." Taylor groaned blinking back his tears. Nadroj gently reached out stroking his cheek lovingly.
"I know my Taylor, but...." Nadroj stopped suddenly turning into a golden shade and smiled.
"Nodrow? What are you thinking about?" Ike asked as everyone wondered why he became suddenly happy.
"I know the way to find out what happened to my Taylor." Nadroj exclaimed with Neque, Demi, Mayte and Haelz cocking their heads wanting to understand.
"What? How?" Zac asked feeling his heart start to race as Taylor stared up at Nadroj longingly.
"I will go into Retah's mind where her memories are." Nadroj declared.
"NO! That would be dangerous young one. Her mind is destroyed!" Neque attested turning blue in shade.
"I can do it my wiseone. It won't hurt me. There has to be some kind of memory left." Nadroj assured her as Taylor, Walker, Ike and Zac listened closely.
"No...hurt...don't!" Taylor exclaimed grabbing Nadroj's arm shaking his head. Even though he knew he wanted to do this to help him, he didn't want him to get hurt trying. Nadroj lifted Taylor's hand from his arm and got up.
"NO!" Taylor begged looking toward Demi and the others desperately wanting them to stop Nadroj from doing this.
"Are you sure my Nadroj?" Mayte asked watching him walk near the door to the complex. He turned and smiled. Taylor took a step forward when Demi grabbed his shoulders stopping him.
"Let him try my Taylor. He knows what he is doing." Demi said as Taylor turned and looked up at him fearfully.
"Don't....want...him...to...get...hurt!" Taylor stated very slowly concentrating on each word.
They waited several minutes, all watching the door with anticipation.
"Shouldn't one of you go in there and see what he is doing?" Ike asked feeling worried for their friend.
"See...mind...mine." Taylor expressed looking at Ike nodding his head seriously.
"You mean you are seeing him Tay?" Ike asked and Taylor nodded again.
"He's okay?" Zac asked.
"Yes. He..angry." Taylor mumbled looking toward the door as Nadroj walked out looking defeated.
"What did you see?" Demi asked sadly.
"Nothing my friends. Her memories are gone." Nadroj attested as he sat back down on the blanket near Taylor.
"This is my fault. I shouldn't have...." Walker began.
"No Dad! You did what was right! She was hurting Taylor." Zac declared not wanting his father to blame himself. Taylor slid up next to his dad and swallowed hard.
"If...I...have...to...live...like...this...I...I...you...save...me! Love...you...Dad!" Taylor exclaimed slowly with tears filling his eyes. Walker's bottom lip quivered looking into his son's blue clear eyes looking up at him with intense love filling them. Walker pulled Taylor to him as his son wrapped his arms around his neck. Ike and Zac slid up also as they all embraced each other not saying a word. The beings watched sensing the love between them.

Nadroj looked down at his hands wishing he could somehow completely heal his Taylor. He didn't want him to go home in this state that he was in. He looked over at all his sleeping friends as he pondered how he was going to help his Taylor. He looked at the book of Serpow that was on the side of him. He felt the need to look and read the word that was the past and future. Slowly he opened the book paging through feeling a awe overcome him as he absorbed the history with each turn of a page. Finally he reached the moment when he was born and smiled looking at the drawing of Taylor gazing down at him with his tiny long fingers grasping Taylor's finger. He could see the love between them. He kept turning until he came to the page where he saw Walker etched in a picture throwing out his power to protect his Taylor. Sadly he turned to the next page and his heart jumped as he stared down at the drawing of three hands clasped together as one. A smile crossed his face understanding what it meant. He looked over at Taylor who slept peacefully between his brothers.
"Three Minds As One." Nadroj thought smiling at them. He glowed golden feeling amused realizing that not one of them understood that together they could heal Taylor's mind. He gently closed the book and stood up walking over to the three brothers and sat down next to them. In the morning he knew everything was now going to be alright. A calm filled his soul with joy after so many years of fear and anguish as he turned looking at the sleeping Faction, who now could never again cause them trouble. He was exhusted and laid down next to his young ones feeling everything was now safe and secure. Slowly he drifted off to sleep.

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