Color Of Blue

Chapter 32 - The Faction

Demi placed Retah onto a table in the lab with Mayte coming around on the other side. Haelz stood at the head of table.
"She is very sick. I wonder if she will make it." Haelz expressed putting her hand on Retah's head gently watching her gaze up at her looking dumbfounded.
"This is going to be very painful for her. Mayte I want you to make sure you constantly put forth your healing light as Haelz and I remove the child." Demi instructed as Mayte and Haelz switched places.
Demi watched as Haelz placed her hands over the womb. She created the split going in very slowly. Retah's eyes grew large with fear as she let out a groan.
"If you can understand....we have to take the young one out now or you may die." Demi said as Retah turned her head looking confused.
"I see the young one. No light surrounds the body." Haelz sadly stated reaching her hands inside and cupping them around the infant. She gently lifted the body turning into a shade of blue.
"Poor little thing. It really had no chance for existence." Mayte crooned seeing the twisted malformed body of the young one as Haelz gently put the child onto another table and put a cover over it.
"YOUNG ONE!" Retah bellowed sensing her lost even though her mind could not totally comprehend what was going on. She flung her arms out feeling scared. Demi grabbed her hands pushing them down to the table.
"Let's heal the opening now." Mayte declared hating to see a lose such as this. Demi nodded his head agreeing. Haelz came up to the side again and with Demi they both healed the opening of the womb as Retah slowly closed her eyes feeling the warmth tingle against her skin.
"It is done. She needs to rest. We will check back on her in a few hours." Haelz asserted wanting to get back outside to the others. Demi gently covered up Retah as she slept peacefully. He then followed his mates that were going out the door.

Yven sat staring off into space. He desperately looked around him not understanding who he was or where he was. He looked to the being who sat next to him rocking back and forth looking just as confused as he was.
"Who are you?" He thought blinking his eyes innocently at him.
"I am...I am....who are you?" The being answered looking up at the sky thinking how beautiful the blue color of the sky was. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but somehow he sensed that the sky didn't look like this before.
"I said...who are you?!" Yven asked angrily again making the being next to him jump.
"I don't know. Who are you?" Suolaej asked cocking his head.
"My name is... I don't know. Where are we? Why are we here?" Yven asked feeling a little scared when he looked over at the group that was close to them. For some odd reason he feared the creature with the brown strings who was holding onto the younger creature with yellow strings.
"Who are they? They don't look like us." Suolaej stated shivering slightly but at the same time he thought these odd creatures were interesting. They both turned when someone of their kind squatted down next to them.
"Why don't you go to sleep now my young ones." Neque cooed softly as they looked into her eyes with total confusion.
"Why are we here? Who are we?" Suolaej asked wanting desperately to know. He thought she was really beautiful as he cocked his head.
"Just rest now. There will be a time when you will understand." Neque said as she gently pushed both of them down onto the blanket.
"Are we safe? I'm scared." Yven moaned softly blinking up at her turning into a shade of light green.
"Everything is alright my young one. Just close your eyes and go to sleep." Neque crooned petting them each on the head throwing a energy into their minds so they would fall asleep. She watched them for a few minutes as they slept peacefully. She was amazed that their minds were just like infants again. She turned and walked back over to the others still seeing Walker rocking his son in his arms trying to console him.

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