Color Of Blue

Chapter 31 - A Time To Heal - Continued

Ike sat on the blanket with Lucky sleeping peacefully in his lap as he absentmindedly petted him. Zac was pacing back and forth with worry knotting up his stomach.
"What is taking so long? I can't stand this waiting anymore!" Zac bellowed angrily with Haelz watching him.
"They are coming back now. I can see them." Demi exclaimed staring off into space.
"Are they okay? How is Tay?" Zac asked walking up next to Demi.
Ike gently scooped up Lucky into his arms and stood when he saw a bubble forming near them. They saw them come through together.
"Dad?" Ike exclaimed seeing him carrying Taylor in his arms. Ike and Zac ran up to him as Walker gently laid Taylor on the blanket.
"He is alright. We got to him in time." Walker said sitting down next to Taylor and petted his head softly.
"What happened in there?" Ike asked sensing something was not right.
"I stopped them. She was hurting Taylor. Nodrow and I don't know how much damage was done to his mind." Walker answered swallowing hard.
"What... what do you mean Dad?" Zac asked looking down at his sleeping brother.
"They started the Enosa. I was going to stop it before our bodies touched but she grabbed onto Taylor and started the process. Your father saved him with his power. I healed him as much as I could." Nadroj explained with tears filling his eyes.
"My Nadroj you must go back into the tides and bring them back here. Retah will die if the dead infant is not removed from her body soon." Neque informed him as she bowed her head.
"I will go now." Nadroj mumbled hating to leave as he opened a rip and turned looking back at Taylor longingly before he sped off into the tides.
Taylor stired groaning softly as Ike jumped and licked his lips nervously. Taylor opened his eyes looking up into his father's eyes and smiled.
"Dad....am...safe?" Taylor stammered crinkling up his eyebrows. He noticed his body wasn't racked in pain. It scared him though that he couldn't form his thoughts properly.
"Yes Tay....you're safe. Everything is going to be alright now." Walker whispered petting back his hair from his forehead.
"Can't? Want." Taylor blurted as his bottom lip began to quiver. A fear covered him as he desperately looked at his brothers and father. He sat up starting to shake.
"Tay? It's going to be okay." Ike said sensing Taylor's fear.
"Talk...no...why?" Taylor cried as his eyes darted from side to side. He reached out grabbing his father's arm fearfully letting out a rasping moan.
"What are we going to do?" Zac asked looking at Neque who squatted down in front of Taylor.
"Young one your mind is damaged. We will try to heal you. When Nadroj comes back we will see how far the damage is." Neque cooed noticing Taylor's eyes were filled with fear and confusion.
"NO! Talk....please!" Taylor shouted rocking his body backwards. Walker grabbed his shoulders and hugged him tightly in his arms as Taylor shook laying his head on his father's shoulder. Zac bowed his head sadly when Nadroj appeared suddenly carrying Retah in his arms. Her body was a deep shade of green. He walked over and laid her down as everyone watched and then he went back quickly into the time balance again.
"She looks...looks bad." Ike exclaimed watching Mayte and Demi sit down next to her.
"We have to remove the dead infant now. I don't want to it here. We will bring her into the complex." Demi exclaimed lifting Retah up into his arms while Mayte and Haelz followed him in.
"She looks so ....so..." Ike began when Walker looked toward him and cast his eyes downward still holding Taylor in his arms.
"She will never be the same anymore Ike. I...I guess I made them that way. She was hurting Tay." Walker explained feeling Taylor hug onto him harder.
"Hurt...no...thank...Dad." Taylor murmured trying to say how much he loved his father for saving him.
Walker grinned petting his hair lovingly while Zac and Ike smiled too. They all turned when Nadroj came back with Yven and Suolaej in his arms. He placed them down roughly onto the blanket as they blinked with empty looking eyes. He walked over to Taylor and Walker and sat down heavily onto the ground.
"How is my Taylor?" Nadroj asked as Taylor sat up pulling away from his father. He slid in front of Nadroj and looked up into his eyes with a yearning look. He grabbed Nadroj's hands as Nadroj cocked his head watching him. Taylor placed his hands on his head.
"Fix....please." Taylor asked with tears welling in his eyes. Nadroj slid his hands down and cradled Taylor's face in his hands.
"First I have to find the area in your mind that was wounded my Taylor." Nadroj whispered knowing that he wanted to desperately be healed again. Taylor bit on his bottom lip and nodded slightly. Everyone jumped when Saber grunted loudly bounding over to them. He came up to Taylor starting to hum softly rubbing against Taylor's back with his head lovingly. Taylor turned and patted Saber gently between the eyes. He knew the Noil sensed that something was wrong with him.
"I...right...heal." Taylor stated as he cringed at his words. Frustration filled him when Nadroj grabbed his shoulder and turned him around to face him again.
"I am going to try to find the damage now my Taylor." Nadroj informed him and went deep within his mind. Taylor closed his eyes feeling him probing around hoping he could find why he couldn't speak right.
Nadroj felt frustrated as he searched desperately around. He just couldn't see where in his mind the damage was located. Taylor opened his eyes noticing Nadroj looked sad. He drew in a deep breath and licked his lips nervously wondering why it was taking so long. Nadroj stopped and bowed his head as Taylor looked at him curiously.
"See?" Taylor asked watching Nadroj shake his head with tears welling in his eyes.
"I couldn't find it my Taylor. I...I'm sorry." Nadroj cooed as Taylor rocked back and looked up toward the sky.
"NO! SEE! Can't....like...live...way!" Taylor shouted standing up feeling angry. Ike stood up taking Taylor's hands in his.
"Taylor? We'll find a way. Just calm down." Ike consoled when Taylor hugged his brother to him with his body starting to shake. Ike hugged back rubbing Taylor's back feeling helpless as he looked toward Neque who was a shade of light blue.
"Find....find!" Taylor groaned as Ike made him sit back down. Saber started to lick Taylor's face.
"Saber? I know you want to help but this isn't going to heal through your tongue this time." Zac crooned softly seeing how much the Noil sensed Taylor's anguish. Taylor grabbed Saber's blue tuffs on his face pulling him back.
"No...try...thanks." Taylor whispered trying to calm Saber down. Saber grunted and backed away laying down near them.
"I will try to see if I can locate the wound my young one." Neque said squatting down in front of Taylor as he nodded looking into her eyes longingly. Fear gripped him as she placed her hands on his head and went into his mind. He watched as she concentrated turning into different shades.
"Do you see it Que?" Ike asked hoping somehow she would say she did.
"No. It looks normal in his mind. I can't see the damage." Neque sadly expressed bowing her head.
"Noooo....help...want!" Taylor moaned starting to cry as he covered his face with hands. He couldn't imagine living like this. Walker reached out pulling him forward into his arms. Taylor broke down into sobs burying his face in his father's shoulder.

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