Color Of Blue

Chapter 31 - A Time To Heal

Taylor shivered with pain as he floated helplessly in the tides. His skin still felt like it was burning. He turned his head at the sound of his father's voice, but he couldn't see his dad anywhere. The colors of the tides felt like they were blinding him. His thoughts were muddled as he blinked slowly feeling a shiver again crawl up his back.

Walker stood watching the Faction hang limply with their eyes that looked empty and cold as if no thought passed through their minds. He looked over at his son as fear bolted through him seeing Taylor shiver in agony. He could see that his chest, down to his feet looked gray and burnt.
"Oh God....Tay!" Walker screamed as he sped over to him with Nadroj following close behind.
"My Taylor..." Nadroj groaned sadly with tears welling in his eyes.
"Did I do this? Oh no! Oh no!" Walker moaned lifting him gently in his arms as he looked up at Nadroj with painfilled eyes. Nadroj softly petted Taylor's head lovingly.
"You saved him my Walker. I will heal him." Nadroj said noticing the Faction didn't move as they still floated lifelessly near them, yet he could feel that they were still alive.
"Dad...can't...won't...need." Taylor murmured as he shivered looking fearfully up at his father. Walker let Nadroj take him from his arms.
"Please Nodrow ...help him." Walker crooned with his voice cracking seeing Taylor's body jerk uncontrollably.
"Want....hurt!" Taylor cried out with tears in his eyes.
"Why... why is he making no sense? What's wrong?" Walker asked desperately watching Nadroj start to spin in blinding rainbow colors.
"His mind is damaged by Retah my Walker. She was becoming one with him. I hope when I heal him that his mind heals also. If you didn't come when you did we could have lost our Taylor forever." Nadroj explained hating the look of helplessness cover Walker's face. He knew the love he felt for his son.
"Dad! Want...why?" Taylor groaned starting to cry. Nadroj gently positioned Taylor in front him seeing the fear and confusion in his tearful eyes. He gently caressed the side of the young one's head as he brought forth the healing light from within him. He watched Taylor rock back his head as another wave of pain made him shake.
"As one my Taylor. As one." Nadroj exclaimed touching his body gently against Taylor's. Taylor moaned and closed his eyes feeling the warmth cover him. In his muddled mind he knew Nadroj was healing him. Walker watched from a short distance feeling amazed by the rainbow colors spinning around the both of them. He saw Taylor finally relax. Nadroj finished the healing and backed away slowly noticing that he fell asleep and his body was now healed.
"Where are his clothes?" Walker asked looking around the area as Retah's body bumped into him. He gently pushed her aside cringing at her touch.
"They are there Walker. I will get them." Nadroj said bolting over by them as they floated some distance away. He turned and saw Walker sadly looking at his son.
"What did I do to them?" Walker asked wondering and feeling a little scared.
"It was your power. You were protecting your son. I can't sense any mind energy left in them." Nadroj explained still feeling awed by such power.
"But I think I hurt Tay too. It's like I don't have any control over it." Walker stated helping Nadroj dress his son who slept deeply in his arms.
"I sense that my Taylor is still damaged in the mind, but that was not your fault. It was Retah. Their mind energy and power are malformed. This is what we feared in the first place. Somehow we will find a way to heal his mind. Don't worry my Walker. You stopped her before she became totally one with him." Nadroj consoled looking into Walker's eyes.
Walker hugged his son sucking in a deep breath. Nadroj reached out and grabbed onto Retah turning her over and placed his hands onto her head. He reached in and saw that her mind was like a child. She blinked with no sense of what was going on around her.
"What are we going to do with them?" Walker asked feeling Taylor stir a little in his arms.
"First we must take Taylor back and then I will come back and get them. They are not the great Faction anymore my Walker. You have taken that away from them. They never expected the love of a father for his son." Nadroj smiled as Walker looked down at his son in his arms and nodded smiling with tears in his eyes.
"My kids are my life. They mean the world to me." Walker murmured as Nadroj placed his hand gently on his shoulder telling him he understood.
"Come my Walker. Let's take him back now." Nadroj said reaching his arms around them both as he bolted foward through the rips at blinding speed.

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