Color Of Blue

Chapter 30 - Time Of Trial - Continued

Nadroj turned and saw them coming with Taylor in Yven's arms. His heart raced finally sensing Taylor once more. They approached looking at Nadroj up and down.
"I knew you would give in. You are not a fool after all." Yven exclaimed flipping Taylor's body downward roughly, letting his legs dangle as he still held him around the waist. Taylor groaned weakly lifting his head and painfully looked into Nadroj's loving eyes.
"Nodrow..." Taylor moaned.
"Let me hold him." Nadroj asked as Yven stepped back.
"No. You stay where you are." Suolaej warned holding Retah around the waist as she glowed in a deep shade of green.
"Why is he so weak? You can not expect him to perform the Enosa when he is like this." Nadroj angrily expressed as Yven cocked his head and looked down at Taylor who sucked in a shaking breath.
"He will do as he is told." Yven said jerking Taylor upwards a little.
"I promise I will do what you ask. Just let me heal my Taylor." Nadroj pleaded looking sincere.
"You will heal him as I hold him. I will not let you two come together freely." Yven declared as Nadroj nodded stepping forward slowly coming up next to Taylor. He grabbed his head gently lifting it up seeing the tear stains on his cheeks. Yven watched his every move not trusting him. He tightly held onto the boy around the waist.
"It's okay my Taylor. I am here." Nadroj cooed softly.
"Nodrow? What do they want?" Taylor rasped feeling Nadroj pet his head gently.
"We will do as they want my Taylor. It is the only way I can save you." Nadroj said as he lit his healing light sending it into Taylor's body. He could feel the pain that he endured during his time in the black hole.
"What do they want us to do?" Taylor asked fearfully feeling the warmth of healing penetrate his entire body.
"We have to perform the Enosa on Retah to save her young one that she carries within her." Nadroj explained as Taylor swallowed hard feeling the strength enter back into his body.
"She is pregnant? But I thought they can't have children." Taylor questioned as Yven spun him suddenly around as he gasped looking into Yven's angry face.
"Don't talk like we aren't here! And yes we can have young ones you fool! And through you it will be more powerful then this beast who stands in our way!" Yven shouted shaking him as Taylor tried to pull back.
"Noooo...what do you mean through me?" Taylor gasped as he started to shake.
"When you become as one the infant will absorb your genes like what happened so many years ago." Suolaej asserted glowing in a light shade of gold.
"But it won't happen because..." Taylor began fearfully.
"Quiet. You will do as you are told." Yven bellowed grabbing Taylor's sweater and ripping it off roughly pulling it over his head. Taylor jumped backwards with fear.
"Stay away from me! I won't do this! Nadroj? Don't make me do this!" Taylor cried as he turned seeing Nadroj bow his head looking totally helpless.
"We have too my Taylor. Don't worry I will be with you." Nadroj tried to assure him watching Taylor bite his bottom lip nervously.
"Now prepare yourselves while we help Retah get ready." Suolaej demanded placing Retah in place.
"Remember my Taylor it must be body to body." Nadroj said looking into Taylor's confused eyes.
"I can't do this Nodrow. I don't know how. How do I do it? Is it safe?" Taylor asked as he started to shiver with fear raging through him. Nadroj helped Taylor get undressed then turned watching the Faction that was waiting for them.
"I will be with you Taylor. Just follow everything I say." Nadroj instructed as Taylor swallowed hard.
Nadroj took Taylor's hand gently and pulled him up to the side of Retah.
"You will be behind her my Taylor." Nadroj said when Suolaej grabbed his arm.
"No! The young one will be in the front!" Suolaej demanded taking a hold of Taylor's wrist and jerked him forward placing him in front of Retah.
"Nodrow?! I don't know how! Please... listen to me. I can't!" Taylor pleaded looking into Suolaej's eyes fearfully. Yven grabbed him and spun him around angrily as Taylor sucked in a sharp breath.
"You will do this! Don't tell me you can't!" Yven screamed noticing the young one started to shiver.
"Leave him alone! I have to guide him!" Nadroj yelled as Taylor looked back at him feeling totally confused. He couldn't understand why Nadroj didn't just fight to get away from them. He didn't understand why he was giving up and following what they demanded of them.
"I...I'll try." Taylor rasped with terror raging through him.
"Reach for the light Taylor. Don't be afraid." Nadroj calmly said as Taylor nodded with tears welling in his eyes. Nadroj and Taylor reached down into their power bringing it forth as the rainbow colors swirled around them. Yven and Suolaej stepped backwards making room and lifted a block to protect them from the forming of the Enosa. They both glowed golden feeling like they had finally won the fight after so long.
"Taylor do you hear me?" Nadroj asked through Taylor's mind. Taylor looked up at him nervously.
"Yes." Taylor answered sadly.
"They can not hear us now. Just come close to Retah but don't touch her body my Taylor. Do you understand?" Nadroj instructed as Taylor nodded wondering what he wanted to do.
"But won't they know? What are we going to do?" Taylor asked noticing Nadroj was grinning a little.
"When we are close I will reach for you. Your father is watching us now. He is in a block a short distance away. They can't see or feel him. The Faction are too sure of themselves my Taylor. I pity Retah because she doesn't realize that the infant has already died in her womb. Trust and follow everything I do and say." Nadroj explained as Taylor nodded. He watched him move up behind Retah as she jumped feeling the heat from his power. Taylor moved in slowly toward her making sure his body didn't touch her's. Walker heard everything that was said between them as he smiled shaking his head. He should have known Nadroj had a plan to get out of this.
Retah opened her eyes and looked directly into Taylor's who blinked as she suddenly became confused noticing that he didn't connect against her. She moved slightly as anger filled her.
"Become as one now!" Retah shouted wondering why Taylor was hesitating.
"Take my hand my Taylor." Nadroj exclaimed reaching for him. Taylor reached out his hand when Retah grabbed it taking a hold of his wrist as she roughly pulled him against her. Taylor screamed in agony feeling his skin start to melt against her's. Nadroj bolted backwards in fear not expecting her to react.
"Let him go! Your young one is dead! There is nothing we can do to save it!" Nadroj shouted as Yven dropped the block bolting forward.
"It is your fault! I will make you feel my pain!" Retah fumed becoming one with Taylor as he tried pulling away.
"NO! OH GOD!" Taylor shrieked feeling the burning intense heat rip through his skin.

Nadroj threw a massive bolt of energy knocking Yven and Suolaej backwards into the rips. He turned bolting back over by Taylor.
"Let him go Retah! Do it NOW!" Nadroj demanded casting a stream of energy into her mind painfully trying to make her release the hold on Taylor as a bolt of energy struck him knocking him away to the side.
"Help me!" Taylor begged as he desperately tried to pull away but all she did was increase her power to hold onto him.

Walker looked on with horror raging through him. He couldn't believe what he was witnessing before him. He looked around desperately wanting to escape the block that trapped him. He knew he had to save his son. He saw Nadroj fly backwards. Taylor's screams ripped through his soul. Anger filled every fiber of his being when suddenly the block dropped and he shot forward toward Retah and his son.
The Faction jumped watching the man speed toward them out of nowhere. Yven bolted backwards in fear when suddenly pain ripped through his entire body. Suolaej cringed feeling a pain envelop every pore of his skin. Retah screamed in agony as Taylor shot backwards passing out as they were ripped apart violently.
"YOU'LL NEVER HURT MY SON AGAIN!" Walker bellowed on the top of his lungs as Nadroj stood in awe.

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