Color Of Blue

Chapter 30 - Time Of Trial

Neque walked up to the circle of her friends with the book of Serpow in her arms and sat down next to Walker. She placed the book down in front of her as everyone watched. Neque was about to open the book when Walker slammed his hand on the cover stopping her.
"NO! I don't want to know what it says! Just leave it Que. What ever the future holds... just let it happen." Walker said swallowing hard as she gently touched his hand.
"It could tell us how we should go about..." She began looking into his scared eyes.
"No. Please don't read it. Please." Walker begged with his body starting to tremble.
"Okay my Walker. We won't read it. Let the future come as it may without us knowing." Neque cooed softly with understanding.
"I have to do as they want or Taylor will never come back to us. I must go to them." Nadroj exclaimed as Zac turned looking up at him sadly.
"But what will happen when you try to heal that...that Ry....tay one?" Zac asked with concern watching Nadroj shake his head from side to side slowly.
"Nothing my Zac. The young one she holds inside will still die." Nadroj answered bowing his head feeling frustration fill him yearning for his Taylor as he wished he could somehow locate the black hole that he saw Taylor floating in for just a split second in time.
"Can we go with you?" Ike asked as Lucky bounded into his lap and hooted up at him. Ike looked down noticing the Nettik cocked his head as if it knew that he was sad. He scratched it behind the ears as the Nettik curled into a ball starting to purr gently.
"No my friends. I must go alone. They only want me and Taylor. Don't worry I will bring him back with me." Nadroj said with confidence when Mayte leaned up against him grabbing onto his arm.
"I fear for you my Nadroj. They will blame you both when the baby dies and what will happen to you and Taylor? Retah's body is malformed and becoming as one with her could be very dangerous." Mayte moaned softly as Nadroj put his arm around her trying to comfort her fears.
"I think my powers are strong enough to withstand this Enosa they want us to form with her." Nadroj answered looking up at Walker who furrowed his brow.
"But what about Taylor? He won't be able too!" Walker exclaimed sadly with fear bolting through him.
"I will make sure he is the one in the back. That one uses the least power when the Enosa is formed. If I am there... I will protect him." Nadroj asserted as tears welled in his eyes.
"Can you?" Walker asked with concern watching Nadroj's face drop.
"I will try my friend. It is the only thing I can do." Nadroj said as a tear slid down his face. He stood up and walked away from the circle as everyone got up following.
"But...but Nodrow we can't just give up like this!" Walker fumed running up next to him. Nadroj turned around grabbing onto his shoulders and looked deeply into his eyes.
"I have to do this my Walker. I must leave now. Please pray for us." Nadroj stated pushing Walker gently back near his sons who looked on with fear filling their hearts. He opened a rip getting ready to face the Faction. He stepped through bowing his head as he bolted forward.
"NO!" Walker screamed running at the hole and jumped grabbing onto Nadroj's wrist as he shot into lighting mode zipping into the rips.
"DAD!" Ike and Zac screamed in unison as they too ran forward as Demi grabbed them around the waists pulling them backwards as the rip sealed before their eyes.
"You can't my young ones. It's to late. Your father is with him now." Demi expressed releasing them and watched them spin around.
"But what will happen to him?" Ike questioned as his body began to shake holding the Nettik in his arms who hooted up at him. Saber grunted in the distance showing his fear sensing the dread around him.
"He is meant to be with him. It is destiny." Neque expressed looking out into the distance hoping they would come back to them soon.

Nadroj pulled Walker to him filled with anger as he slipped in and out of rips at blinding speed.
"Why Walker? I must go to them alone!" Nadroj asked as he held tightly onto the man who squeezed his eyes shut.
"I want my son! I'm sorry I couldn't just see you leave like this!" Walker shouted trying to look up into Nadroj's face.
"I guess since you are with me... it must be for a reason. But they must not find out that you are with me." Nadroj crooned as he slowed down suddenly and stopped. Walker looked up when he gently released him.
"Where are we?" Walker asked looking around him.
"This is the place that they showed me to come to in my mind. I must wait for them." Nadroj explained.
"Maybe somehow I can save my son. I can't let them do this to him." Walker mumbled with tears welling in his eyes.
"I will put up a block for you... to protect you. They will not be able to sense your presence. I hate to say you will see everything that takes place. My Walker ....you have to promise me not to interfer no matter what you will witness." Nadroj declared boldly bringing up the block around him and looked into Walker's eyes deeply seeing the saddness fill them.
"I..I promise." Walker whispered watching Nadroj as he moved forward slowly now through the rips.

Retah sat down heavily feeling weak and tired. Suolaej and Yven looked at her with fear filling them. They desperately wanted their plan to work. They knew that she and the child within were growing weaker. She looked up and then bowed her head.
"I hope they know to make the right decision." Yven grumbled sitting down next to Retah who leaned up against him.
"Nadroj knows that we meant what we said. If they don't the human will die." Suolaej stated matter of factly.
"I will go now and bring the boy back here. I sense that Nadroj is waiting for us at the spot you showed him in his mind earlier." Yven stated moving to the center of the cave.
"When did you do that?" Retah asked weakly rising her head and looked at him curiously.
"I showed him after Yven cast the image of Taylor in his mind. The human is growing very weak and we do need him for his DNA." Suolaej declared as Yven nodded slipping into a rip quickly speeding toward the area of the black hole that he trapped Taylor in.

Taylor drifted slowly feeling every part of his body grow numb. He didn't feel cold anymore. He closed his eyes feeling sleepy when suddenly he saw a blinding light open in front of him. He jumped squinting his eyes painfully. Everything was blurred as he felt a large hand grab his ankle pulling him into the colors of the tides. The being roughly flipped him into his arms.
"What?" Taylor whispered weakly as he hung limply in Yven's arms.
"It is time young one." Yven said bolting through the rips finally reaching the rip near the cave again passing through. Suoleaj stood up helping Retah to stand as she started to shake. She leaned into him growing sicker.
"Let's go. He is waiting for us!" Suoleaj expressed with joy as they bolted back again into the tides.

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