Color Of Blue

Chapter 29 - The Race For Power Continued

"You are fools!" Nadroj screamed throwing a massive stream of energy that stuck the Faction as they flew backwards into the tides. Suolaej looked up angrily not believing that he stuck them. He reached deep within himself and threw a force back. Nadroj blocked it before it struck against his friends. The Faction reached for each others hands and brought forth a blinding light.
"GO BACK!" Nadroj shouted to his friends as he bolted forward letting the stream hit him sending shock waves through his body.
"Nodrow!" Zac screamed with anger filling him seeing his friend get hurt.
Suddenly the area was filled with bolts of energy coming from both sides as they fought against one another.
"STOP! STOP NOW! Neque shrieked looking to the Faction and then at her friends.
Everyone stopped looking angry and frustrated.
"For your defiance we will let the human die!" Yven declared filled with hate.
"If the young one dies you will feel the wrath of the people!" Nadroj warned pointing his finger boldly.
"Everyone quiet! Why would Nadroj and the young one perform the Enosa on Retah?" Neque asked taking control of the situation around her.
"She is with child and she grows weaker." Suolaej announced as everyone stood in shock staring at one another.
"Why do you force these demands? The people would be willing to heal her." Neque questioned cocking her head.
"I know why they want my Taylor and me to do it. You think then you will attain the powers that I have, but you are wrong. What happened between the young one and me could never be repeated." Nadroj explained seeing the Faction turn into a deep shade of gray.
"You lie! You are just afraid because then the young one that Retah carries will be more powerful then you!" Yven exclaimed raising his right hand into a fist.
"The young one you carry will die. The child is malformed." Mayte said sadly as she scanned Retah's womb seeing the twisted form of the young one.
"The young one is not! How dare you say that!" Retah shouted angrily turning into a shade of light blue. She placed her hand over her womb as if trying to protect her young one.
"Try to understand my..." Neque began.
"No! You will do as we want or your precious Taylor will perish in the black hole that we placed him in." Yven warned watching the oldest human's face turn into a frown.
"I want my son! I want to know that he is okay." Walker demanded sucking in a shaking breath of air.
"Will you do as we want?" Suolaej asked looking into Nadroj's eyes that were still swirling with anger.
"First let me see my Taylor, before I make my decision." Nadroj demanded throwing the Faction a look of disgust.
Yven opened a image and showed Nadroj where the young one was. He quickly brought it down not wanting him to detect the location.
Nadroj saw his Taylor shivering in fear with tears streaming down his face floating in the darkness that surrounded him. He lowered his head as horror filled him.
"He doesn't have much time." Yven said loving the fact that they had them backed into a corner.
"What did you see Nodrow?" Zac spoke up with fear knotting up his stomach.
"He is...he is so alone." Nadroj rasped and then looked up at the Faction.
"Is he okay?" Ike asked darting his eyes back and forth. Walker stood looking at the Faction with hate. He couldn't believe they would do this only to fill their need for power.
"I don't understand you! Why do you want to do this? My son can't help you. You don't even care about your own child. All you care about is power!" Walker screamed searching their faces for an answer.
"We are the FACTION! We are the greatest! Don't you tell us how to feel. Our destiny is a great one and all that stands in our way is this beast and that human boy! They are the abomination. If it wasn't for that young one we would have been in our rightful place long ago, leading our people!" Retah fumed looking angrily back at Walker who's face twisted into a look of shock at her outburst.
"Nodrow is the greatest being that ever walked your planet. If it wasn't for my sons and him your planet would have died along with your people! They healed the balance of time. And you could have not done that! Don't stand there and tell me how to feel either!" Walker shouted back making Retah jump.
"We will not stand here and listen to your lies any longer. You have a few hours to make your decision." Suolaej said and slowly backed away pushing his mates with him. He noticed they didn't try to stop them as he quickly turned and passed through a rip with his mates following behind.
"Hey! Come..." Zac yelled stepping forward when Neque reached out and stopped him.
"No young one. There is nothing we can do. Just let them go for now." Neque said as Zac moved back near Ike.
"What are we going to do?" Walker asked watching Nadroj look out into the rips in a shade of blue.
"We will go back now and then decide." Demi instructed as he lifted Zac into his arms and headed out of the rips with everyone following.

Taylor groaned feeling the cold penetrate through his body. He blinked hating the darkness. For a moment he thought he could feel Nadroj, but just as quickly the feeling went away.
"Please somebody help me!" Taylor sobbed uncontrollably stiffly reaching out his arms. He sucked in a rasping breath feeling his hot tears running down his face. He didn't know how much longer he could stand this overwhelming blackness.
"Have to stay calm. He'll come. I know he will." Taylor thought as his bottom lip still trembled trying to take control and not letting himself lose his sanity. He shivered again curling into a ball trying to sustain any heat he could feel from his body.
"My power. Like he taught me. Maybe that will help me." Taylor told himself closing his eyes and concentrated reaching down within for the light. Suddenly he thought he could see rainbow colors as he squinted his eyes. He slowly raised his hand feeling joy when he saw swirling colors around his fingers.
"I did it!" Taylor shouted but just as soon the colors faded. He crinkled his eyebrows trying to bring it forth again, but the black hole seemed to drain the power everytime he brought it forth.
"Why?" He thought desperately as he felt a tear fall down his face again. He grew exhausted trying to find his way through the darkness.

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