Only Time Will Tell

Chapter 2 - The Need - Continued

Suddenly an odd sensation filled the room, as he felt his hair stand on end. He looked up and noticed the area around him was glowing in a shade of blue. He spun around feeling a presence behind him. He swallowed hard looking into black eyes that seemed to penetrate his as he blinked fearfully up into them. He jumped up from the chair seeing two others were next to him. He noticed they looked like their friends but were different somehow. Their skin was gray in color and all of them had deep jet black eyes. He could sense for some reason that they were evil.
"What? Who?" Taylor croaked fearfully, backing up into the table. One being stepped forward reaching out toward him. Taylor bolted to the side sensing danger, when the being grabbed his head roughly, sending a painful surge of energy into his mind. His eyes opened wide with fear as he tried to scream, but only a moan escaped him as he passed out falling limp into the arms of Suolaej.

They looked up hearing footsteps approaching as Suolaej lifted the creature into his arms and sped toward the rip with his mates who followed him as they quickly went back into the tides.

Zac looked around the room wondering where Taylor went. He placed the can of soda for his brother, on the table and sat down popping his open, taking a sip.
"Why are you yelling for Taylor?" Ike asked coming down the stairs, into the room and sat down next to Zac.
"Well he's not here... is he?" Zac stated in a sarcastic tone and smiled.
"Did he go to the bathroom?"
"I don't know. I went to get us some soda. I didn't see where he went."
They both turned suddenly as they saw a bubble form in the center of the room and stood up as Zac dropped his soda unto the floor, spilling the contents near his feet, as they watched Nadroj burst through at lighting speed.
"Nodrow?!" Ike asked, feeling shocked as they watched their friend searching around the room desperately.
"Taylor?! Where is my Taylor!?" Nadroj screamed as Zac's heart fell into his stomach, seeing Demi come through the rip next, in a intense shade of blue.
"He's... he... what is wrong?" Ike yelled with his voice cracking with fear.
"They have him! NOOOOOOOOOO!" Nadroj shrieked in anger. Ike and Zac jumped backwards with their eyes wide with dread and wonder.
"Tay! Who has Tay?" Ike demanded fearfully looking from Nadroj to Demi. Zac felt suddenly dizzy as fear overwhelmed him.
"Quiet young ones!" Nadroj ordered and then turned into swirling colors while Ike and Zac stood in amazement. They saw a bolt of energy come out of his hands as Nadroj snapped his head back sending it into the rips. He saw the Faction racing through time with Taylor in the arms of one of them. He rocked his head forward and concentrated sending the stream of energy into Taylor's brain. He saw his body jump as he placed the energy around the memories of his mind. They sped forward faster as Nadroj helplessly watched losing the connection. Tears started to flow down his face as he collapsed to the floor in anguish with Demi racing forward taking him into his arms and rocking him slowly.
"Please!? Where is Taylor? Who has our brother?" Ike demanded as he started to shake uncontrollably.
"The Faction has taken him my young ones. They are evil! We have to save him. We thought we would get here in time to protect him, but we have failed." Demi explained as Nadroj still weeped in Demi's arms for his precious Taylor.
"Who? What is the Faction? Oh my God! Dad!" Zac screamed falling back into a chair rocking his body forward as he started to shiver. Ike stood in shock still hearing Demi's words.
Walker and Diana bolted down the stairs after hearing Zac scream out desperately. Walker jumped back staring at the aliens in the center of the room.
"What's wrong? What happened?" Walker asked fearfully looking at the pale faces of his sons. Diana came up behind Walker tearfully searching the room.
"Where is Taylor?" Diana questioned with a sick feeling filling her heart.
"They have captured my sweet Taylor, my friends." Demi cried lifting Nadroj up off the floor.
"Who?!" Walker screamed giving Demi a hateful look.
"They are known as the Faction. The reason we haven't communicated with you lately is because we feared this would happen. They want to find out the source to Nadroj's existence and they believe they can do that through Taylor, because he is apart of him." Demi explained turning into a deep shade of blue. He hated the look that the mother of the young ones was giving him. She tearfully looked up at the ceiling squeezing her hands into fists.
"But you haven't explained who this Faction is." Walker stated wanting to know.
"They are three beings who were born at the same time I was. They are malformed due to the imbalance of the tides. They believe they are the new race of our kind and superior to all the people on our world. They are extremely dangerous. They want to take over our world to control it under their rule and power." Nadroj tearfully tried to explain so they would understand.
"Nooooo!" Diana screamed suddenly bolting forward and started hitting Nadroj on the chest angrily.
"I... I.." Nadroj began feeling her tiny fists pounding against him. New tears rose up into his eyes feeling her anguish as he understood her anger and grief.
"Why? Why can't you just leave my boys alone? I just want them to be normal and happy again!" Diana cried as she weakly collasped into Walker's arms crying upon his shoulder.
"What can we do? How do we get Taylor back?" Zac asked taking control over his emotions.
"First we must find them." Demi said looking at Zac sadly.
"Will they hurt him?" Walker asked swallowing hard still petting Diana's back holding her tightly in his arms.
"I don't know Walker. They will question him. But I placed a energy field into his brain. They won't be able to go into his mind. We have to get him back at all costs my friends or our world as we know it will be doomed." Nadroj expressed bowing his head hoping they didn't hate him for what happened to Taylor.
"We do need you my young ones. Will you go back with us to our world? We have to hurry though. Time is of the essence." Demi asked as Walker frowned not liking the idea.
"I don't know about this." Walker expressed fearfully when Ike walked up next to him.
"Dad we have too. It is the only way to save Taylor. We will be alright. We'll keep you informed of what is going on. Please?" Ike pleaded looking into his father's eyes.
"I guess so. But please be careful and please protect them. Don't let them do anything to my sons." Walker begged searching Nadroj's tear stained face.
"We will my friend. We will find Taylor and he will come home to you. I vow that to you upon my heart!" Nadroj vowed looking back deeply into Walker's eyes. Walker nodded feeling assured by his words.

Ike and Zac ran up to their room and packed a few things for the trip. They came back down stairs seeing their parents and friends waiting. Diana approached them and reached up caressing the sides of their faces.
"Be careful boys and get Taylor back. Do anything you have to, to save him." Diana pleaded as her voice cracked with emotion. She swallowed hard fighting back her tears trying to be brave.
Walker looked into Ike and Zac's eyes and could see the determination in their faces. He smiled at them as he gave each one a hug.
"Stay strong and remember to keep me up to date of what is going on. Okay?"
"We will Dad!" Ike affirmed and smiled at him as he threw his backpack over his shoulder and walked up next to Demi.
"Dad? Mom? Don't worry. Taylor will be alright. He is stronger then you think." Zac assured them as Diana wiped a tear that escaped down her right cheek.
They watched sadly as their sons disappeared through the rips with their friends. Diana and Walker slowly went back up the stairs and shut off the lights to the studio, closing the door gently behind them.

Ike and Zac sped through the rips at lighting speed as Demi and Nadroj held onto them. Zac opened his eyes trying to focus his eyes, but all he felt was dizzy.
"Just keep them closed my Zac." Demi instructed hugging onto him tighter. Zac did as Demi told him hoping they would arrive to their world soon. He remembered how he hated the feeling of being off center.
"Do you have any idea where these ...the Faction took Tay?" Ike asked Nadroj, feeling safe in his arms as they bolted through another rip in time.
"I don't know my Ike. They grow more powerful like me. I fear for him so much. I can not lie to you about that my Ike." Nadroj gulped hard sensing Ike's saddness surround him.
"Thanks for telling me the truth even if it is not good news." Ike answered with his voice shaking wondering what Taylor was doing right now. He hated the thought of his brother being all alone with no one to comfort or hold him if he was scared or hurt. Tears welled up in his eyes under his lids as he said a prayer to God to give his brother the strength and courage to face these beings who intended him harm. He vowed to himself that he would do whatever it took to save him and his friends from this so called Faction.

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