Color Of Blue

Chapter 29 - The Race For Power - Continued

Yven glowed golden hearing the terror filled screams of the young one as he traveled back through the rips where his mates were. He desperately wanted to get back to his sweet Retah. He wondered how Suolaej was going to use the boy against Nadroj. He popped back into the rip where he left just moments ago. He saw Retah sitting up and she didn't look as green anymore as Suolaej sat next to her.
"My Retah. How are you feeling ?" Yven asked as he squatted down in front of her. She looked up into his eyes and reached out gently caressing his face with her fingertips.
"I will be just fine. It is just the young one I carry inside that is making me ill. I don't understand what is happening." Retah answered sadly looking at her right side noticing it didn't look right in color.
"Something is wrong with the infant and that is how I plan to defeat that beast!" Suolaej exclaimed glowing in a bright shade of gold as they both looked at him feeling shocked and wondering what he was talking about.
"How? What do you mean my Suolaej?" Retah asked weakly feeling confused.
"They will perform the Enosa on you and heal the young one. And with the human called Taylor the young one will then absorb his DNA like Nadroj did many years ago." Suolaej explained with delight as Yven stared at him in disbelief.
"They won't do it! Why would they?" Yven stated looking deeply into his eyes.
"If they don't agree... the young one named Taylor will die! And he won't have to much time to decide. I don't know how long he can last in that black hole you put him in." Suolaej chuckled imagining how they would probably react when they announced their demands to the others.
"Yes! Then our young one will be the most powerful! Never forget we are the faction!" Retah bellowed feeling joy as she gingerly put her hand on her womb lovingly.

Walker paced back and forth feeling angry and frustrated as Ike and Zac sat on the ground staring into space sadly as they waited for their friends to return from the rips.
"How long has it been now?" Walker moaned looking at Ike who jumped and then stood up taking a deep breath.
"Maybe a half an hour. I don't know Dad." Ike answered as he walked to a back pack grabbing up a bottle of water.
"I can't believe they just took Tay like that. Why can't we sense him? Where did they take him?" Zac moaned rubbing his forehead angrily when they suddenly saw the bubble forming to the right of them. They all ran up close seeing their friends come through in shades of blue. Walker frowned when he saw that they didn't have Taylor with them.
"We couldn't find him!" Demi fumed watching Nadroj come out of the rip last.
"I WILL FIND HIM! They won't get away with this act!" Nadroj bellowed shaking his fists in the air.
"Where? Where would they have taken him?" Walker shouted angrily looking at Neque who bowed her head sadly.
"The Faction is planning something. I don't know how they are going to use Taylor." Neque expressed with a feeling of dread. Nadroj turned looking at her.
"It is me they want! I think they want to use my Taylor against me. They know how we are like one and how much I love him!" Nadroj said with tears welling in his eyes. He wondered if his Taylor was hurt or in pain. He hated this feeling of helpness that raged inside of him.
"You mean we just have to wait until they... they..." Ike began fuming with rage, whipping his bottle of water against a rock as it exploded sending water spilling unto the ground. Neque ran to him wanting to calm him down as he shook with anger.
"My Ike...we will get him back!" Neque consoled as Ike looked up at her with saddness. She reached out and he flew into her arms as he burst into tears burying his face into her stomach sobbing.
"Taylor? We were free and then they... they..." Ike moaned as Neque rocked him lovingly.
Zac looked down at his feet trying to hold back his tears when he felt his father put his arm around his shoulders pulling him to his chest. He desperately hugged his father and started to cry. Walker stroked his hair letting him get out his emotions as he kissed the top of his head.
"We will find him. As God as my witness we will!" Walker vowed looking at Nadroj who suddenly turned into a shade of black. Everyone stared wondering why he seemed to go into a trance.
"Nodrow?" Ike sniffed wiping his tears, pulling away from Neque and walked up to Nadroj as did everyone else.
"They are there." Nadroj murmured with hate filling him.
"Where?" Walker asked getting a feeling of dread never seeing his friend look so angry. Nadroj stepped forward and opened a rip.
"They are mine!" Nadroj bellowed and jumped through the rip at blinding speed.
"Wait! Nadroj wait!" Ike shouted when Neque grabbed him up around the waist and bolted through the rip. Haelz did the same with Zac. Mayte went in last carrying Walker as they followed Nadroj into the tides.

The Faction floated knowing that the beast was coming. Retah pointed as they all saw the rainbow light coming toward them at blinding speed.
"He comes!" Suolaej shouted turning into a shade of pure gold.
"He is filled with rage." Yven exclaimed feeling a little scared as he took a step back.
"Don't show fear you fool! We have the advantage here! Not him!" Suolaej yelled when a stream of pure energy stuck him on the side that sent him flying painfully backwards. He turned fearfully seeing Nadroj stand about fourty feet away from them swirling in rainbow colors.
"Give me my Taylor NOW!" Nadroj demanded when Yven threw a stream of energy knocking Nadroj to the side.
Nadroj regained his balance and threw out another bolt of power sending Yven spinning out of control bumping into Retah who fell backwards with fear.
"You must listen to us!" Suolaej declared rubbing his side when he saw the others coming in through the rips some miles back.
"You have nothing to say to me." Nadroj bellowed with his eyes swirling with anger.
"You must..." Yven began when Nadroj threw a bolt of energy slamming him up against Suolaej.
"Give me my Taylor!" Nadroj demanded again getting ready to throw another force of power against them as they all quickly stepped back with fear.
"If you don't listen to us your Taylor will die! Do you hear me! He will DIE!" Yven shouted when he saw Nadroj lower his arms pulling back.
"What have you done to him?" Neque screeched coming up behind Nadroj holding onto Ike as the others arrived also.
"He is safe for now. But the more time you waste the less chance he has to live." Suolaej said with glee knowing he now had their full attention.
"What did you do to him?!" Ike fumed balling his left hand into a fist.
"He sits in a black hole. And we are the only ones who know where that is." Yven smuggly exclaimed loving the look of dread covering the human's faces.
"What do you want? What are your demands?" Demi asked turning into a shade of black.
"Nadroj and the young one will perform the Enosa on Retah!" Yven boldly stated as Nadroj turned in a deep blue shade.

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