Color Of Blue

Chapter 29 - The Race For Power

Nadroj spun around when he noticed he couldn't sense Taylor behind him.
"Taylor?" Nadroj desperately called out making everyone turn.
"Where did he go?" Walker asked when he noticed that Nadroj turned into a shade of light green.
"The Faction!" Nadroj bellowed in anger searching the tides.
"Oh God NO! How?" Ike screamed coming up to Nadroj. "Can you see them?"
Nadroj scanned the area and realized that they must not be in the balance of the tides. He couldn't sense them anywhere. He desperately turned seeing Walker, Ike and Zac showing disbelief covering their faces.
"This can't be hap..." Zac cried starting to shake uncontrollably. Haelz put her arms around him with her body in a shade of blue.

Yven carried the boy feeling delighted that capturing him was so easy. He quickly left the balance of time so Nadroj and the others couldn't detect them. He walked down into a deep cave where Retah and Suolaej waited for him to return.
"You did it!" Suolaej shouted with glee running up to Yven as he entered the large barren room of the cave. He gently put Taylor down onto the ground.
"I told you I wouldn't come back without him. Now we have the one thing that Nadroj cares about most in this world. We will use him to our advantage!" Yven declared pointing at Taylor who started to wake up as he rolled onto his side.
"Where is Retah?" Yven asked with concern looking around the area curiously.
"She is sick my Yven. I don't know what is wrong with her." Suolaej announced turning into a shade of light blue.
"Sick? Where is she?" Yven asked.
"She is laying down over there." Suolaej said pointing in the direction of the lower wall. Yven ran and then saw her as she weakly looked up at him in a shade of green. He bent down placing his hand on her forehead gently.
"Ohhhh... my Retah." Yven whispered as she then closed her eyes.
"I think she is with a young one." Suolaej stated making Yven jump at the news.
"She is? How?"
"Think! She became impregnated when you two mated several days back." Suolaej bellowed angrily remembering.
"But will she be alright?"
"I think this is only a reaction from the young one she carries inside." Suolaej said looking down at her hoping this sickness that she felt would pass quickly. Yven turned hearing the human start to moan. They both bolted up running over to him.

Taylor woke up blinking rapidly, trying to focus his eyes. He felt disoriented not knowing where he was. He suddenly felt hands grabbing him roughly by the shoulders pulling him up into a sitting position.
"Where? Where am I?" Taylor gluped looking into two sets of angry black eyes. He bowed his head still feeling the pain that Yven placed there when he knocked him out.
"You will do as we say young one! Do you understand?" Yven warned shaking the boy and watched his head snap back with fear covering his face.
"Oh GOD! Why? Why are you doing this?" Taylor groaned as tears welled in his eyes. He looked around him noticing he was in some kind of cave. It was cold and damp as he shivered slightly with fear, remembering how Yven pulled him through the rips.
"You are the reason that beast is more powerful then us. We know he will do anything for you. And through you we will destroy him!" Suolaej growled angrily watching the young one's eyes grow large with terror.
"You can't! You won't be able to! I won't let you!" Taylor screamed trying to pull back out of Yven's grip.
"QUIET!" Yven bellowed as he lifted Taylor while he started to struggle.
"Let go! Let me GO!" Taylor shouted as he lashed out kicking his feet.
"Stop fighting. You can't do anything against us." Yven said as Taylor threw him a look of disgust.
"I won't do as you say. You can't make me!" Taylor yelled defiantly when he reached down into his mind and started to bring forth the power that Nadroj taught him to use. His body started to glow in the rainbow colors as Yven dropped him to the ground and stepped back.
"You think you can defeat us young one?" Suolaej laughed when Yven and him sent a stream of energy into Taylor's mind rocking him backwards.
"Ahhhhhh...NO!" Taylor screamed in agony grabbing his head losing his concentration. He stepped backwards and tripped over some stones falling onto his back gasping for air.
Suolaej and Yven ran to him and swooped him up before Taylor had a chance to react.
"Take him into the hole now!" Suolaej demanded as Yven nodded his head feeling smug. He opened a rip into time taking the stunned boy with him. Taylor looked around him fearfully knowing he was in the time balance once again. His head throbbed with his eyes filling with tears.
"Please! NODROW!" Taylor shouted desperately hoping that his friend would hear him. His eyes grew wide when he suddenly saw Yven open up a black hole in front of them.
"NO!" Taylor cried as he bolted up in Yven's arms twisting away.
"Stop fighting human!" Yven declared as the young one twisted his body. He was finding it hard to hold onto him, when he finally slipped from his arms, as he watched the boy start to bolt away. He roughly grabbed him again by the right arm at blinding speed and jerked him forward.
"I'm not going in there!" Taylor yelled pulling back with fear raging through his body as he looked at the black hole.
"Yes you are! It is a small one and no one will be able to sense you in there." Yven gleefully said loving the fear on Taylor's face as he dragged him toward the hole by the wrists.
"NO! PLEASE! NO!" Taylor groaned with Yven pulling him closer to it.
"You will remain in there until Nadroj agrees to our terms. Also you won't be able to use your powers against us in there. We won't have to put up with you and your defiance any longer!" Yven exclaimed lifting him from under the arms and pushed him in the blackness as Taylor's eyes grew wide with terror.
"NO! Please I will do whatever you say! Please don't trap me in here! Please!" Taylor begged watching Yven close the hole until he was sealed completely in the darkness. The blackness covered the area around him as he shivered violently. He couldn't see anything. Fear raged through his mind as he reached out with his arms trying to find the opening.
"I can't see! Please somebody help me! I can't take this! Nodrow..." Taylor cried in the pitch black darkness as he burst into sobs of anguish.

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