Color Of Blue

Chapter 28 - The Power Of One - Continued

Nadroj and Taylor felt the tides whip across them.
"Nadroj? I...I'm scared. I hate it in here!" Taylor shouted with terror raging through him when suddenly Nadroj grabbed him around the waist and tightly held on to him. Taylor wrapped his arms around Nadroj's neck shutting his eyes.
"Just hold on to me while I find the center." Nadroj told him as Taylor nodded feeling safe in his arms. Nadroj traveled at blinding speed going into rips and then out. He stopped still noticing that Taylor hugged onto him tightly. He smiled looking into Taylor's serious face with his eyes still shut.
"We are in the center now my Taylor." Nadroj slowly cooed as Taylor opened his eyes slowly and looked around him as the forces whipped through his hair.
"It..it looks so bad. I hope we can do this." Taylor nervously declared leaning back slightly in Nadroj's arms.
"It is fore...."
"told!" Taylor finished smiling.
"I have to let go of you Taylor."
"But I...I'm not like you. The rips will suck me in." Taylor said swallowing hard with wide fearful eyes.
"I will put up a block to surround us as we prepare for this." Nadroj stated as Taylor felt relieved at the thought.
"That's right. You can do that." Taylor chuckled when Nadroj put up a block surrounding them safely.
"The imbalance is beginning to reach the city. We must hurry my Taylor."
"Just tell me what to do." Taylor said raising his eyebrows as Nadroj smiled at his courage.
"It has to be body against body like in the Enosa. It is how we formed as one my Taylor."
Taylor nodded his head nervously as he slipped off his sweater over his head and dropped it. He quickly took off his pants and shivered slightly feeling the cold air surround his body. He then looked up at Nadroj who was looking at him up and down.
"Are you ready? First I will go into your mind to connect with the bond which binds us as one."
"I don't understand." Taylor stated as he shivered again hating the coldness of the rips.
"You will my Taylor. I understand now why I am apart of you." Nadroj smiled and gently took Taylor's hand pulling him near him.
"I'm freezing. I can't take this cold." Taylor moaned as Nadroj placed his hands on Taylor's head.
"I'm sorry my Taylor. I know your bodies are not like ours. You are very sensative to temperature." Nadroj expressed with understanding. He reached into his mind as Taylor jerked and placed his hands over Nadroj's when suddenly he couldn't see.
"I...I..can't..." Taylor groaned when a blinding light filled his mind. He blinked with awe filling him. He could feel his body but it was not like anything he ever felt before in his life. He wasn't just in his own body but was in Nadroj's body as well.
"As one my Taylor." Nadroj smiled seeing that the young one suddenly understood what happened during the healing so long ago.
"I...I can't believe this. How? Why?" Taylor asked when he looked down at himself noticing he was swirling also in the rainbow colors and he wasn't cold any more.
"Because you are me Taylor and I am you. You entered into Mayte's womb that day when I was still forming and you gave me life. Your genes then intermixed with mine as life begins. I wasn't meant to be but your DNA entered my cells and made me live. You are my life my Taylor." Nadroj expressed with intense love.
"That's why I feel you so much." Taylor said with tears brimming in his eyes.
"Yes that is why. You then passed this on to your brothers when you healed the rips so long ago my Taylor. They are apart of me too. We are as one." Nadroj proclaimed looking deeply into Taylor's intense blue eyes.
"I understand now. I'm glad that the Faction didn't find this out." Taylor declared as Nadroj dropped the block knowing Taylor would now be like him. Taylor sucked in a rasping fearful breath at first when he saw the block drop away from them but noticed he was in control.
"Now we must heal my Taylor. Are you ready?"
"Lead the way!" Taylor smiled glowing in intense rainbow colors.
"Use the same power like you did with your brothers but direct your power at me. Begin when you are ready my Taylor." Nadroj instructed watching Taylor close his eyes to concentrate as he reached within himself and saw the light, bringing it out toward Nadroj. Nadroj saw the power and latched onto it bringing his power forth combining the forces together. The tides screeched in protest as Taylor jumped opening his eyes seeing the light emanating from him and Nadroj that was growing larger between them.
"Am I doing it right?!" Taylor shouted when suddenly his body was sucked forward into the force of light. He sucked in a sharp breath slamming up next to Nadroj's body.
"WE ARE AS ONE!" Nadroj yelled with joy.
Taylor could feel his skin and body melting together with Nadroj's. He fearfully looked up into the blue eyes that looked down at him.
"Don't be afraid Taylor. This is the healing." Nadroj told him sensing his fear.
"It feels so weird. I can't believe we are doing this!" Taylor shouted when he felt the energy of their power suddenly surge through him.
"Now my Taylor we will throw the light out into the rips! Begin... NOW!" Nadroj shrieked when the energy exploded into the rips and tides. Taylor threw his head back feeling the intense power surge through them as the balance of time screamed and rocked around them.

Neque watched with awe as she connected with Nadroj's mind. She let all of them see what was happening in the balance of the tides. They watched as the healing light of power spread through the broken rips and tides ready to be directed.
"My Ike and Zac it is time. You must go in now and direct the power they have created that will heal the balance of time." Neque exclaimed seeing a nervous look cross their faces.
"Where do we go? How do we do it?" Zac asked with Ike nodding his head wanting to know too.
"When you go in connect with Taylor's mind. You will then see how you will do it. It is somewhat like when you worked together as one the last time." Neque said as she reached out caressing the sides of their cheeks.
"I think I know what you mean." Ike exclaimed smiling up at her.
"I have opened the rip." Demi announced looking at Ike and Zac intently. Walker ran up to them looking into their faces.
"I never knew you had such power. Help them and make me proud!" Walker smiled as he grabbed them and hugged them tightly to his chest.
"We will Dad! Well let's go IKE! Let's beat those rips back into submission!" Zac bellowed making Ike and Walker laugh as he raised his fists into the air for emphasis.
Ike and Zac walked toward the rip as they jumped through together as the others watched.

Zac reached out with his mind and found Taylor's forming the connection. Ike felt Zac connect with him also. Their bodies swung out and then stopped as Nadroj took control.
"Lead the light to the damaged areas my friends." Nadroj instructed as they nodded their heads understanding. They could see the entire damage of the balance of time before them. Ike and Zac reached in and brought forth their power adding it to the light like they did with Taylor when they healed the balance of time before. Taylor smiled feeling his brothers as they became three minds as one once again.

The tides screeched as bolts of energy healed the black holes quickly as they worked together. The beautiful colors of the tides were coming back as Ike and Zac worked hard directing the healing force at them. Nadroj and Taylor generated the center of power as the balance slowly regenerated back to normal time and space.

Walker looked up at the sky noticing it wasn't green anymore but a deep beautiful blue. The air smelled suddenly fresh and clean. The yellow color of the packed earth was turning into shades of red and browns around them.
"They are doing it! I love them so much!" Mayte exclaimed glowing in a bright shade of gold with the lights dancing around her. She was filled with a overwhelming joy noticing Demi, Haelz and Neque were feeling the same.
"How much longer will this take? They have been in there for hours." Walker questioned feeling concerned for the welfare of his sons.
"They are almost finished my Walker. The balance looks normal once again. We will go in as soon as they are done." Neque informed him as Walker smiled up at her.

The Faction watched in anger as Nadroj and the young ones were healing the balance of time. They knew that their people would now not ever follow them. They sat on the ground with their bodies glowing in a shade of black.

"Did we do it? I can't sense anymore." Zac exclaimed searching around feeling somewhat tired.
"One more. It is near the city. Here look!" Taylor said casting the image into their minds. Ike nodded and smiled. "Okay! Hey little black holey..... get LOST!" Zac bellowed in a high squeeking voice as Ike and Taylor laughed. They brought the healing force over it and saw the last hole close.
"WE DID IT!" Taylor screamed with joy looking up at Nadroj who smiled feeling the joy that they all felt together.
Suddenly Ike and Zac felt a force pulling at them bringing them through the rips at blinding speed.
"Hey! What the?" Ike shouted grabbing onto Zac's hand who had shocked look covering his face.
"I am just bringing you to us!" Nadroj chuckled pulling them in to the center where Taylor and him were still melted together as one.
"Well give us some warning the next time!" Zac laughed calming down when they finally reached them. Zac noticed Taylor's clothes were floating in the tides. He sped toward them grabbing them up into his hands. Ike watched as the power of light was dimming slowly and reentering back into Nadroj and Taylor.
"Let me do the release my Taylor." Nadroj instructed almost hating to separate, liking the bond that formed between them.
"I don't feel exhusted like the last time." Taylor grinned blinking up at Nadroj.
"It came easy for you this time because you understood the power that you hold inside and you allowed it to flow out naturally without no fear. I am so proud of you three." Nadroj exclaimed looking deeply into Taylor's eyes.
"Hey it was nothing." Zac smiled looking at his brother and Nadroj with amazement seeing their bodies both swirling with rainbow colors that were still melted together.
"Are you going to separate or are you going to stay like that forever?" Ike teased smiling up at them.
"Could you both move back? We need the space to disconnect." Nadroj asked watching them both back up and then turned his head looking out beyond them.
"Neque is coming with the others and also your father." Nadroj informed them.
"Well lets hurry then. I don't think Dad will understand this." Taylor exclaimed as he laughed a little.
"You will feel a little pain my Taylor. Your sensativity will return as we split apart. Okay?"
"I'm ready." Taylor said nodding his head.
Nadroj slowly and carefully brought forth his power as their bodies were slowly separating. Taylor rocked his head back and groaned feeling the heat penetrate his body. Pain shot through him as he jerked backwards when they finally rocked apart. The rainbow colors faded from Taylor's body as he started to shiver again from the cold.
"Oh man. Where are my clothes?" Taylor cried out as Zac still held them and moved forward next to him.
"Here Tay. I have them." Zac exclaimed handing him his clothes. Taylor quickly put on his pants. He brought his arms up and slid his arms through the sleeves and then brought the sweater over his head pulling it down feeling better. He rubbed at his arms and spun around looking at the area. Nadroj floated up to them and smiled.
"Wow! It is so awesome now. Everything looks beautiful again." Ike expressed with a look of happiness covering his face. They all turned when the others came in through a rip.
"Guys? Are you okay?" Walker asked as Haelz gently released him knowing he was still filled with concern.
"We're fine Dad. We did it! Now we can go home." Ike expressed with Walker smiling back at him.
"Once again you helped save our world." Neque crooned feeling a intense love fill her heart for these young ones who didn't seem to realize how special they really were.
"Oh yes! I miss my Mom. She must be so worried about us." Ike exclaimed when he noticed that Taylor was looking around with a frown on his face.
"My ring. I lost my ring." Taylor murmured crinkling his eyebrows together.
"Tay? Who cares. So you lost it." Zac said rolling his eyes.
"But it's the one that the fan gave us. I don't want to lose it!" Taylor expressed when suddenly he spotted it floating in the tides just behind them. He smiled and headed toward it feeling relieved. He turned looking back seeing the group still looking at the beauty that now surrounded them. He turned his head back and grabbed the ring putting it back on his finger when suddenly he saw a sickly gray arm coming up at him through a rip. He sucked in a sharp breath when the arm grabbed his wrist and pulled him through at lighting speed. He tried to pull back desperately when a hand slapped over his mouth. He fearfully looked into Yven's angry eyes as a bolt of pain shot through his mind knocking him out before he had a chance to react.

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