Color Of Blue

Chapter 28 - The Power Of One

Taylor jerked awake noticing Nadroj was looking down at him. He turned his head and smiled seeing his father, who was still holding his hand, was sleeping peacefully next to him.
"What time is it?" Taylor whispered looking back up at Nadroj.
"It is very early in the morning my Taylor." Nadroj smiled as he reached out and petted Taylor's head.
"I'm safe now." Taylor mumbled blinking contently and then looked up at the sky. He crinkled his eyebrows together noticing the sky didn't look right.
"Yes my Taylor. The balance is still damaged." Nadroj stated knowing what he was thinking.
"What are we going to do?" Taylor fearfully asked as he felt his father squeeze his hand.
"I'm here Dad." Taylor said reasuring his father. Walker opened his eyes and rose up leaning down on his elbow.
"How do you feel Tay?" Walker asked filled with concern.
"I'm fine. It feels so good to be talking to you face to face finally!" Taylor smiled as he sat up slowly taking in a deep breath. He rubbed at his arms feeling cold.
"You're cold?" Walker asked as Taylor nodded his head licking his lips. Walker stood up and walked over to one of the backpack's laying on the ground and pulled out a beige sweater bringing it back over to Taylor.
"Here put this on." Walker said as Taylor took it pulling it over his head quickly wanting to feel warm again.
Ike and Zac both woke up hearing the commotion. Zac sat up stretching his arms over his head and groaned.
"Good morning." Zac announced smiling at his brother loving the fact that finally they were all together again.
"The sky still looks awful." Ike began when he heard a hooting sound next to him that made him jump.
"Hey! It's good old Lucky." Zac laughed pointing at the tiny Nettik who eagerly looked up at Ike shaking his backside in anticipation.
"Well hello little buddy! Where have you been?" Ike exclaimed picking Lucky up into his arms.
Nadroj sat quitely watching and enjoyed being with them.
"I wish I knew where Saber was. I wonder if he is alright." Taylor said sadly bowing his head remembering the last time he saw him he was laying on the ground when the Faction knocked him out.
"My Taylor? Look over there." Nadroj pointed with his hand beyond them. Taylor looked up and then saw Saber running toward them with Neque following behind him. Taylor bolted up.
"Saber!" Taylor shouted and ran off the cover as the Noil bounded at him. Taylor stopped swallowing hard when Saber lifted his front paws and then knocked him down onto his back starting to happily lick at his face.
"Hey! Hey! I'm happy to see you too!" Taylor laughed trying to struggle out from under him while his brothers and father were laughing at the sight. Taylor was amazed how much he had grown from the last time. He grabbed Saber's light blue tuffs that grew on the sides of his face and pulled gently.
"Are you going to let me up now?" Taylor asked smiling as Saber started to hum. Saber backed off slowly letting Taylor stand up.
"Nodrow? I know we could say we could go back home now but ......." Walker began when Neque walked over to the blanket and squatted down next to him.
"My Walker we need your help." Neque exclaimed with Walker looking curiously up into her eyes. He swallowed hard knowing for some reason she meant they needed his sons.
"I...I was wondering if we could." Walker answered looking from Ike to Taylor and then to Zac who were listening closely.
"Nadroj and Taylor must go back into the tides." She began.
"Why? It is dangerous in there!" Walker declared not liking this idea as he stood up backing away.
"Please hear me out my friend." Neque expressed glowing in a light shade of gold.
"Taylor has gone through so much as it is. I just...."
"I only say this because there is a reason.
"Okay... I will listen. Please go on." Walker assented sitting back down next to her. Taylor fearfully shivered not liking the idea that she said he had to go back into the rips. Demi, Mayte and Haelz sat up slowly when everyone sat down looking at Neque ready to hear what she was going to say.
"Taylor and Nadroj will be the ones to heal the damage caused by the Faction. Together they will work as one."
"As one? What do you mean?" Taylor asked interupting her swallowing hard. Neque reached out and grabbed his shaking hands pulling him toward her as he slid toward her on his knees. She gently cradled his face in her hands as he cast his eyes up and down with a questioning look.
"Yes my Taylor. You are as one. That is why you keep feeling and saying that statement young one."
"Because you and Nadroj are one being. You both are closer then you think. It is what the Faction wanted to know. But even you two don't even realize how very special you really are. What happened in the womb of Mayte was for a purpose. All things happen for a reason. No one can stop destiny." Neque said glowing in a shade of intense gold as Taylor's eyes filled with tears. She gently caressed his face with her thumbs feeling his fear from what she was telling him.
"What are you trying to say?" Taylor rasped blinking up at her.
"You will become as one again. Your bodies will melt together." Neque informed him as he parted his lips slightly with a single tear escaping down his cheek. Nadroj slid up behind him and wrapped his arms around him. Taylor trembled slightly as Neque gently wiped the tear from his cheek. He leaned back into Nadroj.
"I think I know what you mean my wiseone. With our bodies together a power will form that will heal space and time." Nadroj crooned softly as Taylor sucked in a shaking breath.
"But will it hurt him? I don't want my son to be in any danger." Walker declared with concern in his voice. Neque turned and looked at him.
"It is not just Taylor my Walker. It is Ike and Zac too. They will be the center of the power when they melt together as one, but it will be Ike and Zac guiding the power to heal."
Zac rocked back into Ike as his heart began to race. Ike ran his hand nervously through his hair.
"But we never..." Zac began.
"Nadroj will guide you in all that you have to do." Neque expressed looking at them with awe filling her eyes.
"Can I ask one question?" Ike said swallowing hard.
"What is it my young one?" Neque asked cocking her head.
"How do you know all this?"
"It is foretold my Ike."
"The book?" Walker asked crinkling up his brow hating that book even more now. She nodded her head and placed her hand on his arm as she gazed deeply into his eyes.
"I assure you my Walker your sons will be okay. They are a gift to our world. Without them we will be doomed. Please try to understand." Neque pleaded with love in her voice. He looked down and then back up at his sons. He sucked in a deep breath rubbing his brow.
"I trust you Que. If you tell me they will be alright I believe you." Walker exclaimed smiling back.
"I... when do we start?" Taylor asked still feeling a little scared as he turned looking up at Nadroj who was glowing in the rainbow colors.
"We must begin now." Nadroj advised looking up at the sky.
"It looks like it is getting really bad." Taylor said following his gaze.
"We will be as one my Taylor." Nadroj smiled as Taylor smiled back. They both stood up as did Ike and Zac.
"We must go in first. Then you two will follow joining us." Nadroj instructed as Ike and Zac nodded their heads listening.
Nadroj took Taylor's hand gently in his and led him over to a area just to the right of the others. Walker looked at his son hoping he would have the strength to do what these beings wanted of him. Nadroj opened the rip as Taylor pulled back a little fearfully seeing the sickly colors swirling around.
"Don't worry my Taylor you are with me." Nadroj assured him as Taylor nodded when they entered the rips.

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