Color Of Blue

Chapter 27 - Save Me - Continued

The Faction looked on with hate filling them seeing that the young one and Nadroj were together again. Everything that they wished for was now crumbling away from them. Suolaej shifted and looked at his mates.
"We have to get out of here." Yven whispered watching the others milling around the boy not paying any attention to them at the moment. Suolaej nodded in agreement as they all stood up quietly and slowly backed away. When they were several yards away from the group Suoleaj signaled and they all took off at blinding speed when Demi spun around angrily, seeing the dust cloud out on the barren land that was now miles away. He took a step forward ready to go after them when Neque reached up and grabbed his arm.
"No! Let them go! They are no threat to us any more." Neque exclaimed looking up at him as he gave her a confused look.
"Are you sure wiseone?" Demi asked watching helplessly as the cloud, that was the Faction, disappeared into the distance.
"We can't worry about them now. We must concentrate on healing the balance of time." Neque declared and turned facing toward Taylor again. Demi squatted back down trusting the wisdom of their oldest one.
Haelz fearfully looked up at the sky noticing it was getting late. She watched Neque get up and walk out toward the trees carrying a nap sack with her.
"Since it is getting late my friends I suggest that you all get some sleep. I will watch over Taylor." Nadroj said thinking also that he would never again leave his side as long as he was on their world.
Walker laid down next to Taylor while Nadroj watched Ike and Zac curl up near Taylor's feet. He smiled sensing the close bond of this family. He was glad he was apart of them. Taylor stired turning his head facing his father and sucked in a deep breath with his eyes still closed. Walker gently took Taylor's hand and fell asleep holding it as he felt comforted knowing that his son was at his side.

Neque sat on the ground near some trees and made herself comfortable. She looked over at the group that she loved dearly in her heart, watching them bed down for the night, with Nadroj looking out into the distance keeping an eye out over his mates. She grabbed the sack zipping it open and pulled out the book of Serpow placing it down in front of her. She ran her hand over the surface with a feeling of awe covering her. As she opened it a nervous sense filled her heart almost fearing to see what the book would foretell of their future. Finally reaching the page where she left off from the last time, her eyes opened wide with wonder. The next page was filled with a etching of blue eyes covering the entire page. She read the words of the future and she glowed a golden shade of joy. Nadroj and Taylor were the answer to the healing of all time and space. She bowed her head and now knew what the bond meant between the two young one's. The next page showed another drawing but this time it also included her precious Isaac and Zac. She felt confused seeing that they two would be apart of the healing, but it ended there making her feel frustrated because one lonely word was just starting to write. It was the Faction. What was it about these young humans that kept entering their lives, bringing a peace to her kind? She turned suddenly hearing a grunting sound to her right and saw Taylor's Noil approach her bowing and sniffing the air.
"Yes my friend your Taylor is back now, if that is what you want to know."
Saber started to hum and sat down placing his head down on his front paws feeling content. She gingerly petted it between the closed eyes. Neque knew now what had to be done as she looked up at the night sky that was filled with a sickly green hue.

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