Color Of Blue

Chapter 27 - Save Me

Taylor desperately swung his arms out as he was sucked into another rip. His head felt like it was going to explode. He opened his eyes trying to see around the area, but all he could see was still the awful swirling colors that seemed to be closing in on him.
"Please somebody. Ike? Zac?" Taylor moaned with tears flowing down his face as his body kept spinning in circles from the movement of the damaged rips and tides. He knew he was being sucked in deeper and deeper into the balance. Fear gripped him wondering if anyone would be able to save him this time.

Nadroj felt frustrated as he dived in through and out of rips. He could see that his Taylor looked like he was getting weaker as the moments of time flew by. He reached deep within himself to bring out more speed as he traveled through the tides. He angrily went through another rip knowing if he didn't reach the young boy soon he might be lost forever in time.

The tides moved forming more black holes as the balance of the damage was spreading out further through time. Taylor screamed in agony when a force struck him on the right side sending him spinning again, as he threw his head back hearing his screams sound distorted and odd. He felt faint but desperately resisted the feeling that was overcoming him.
"I love you all so much." He thought to his family knowing he was losing the fight. He couldn't struggle anymore feeling exhusted and letting the tides push him as his body hung limply. He thought of his family and he squeezed his eyes shut, not wanting to believe this is how his life was going to end. He opened his eyes slowly sucking in a sharp breath seeing a small like rainbow heading in his direction. The light didn't look like it belonged to the sickly colors that surrounded him. He licked his lips slowly and focused his attention on the color as it came closer and closer.

Nadroj's heart pounded faster knowing that Taylor was now watching him. He felt the weakness of the young one's body.

Taylor gulped hard when suddenly he saw the color form into a human like shape.
"Nodrow?" Taylor rasped knowing it was his friend. He reached out his right arm painfully when a force pushed him to the side.
"NO! Oh God help me! I..I don't want to..." Taylor cried when his eyes grew wide with fear seeing another black hole was forming right next to him. He could feel the pull sucking against his body.
"Nodrow!" Taylor bellowed hearing his friend's voice resound through the rips.
"Hold on my Taylor. I am almost there!" Nadroj pleaded seeing the tears running down Taylor's face.
"Hurry! The hole! The hole is sucking me in!" Taylor cried fearfully trying to desperately use the last of his strength to keep away from the force. He whipped his arms out in front of him, when he felt his legs being sucked in.
"PLEASE!" He yelled in agony looking back at the hole fearfully when suddenly he felt a hand touch his. He turned his head and weakly blinked his eyes looking into the sweet eyes of Nadroj.
"My Taylor!" Nadroj groaned pulling the young one into his arms feeling a joy well up in his soul as he was finally holding the boy in his arms.
"As one. As one." Taylor murmured weakly resting his head on Nadroj's shoulder. His world stopped spinning feeling the soothing warmth of Nadroj's body against his.
"Yes my Taylor we are as one." Nadroj crooned back, petting his hair lovingly as he hung limply in his arms. He felt he was whole again with the boy, who had his arms wrapped tightly around his neck.
"Tired. I...I'm so tired." Taylor tearfully moaned.
"I have to get you out of here. The damage is spreading at a fast rate of speed." Nadroj stated looking around him with dread filling his heart. He turned quickly and dived through the tides and rips at blinding speed. Taylor squeezed his eyes shut feeling very sick to his stomach.
"Just hold on. We are almost there." Nadroj said feeling the boy's head nod slightly against his shoulder.

"Que the sky looks so weird." Ike said watching a green like mist move across the barren landscape.
"It is the balance I am afraid, that is causing this. The damage is severe." Neque sadly answered bowing her head. They all watched the sky grow dark with the color of green.
"Is there anything that could stop it?" Zac asked sitting up as he swallowed hard with Walker sitting next to him.
"I don't know how bad the damage is to the balance of time." Neque stated noticing the Faction looked uncomfortable when they all turned to look at them with accusing eyes.
"We didn't cause this!" Suolaej defended turning into a dark shade of gray.
"Oh yeah? Then who did?" Zac angrily fumed looking directly into his eyes.
"It has always been like that. We didn't start it!" Yven added in throwing Zac a hateful look.
"The tides were off in this land, but you have caused the time equilibrium to rock off balance as you kept traveling through these rips in this area. Didn't you realize what you were doing? That is why the people have abandoned this area years ago. We knew then to stay out of this place so as to not make it any worse until we could find a way to heal it. You three may have caused the end to our world." Demi exclaimed angrily turning into a shade of blue.
"And Nadroj is our only hope for this healing." Mayte added in stepping up next to Demi.
"We could do it! We are the Faction!" Retah shouted hating that they looked down at them.
"Oh really? Then why did you want to destroy Nodrow?! You took my brother against his will trying to find the source to why their DNA are mixed together! Nodrow is the most powerful and you hate that fact. He is in there now... trying to save my brother! For some reason he can travel through the damage unlike us! He's the one who will save your planet!" Ike shouted feeling exasperated by their superior attitude.
"How dare..." Retah began growing black in shade when suddenly they all turned seeing a bubble form to the right of them. They all stood up when Nadroj appeared glowing in intense swirling colors carrying Taylor in his arms.
"TAYLOR!" Walker shouted running up to them and gently took his son from Nadroj. He collasped onto the ground and hugged Taylor's limp body in his arms rocking back and forth as tears spilled down his face. Isaac and Zac sat down next to him as fear raced through them noticing Taylor looked very pale.
"Is he alright?" Ike asked swallowing hard as Nadroj squatted down in front of them.
"He is exhusted. His body is very weak, but he will be okay. I got to him just in time." Nadroj assured them with tears brimming in his eyes. Walker looked up and smiled weakly.
"Thank you! Thank you Nodrow! I don't know how I will ever repay you for saving my sons." Walker exclaimed reaching out and touching Nadroj's arm lovingly.
"Dad?" Taylor groaned weakly blinking his eyes wondering if he was imagining that he was looking up at his father. Walker looked back down at Taylor and smiled, sniffing back his tears. He kissed Taylor's moist forehead closing his eyes in relief as Ike and Zac looked at one another and smiled.
"You're going to be okay son. Everything will be just fine now." Walker murmured softly, hugging Taylor tightly against him.
"My Walker he needs his rest. I must check him over to make sure everything is alright." Nadroj cooed and smiled as Walker nodded letting him take Taylor from his arms. He walked over to the cover that they spread out on the ground earlier for Ike and Zac to lay on as they recovered from being in the rips. He placed the boy gently down while Taylor looked up at him with trust in his eyes, as everyone circled around them. He placed his hands upon the young one's head spreading his healing light through Taylor's entire body.
"That..that feels so good." Taylor moaned feeling every aching muscle relax within him. He fell asleep with his lips slightly apart as Nadroj cocked his head smiling and gently ran his fingertips across Taylor's mouth.
"He is my life." Nadroj stated with tears of love filling his eyes gazing down at the sweat that glistened off Taylor's chest that was moving up and down in a slow, even rhythm. Walker slid up next to his son and gently pushed back his wet sweaty hair and bent over kissing him on the forehead again.

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