Color Of Blue

Chapter 26 - The Balance Of Time - Continued

"Ike I'm scared! Your block is crumbling." Zac rasped looking down at their feet where the block was losing its hold.
"I'm sorry. I'm trying to hold it up as best as I can." Ike said sadly with fear coursing through him.
"I know Ike. I know you are." Zac expressed shifting his body as he still held onto his brothers.
"At least they didn't get to preform the Enosa on me." Taylor smiled weakly trying to lighten the mood a little finally feeling the numbness melting away that the magnetic waves caused earlier.
"Yeah this time balance saved you but...." Ike began looking at Taylor who's eyes misted up as he swallowed the lump in his throat.
"You think Nodrow is out there? Maybe he will find us in time." Zac asked looking at Taylor.
"I can't sense anything guys. I don't know what we are going to do when the block is gone." Taylor said with a surge of fear bolting through his stomach. Ike hugged his brothers to him tighter.
"Promise me when the block goes down we won't let go of each other." Ike asked with tears welling in his eyes. "I won't let go." Taylor stated as he shivered feeling cold. "My feet feel like ice."
"I promise I won't let go either." Zac added rubbing Taylor's back with his hand knowing he was cold without no shirt on and wanted to warm him up. Taylor smiled at Zac and rested his head on Ike's shoulder with Ike leaning his on top of Taylor's lovingly. Zac looked out at the rips with dread as he looked down when he felt the block start to crumble some more. Ike started to cry wishing he had the power to hold it up longer.
"Ike? It's okay. You're doing the best as you can." Zac consoled as Ike squeezed his eyes shut trying to gain control of his emotions lifting his head off Taylor's.
"I love you guys." Ike mumbled as his voice cracked with emotion.
"Hey we're together. At least we have that. No matter what happens we will be together." Taylor boldly expressed as his brothers smiled at him.
"It's up to our waists now. It won't be to much longer I think before we lose it." Ike said looking at his brothers fearfully.
"Let's get ready then. When it goes the rips are going to hit us hard." Taylor declared trying to find the courage within him. They wrapped their arms tightly around one another getting prepared, as the block crumbled up further reaching their heads. Taylor licked his lips as they all bowed their heads together when the block suddenly disappeared.
"Here we go!" Ike shouted as they started to spin together to the right. The forces slammed into them as they desperately tried to not lose their hold.
"Ahhhhhh..." Zac screamed feeling a force strike him on his back that felt as if it ripped through him. He rocked his head back with tears flowing down his face.
"ZAC!? Hang on!" Ike shouted with fear when he too felt a surge of energy strike him on his lower back knocking the wind out of him.
"NO! Please HELP US!" Taylor screamed in fear when he felt his hand slip away from Zac's that was around Ike's neck. His body suddenly flung out away from his brothers but Zac's hand still tightly gripped his other hand as he fearfully looked back at them. He saw Zac trying to pull him back in.
"TAY! NO! Hold on! STAY TOGETHER!" Zac bellowed in anger.
"ZAC?! IKE?! Please!" Taylor screamed in agony when a force hit them spinning their bodies violently in a circle. Taylor and Zac's eyes met with fear when their hands lost the hold.
"NOOOOOO!" They all screamed together when Taylor started to be forced away from them by the tides.
"TAYLOR!" Ike shrieked when he saw his brother being sucked toward a huge rip behind him. Taylor turned seeing it as terror filled him. He looked back at his brothers who were now far away from him as he desperately reached out his arms toward them.
Ike and Zac looked on in horror when Taylor suddenly disappeared through the rip. Zac burst into sobs of anguish as Ike wrapped his arms tightly around him.
"He didn't hold on! Why didn't he hold on?!" Ike moaned with tears dripping down his cheeks as him and his brother spun and then were struck with another blow by the forces that surrounded them. They both groaned in agony when suddenly the spinning stopped as long arms wrapped around them that were emanating the colors of the rainbow. Nadroj hugged them tightly to his body. Ike and Zac looked up into Nadroj's eyes with tear stained faces.
"Taylor? Where is Taylor?" Nadroj asked looking around him desperately.
"He was with us! But ...but he we lost him Nodrow! We LOST him!" Zac cried out with anger.
"Where?" Nadroj asked with tears forming in his eyes.
"He went through a rip. I don't know where." Ike said feeling faint. Nadroj knew he had to get both of them out of the tides as quickly as possible. He painfully looked around feeling his heart breaking and longing for his Taylor. He hated the thought he was out there alone and didn't know how long he could survive this disruption of the time balance. He quickly sped through the tides back to his friends.
"Nadroj's back!" Haelz shouted as he popped out through the rip. Walker ran back toward them as he saw Nadroj carrying his sons as he placed them gently on the ground.
"Where's Tay?!" Walker asked with fear bolting through him. He squatted down next to Ike and Zac who laid on the ground exhusted, looking battered and beaten. They painfully looked up at their father.
"He's still out there Dad! We lost the hold on Taylor. He slipped away from us." Zac sobbed in anguish as he rolled onto his side with his body shaking.
"Nodrow you have to find him. I know you will find Tay!" Walker pleaded looking up at Nadroj as he nodded his head wiping his tears away from his face with the back of his hand.
"We are AS ONE!" Nadroj bellowed and disappeared through the rip. He went at lightening speed to the place where he found Ike and Zac. He stopped scanning the area concentrating but still couldn't see him. He saw the rip that sucked him in and dived toward it slipping himself through. He vowed to himself that he would not go back without his Taylor in his arms. The longing he felt for him overwhelmed his soul. Suddenly his mind saw Taylor's body spinning out of control but he was still so far away as the tides were carrying him deeper into the balance. He knew he had to travel through many rips to reach him. He could see the look of terror covering his face.
"I'm coming my Taylor! Please hold on!" Nadroj exclaimed knowing if he didn't reach him soon he would lose his beloved Taylor forever.

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