Color Of Blue

Chapter 26 - The Balance Of Time - Continued

"Oh GOD!" Taylor suddenly screamed as he saw a huge bubble like movement form behind Suolaej. Retah flew back with fear seeing it too. Suolaej spun around as the movement suddenly rocked all of them off center. Taylor spun to the right as the Faction was knocked to the left. The movement of the bubble ripped open forming a giant black hole as the rips started to turn into sickening shapes and colors. Taylor desperately tried to gain his balance as a force struck him painfully from behind sending him toward his brothers who looked on with horror in their eyes as the block dropped that was around them. Yven lost control of his power due to overwhelming fear. Ike grabbed Zac into his arms as they slammed into Taylor's body. Zac reached out and dragged Taylor to them. They clung on desperately to each other as they spun in circles out of control.
"IKE! ZAC! The balance is...is..." Taylor screamed with his voice sounding distorted in the waves that rocked into them.
"Oh God!" Zac shrieked with horror surging through him.
"Hold on! Just hold on!" Ike demanded screaming on the top of lungs not wanting to lose his brothers.
"Ike? If you can hear me try to put up a block!" Taylor pleaded hoping he heard him.
"I...I'll try!" Ike fearfully yelled feeling sick to his stomach. He felt like at any moment he was going to throw up. He reached into his powers and concentrated finding it difficult. He saw the light that would form a block and with all the strength he had within him he brought it forward. It went around their bodies when it made them finally stop spinning. Taylor and Zac both looked into his eyes looking extremely pale, but relieved.
"Don't let go of me. I don't know how long I can hold it up." Ike declared hugging onto both of them tightly.
"How do we get out?" Zac moaned with tears in his eyes sucking in a deep breath fearfully looking through the block as the time rips spun and rolled looking like something was stiring the colors around like a batter of a cake.
"Where are they? The Faction? What happened to them?" Taylor asked turning his head trying to see if he could spot them.
"I don't know. The last I saw of them, the female one was sucked into a rip and the other two went to the other side away from you Tay." Ike answered finding it hard to keep up the block. He could feel it clumbling slowly.

Retah screamed in agony as she was sucked into another rip. She spun upside down as she lashed her arms out desperately. The waves of pain ripped through her head.
"My Yven!?" She screamed when another force hit her on the right side spinning her around in circles. She knew she couldn't take this much longer as her body glowed in a deep shade of green.
"Help ME!" Retah begged when she saw a blinding rainbow light coming straight toward her. She swallowed hard wondering what it could be. The light was still coming at her when it formed into a recognizable shape. It was one of her kind who seemed to move easily through the disruption of the tides.
Another force knocked against her back sending her to the right when she felt a hand grab her arm and pull her in. She weakly looked up and gasped seeing Nodroj looking at her with swirling blue eyes. He didn't say a word as they popped out of the time balance into the place where the complex was. She fearfully looked around her seeing the others who were glowing in deep shades of dark blue. He carried her and plopped her down roughly next to her mates who looked up at him fearfully. He saved them a few minutes ago bringing them here.
"Where are they?" Nadroj bellowed with anger in his heart. Walker had a look to kill covering his face as he stared at them.
"I don't know. When the balance started to disrupt I saw them holding onto each other spinning away from us." Yven murmured meekly bowing his head.
"Look at what you have done! If we can't stop this ...our planet is doomed forever!" Demi screeched feeling like he wanted to destroy them. He shook his head in disgust walking up near Walker who had his fists tightly curled into balls.
"My boys better be okay or I'll...I'll...." Walker fumed with tears of anger as he gritted his teeth together.
Nadroj approached Yven and grabbed him roughly pulling him up into a standing position. Yven glowed in a light shade of green fearing his wrath. He placed his hands on Yven's head and went into his memories as tears formed in his eyes seeing the image of the young ones spinning out of control looking horrified.
"I know where they must be now. I am going in again. I won't come back without them." Nadroj exclaimed as everyone saw him pop into the rips of time again.
Neque looked at the Faction as they all had looks of awe covering their faces wondering how Nadroj could travel through the disruption and they couldn't.
"HE is the SPECIAL one! Yes look at him with wonder. He is love and understanding! You are NOT the new race of our people.....HE IS! All your life you could not face what happened to you. You were wounded in the womb during the time when the balance rocked off center due to the evil ones on the human's world. Our people were saddened by your births but still we loved you. You have caused the people of our world nothing but grief. Those young ones are special. They saved us and you wanted to destroy the one who saved our Nadroj and brought us the joy of his presence!" Neque declared as the Faction cringed hearing her words.
Walker couldn't stand to look at them and walked away toward the trees that was close by. Demi wanted to follow but could sense he wanted to be left alone for awhile. Demi turned and saw the Noil and the Nettik were approaching the camp looking tired and exhusted. Haelz bolted over to the creatures as they looked at her. Saber plopped down heavily as Lucky hooted on his back. She petted Saber on the head as he started to hum softly. She knew they too sensed the danger around them from the rips that were out of control.

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