Color Of Blue

Chapter 26 - The Balance Of Time

Nadroj fumed watching helplessly as they tortured his friends. He saw the rip that they went through as he searched the area he was in. He went into Retah's mind just as she entered and saw how they passed through the time balance. Fear struck his heart.
"They are destroying the balance! What fools!" Nadroj thought as he suddenly took off at blinding speed wanting to reach Neque and the others.

"How far do we still have to go today?" Walker asked as Neque held him in her arms racing at full speed across the valley floor.
"Not long my Walker. We are almost at a point to rest again for the night." Neque exclaimed when she suddenly stopped as the others stopped also. She turned and placed Walker onto his feet gently. He looked up at her wondering what was going on.
"Nadroj is coming and I feel something is wrong." Mayte exclaimed fearfully pointing at the dust cloud that was behind them.
"What? Is it my boys?" Walker asked swallowing hard as Nadroj came at them at blinding speed. He appeared before them in a shade of black anger.
"What is wrong my Nadroj?" Neque asked hoping the young one would calm down.
"They are disrupting time my wiseone. They are in the rips at this moment and are going to perform the Enosa on my Taylor. They also took Ike and Zac with them. We can't travel at this rate or it will be to late!" Nadroj announced as Walker stepped back feeling somewhat faint. Demi gently put his arm around him sensing his fear.
"But how Nadroj?" Haelz asked feeling frustrated and scared for the young ones. Lucky hooted as he sat on her shoulder.
"We will travel through the rips my friends. That is the only way right now. We must reach the spot where they entered and save them." Nadroj explained turning into a shade of blue.
"This could be dangerous. We will also be disrupting the balance." Neque sadly stated bowing her head.
"If I pull everyone through at once it won't cause to much damage my wiseone. Let me do all the work while you hold on." Nadroj offered looking deeply into her eyes.
"You have the power to do this my young one?" Neque asked with concern filling her voice. Nadroj nodded confidently.
"Let us not waste any more time here." Nadroj proclaimed and opened a rip like the Faction did. Neque hesitated seeing sickly colors inside the rip and shook her head angrily.
"Look what they have done! The damage is...."
"I know my wiseone. We have to go now and try to stop them from hurting my Taylor!" Nadroj begged as Neque nodded and grabbed onto Walker who was speechless with terror and lifted him up again into her arms.
"Hold onto me tightly Walker and close your eyes. Please do what I say." Neque sternly declared as Walker did as she wanted fearing the rip that was opened before them. Nadroj then slipped his arm through Neque's and then took Mayte's hand with his other. Haelz put the Nettik onto the ground as he squealed looking up at her.
"You can't go with us my little friend. Not in there. Go to the Noil now. He is several miles back." Haelz ordered as Lucky suddenly disappeared. She grabbed Mayte's hand as Nadroj went into the rip.
Walker felt the sensation of dread overcome him that he could feel from his friends. Neque grew into a dark shade of blue viewing the rips around her. Everything was terribly off balance as Nadroj pulled them through at lightening speed. He saw the rip where the complex was located and popped through as everyone rocked a little off center. Walker still had his eyes shut tightly as he held onto Neque.
"We are here my Walker. You can open your eyes now." Neque cooed gently as she put him down onto the ground. He looked around him noticing the sky looked very weird in this area.
"They are close and the balance looks bad. They could destroy our world." Demi said sadly with dread filling his heart.
"I must find where they took them. I must go alone." Nadroj expressed seeing Walker frown and look down at the ground feeling helpless. He walked up to him and raised his chin with his hand, looking deeply into the man's painfilled worried eyes.
"I will bring them back! I promise you upon my heart my friend." Nadroj crooned as Walker looked at him and weakly smiled with tears welling in his eyes.
"May God go with you Nodrow." Walker said placing his hand on Nadroj's arm softly. They all watched as he went in through a rip.

Taylor shivered in fear floating in the balance limply. Yven trapped his brothers in a block about ten feet away. He looked over at them with tears rolling down his face. He noticed they were both crying also.
"Please don't hurt me. You can't do this!" Taylor groaned watching the Faction discussing who was to be the one like Nadroj.
"Shut up!" Yven shouted at Taylor who rocked his head back riddled in terror.
"Retah will be in the back and I will be the one like Nadroj." Suolaej asserted noticing Yven was turning into a light shade of gray.
"Why you? I think I should be the one!" Yven shouted angrily.
"Would you two stop fighting and decide who will be the one!" Retah bellowed wanting to start the Enosa as soon as possible.
"Okay Yven be my guest. I am not going to take all day arguing with you over this." Suolaej declared as Yven turned into a golden shade glad that he gave in. He looked forward to attaining the powers like the dreaded beast. Then they could take their place and rule over their people after destroying Nadroj.
Taylor tried to move his body when they started to approach him, but every muscle ached in him as he groaned fearfully.
"Please. Don't. Don't." Taylor whimpered as Retah moved behind him and Suolaej moved in front.

"I can't stand this! What are we going to do Ike?" Zac moaned sniffing back his tears watching the Faction's every move.
"We can't do anything!" Ike fumed bowing his head hating the fear on Taylor's face.
"Ike? Why do the rips look weird in here? It isn't right. It's like when we had to fix them the last time but they look even worse." Zac fearfully stated looking around them.
"I know. Something is wrong. I'm scared Zac." Ike whispered as he looked up and saw a black hole that had sickly colors swirling all around it.

"We have to take his coverings off in order to start." Suolaej said looking at the boy who shivered with fear.
"NO! Leave me alone. If you do this you will kill me! Don't you understand? It won't happen again. What happened between Nodrow and me was a miracle. It won't happen ever again!" Taylor pleaded trying to desperately reason with them. He sucked in a sharp breath when Suolaej angrily ripped his shirt off causing Taylor to rock backwards. Retah pushed him back to position him again.
"You are wrong young one. I saw what happened in your memories. I know how to make it once again happen so just accept the fact that we will perform the Enosa on you." Suolaej exclaimed as Taylor shook his head.
"But what about the rips? Look at them. They weren't like this when they did it to me .....to heal me." Taylor asked fearfully noticing the colors looked bad and off center.
"That is nothing to worry about. The time balance here has always been like this. It is normal for this area and stop questioning me. We know what we are doing here!" Suolaej bellowed as he ripped Taylor's shoes and socks off his feet. He grabbed Taylor by the front of his pants pulling him forward noticing the material wouldn't give like the top covering did.
"How do you get these off?!" Suolaej asked filled with frustration as he pulled again as Taylor winced feeling the waistline cut into his back. Taylor just looked at him and wouldn't answer.
Retah started to spin the rainbow colors around her preparing herself for the bond. She floated up near the human's body as heat started to radiate off her. Taylor cringed feeling the heat behind him.
"Retah wait! I have to get these coverings off him first." Suolaej ordered as she floated back a bit.
"Just rip them off! They can't be that hard!" Yven exclaimed feeling annoyed and wanting to start the Enosa soon.
"Answer me Tay...lor!" Suolaej fumed as Taylor stubbornly just looked back at him defiantly.
He then shot a surge of pain into Taylor's mind.
"Ohhhhhh... don't!" Taylor moaned with new tears welling in his eyes.
"Then tell me how do I get these off?!"

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