Color Of Blue

Chapter 25 - The Force - Continued

Yven gently layed Taylor onto a table as he shivered in fear. He turned his head slowly feeling the pain from the magnetic waves still affecting him. He squeezed his eyes shut dreading their next move.
"Why did you do that young one?" Suolaej asked sternly as he positioned Taylor's legs down on the table.
"You... you were hurting my bro..brother. Is he okay? Please don't hurt him anymore." Taylor murmured as his heart felt like it was going to pound out of his chest. He tearfully searched the cold dark eyes of Suolaej that looked into his.
"He will live. Your other mate is with him now. You were very stupid for running into the waves like that. You could have died." Retah scolded as she moved to the right of Taylor.
"We are going to read your memories now young one. The block that Nadroj created is now destroyed." Yven gleefully expressed with his body glowing in a intense shade of gold.
"You still won't find your answer." Taylor said when Yven grabbed his face roughly turning his head so the young human would look into his eyes. Taylor swallowed hard shivering slightly.
"Just let us determine what we find. Nadroj didn't put that block up for nothing." Yven angrily exclaimed watching the human's bottom lip quiver.
"I will go in and you two link with my mind." Suolaej instructed as they nodded. He walked so he was standing at the end of table by Taylor and gently placed his hands on the boy's head. He felt a thrill rush through him knowing that finally after many days they were going to find out the secret to the bond that was between this being and the hated beast. He went in slowly noticing the boy tried to shift his body a little. He could see and feel the fear of the young human. He felt his mates connect their minds with him.
Taylor closed his eyes sucking the air deeply feeling the sensation of them creeping into his memories.
"Please Nodrow help me." Taylor beseeched knowing they were now in his memory. He opened his eyes and saw them concentrating and standing very still. He wondered why their bodies were changing into different shades. It seemed like it was taking forever as he felt the sensation as if they were digging in deeper. He cringed hating the feeling and moaned wishing he was with his brothers desperately.

"Taylor?! Tay?!" Zac rasped as Ike gently pushed him down onto the cushion. He knew his younger brother was in extreme pain. Tears still ran down his face as he placed his hands onto Zac's left arm and brought forth the healing light.
"No! I want Tay!" Zac yelled trying to push Ike away.
"Zac I have to heal you. Listen to me. You're hurt very bad. We can't do anything about Tay right now." Ike said choking back a sob, fearfully wondering what they were doing to him in the other room that they took him into. Zac looked up at him and broke into uncontrollable sobs. Ike lifted his upper body into his arms and hugged him against him tightly letting his brother relieve his anguish.
"It's my fault. It's my fault. I should have been more strong." Zac moaned feeling the guilt overwhem him.
"No... Zac. Nothing is your fault. Taylor just loves you so much. He wasn't thinking when he ran into the magnetic field like that. He only was thinking of you!" Ike consoled rocking him.
"Is he okay? I need to know that he is okay." Zac whimpered softly with tears streaming down his face as he laid his head on Ike's shoulder.
"I...I don't know how badly hurt he is, but I saw him breathing. He's alive Zac. I heard them say that Tay's block was down that was protecting his memories." Ike exclaimed as Zac leaned back and jumped a little from the pain in his arm.
"Oh God. They will... they will know." Zac rasped blinking back his tears. Ike gently lowered him down and brushed a long hair back from his forehead.
"I know. I am going to heal you. Okay?" Ike lovingly stated as Zac nodded his head. He once again placed his hands over Zac's arm and brought forth the healing light. Zac felt the warmth spread as the pain subsided over his entire body. He slowly fell asleep feeling exhusted. Ike finished the healing and looked down at him and gently petted his brother's forehead. He rocked his head back closing his eyes wishing that the Faction would bring Taylor back out of the room. His stomach was twisted in knots as he sat next to Zac and then bowed his head. He hoped and prayed that somehow his Dad and the others would reach them soon.

Suolaej broke the link and released the connection backing up slightly feeling amazed. He noticed that his mates felt the same. He stared down at the boy with awe as the young one stared back fearfully casting his eyes up and down.
"Can that be repeated? I never saw anything like it." Retah exclaimed rubbing her cheek gently.
"Why did it happen? What did you do young one?" Suolaej asked Taylor who shivered again biting his bottom lip.
"I didn't do anything. It just happened to me during the healing. Please I don't know why." Taylor pleaded hoping they wouldn't think he was keeping something back from them.
"When the Enosa was performed on him Mayte was pregnant with Nadroj. She was carrying a young one. I am not." Retah said feeling frustrated and confused.
"That does not matter. When we do it one of us will be like a young one. I noticed when the cocoon was regenerating at a high level that is when the melting of him and Nadroj happened. We will do the same." Suolaej exclaimed as Taylor suddenly sucked in a sharp breath.
"Oh God. Please. You can't do this to me. It won't happen again. It was just a accident that we became as one!" Taylor tried to reason with them as his heart felt like it was falling into his stomach.
"Quiet!" Yven threatened making Taylor jump.
"But...but you are malformed! Nodrow told me you won't be able to do it right. You will kill me if you try!" Taylor shouted as he shifted trying to move, but his body was still numb.
Yven grew black with anger and grabbed Taylor roughly lifting his upper body by the shoulders and shook him. Taylor groaned and started to cry.
"Malformed!? How dare you say that! We are the Faction! He is the malformed one. NOT US!" Yven screamed angrily pushing him back down onto the table.
Taylor swallowed hard looking fearfully up at him. He knew there was no way that they would understand. The image of the book flashed through his mind. He knew they were going to finally make the future happen as foretold in the book of Serpow. He painfully brought his right hand up to his mouth and started to weep with terror raging through him.
"We will take him in today. I don't want to wait. They are coming for them. I can see them crossing over near the valley, but they still won't be here for at least four days." Suolaej exclaimed lifting Taylor into his arms.
"NO! NO!" Taylor screamed in anguish. "Please don't do this! Please!"
"What about the other two?" Yven asked as they walked toward the door.
"They will come with us." Suolaej stated as they came into the room and noticed the young one's mates were standing together with looks of fear covering their faces.
"OH GOD! HELP ME! NODROW!" Taylor screamed as his brothers watched in horror.
"Taylor! What are you going to do?" Ike shouted with anger as Yven brought down the magnetic field that surrounded them.
"You are coming to. You will not fight us in any way or I will kill you!" Yven threatened as he grabbed them roughly around their waists lifting them into the air.
"Let us go!" Zac yelled kicking his legs as Yven followed his mates outside.
"I am opening the rip." Suolaej stated as Ike, Taylor and Zac looked on with horror.
"AS ONE!" Nadroj's voice filled the air around them.
"Hurry he is trying to connect!" Yven demanded as they raced into the rip of the time balance.
"NO! AS ONE! AS ONE!" Taylor screamed as his body shook with terror.
"You won't be able to reach him in here! So don't even try!" Yven shouted as the colors of the rips swirled around them. Ike and Zac hung helplessly in his arms feeling sick as they sped through the tides at blinding speed.

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