Color Of Blue

Chapter 25 - The Force - Continued

"What are you going to do? Leave him alone!" Taylor shouted bolting up and ran next to the wall. Zac stood up also watching them enter the bubble.
"Quiet! We just want to see something in your mind." Yven announced as Ike tried to move to the right when Retah grabbed his arm roughly and pulled him against her chest with his back next to her. She tightly wrapped her arms around him pinning his arms to his sides. He fearfully looked up at Suolaej who approached and placed his hands on his head.
"I won't let you! Let GO of me! Take your flithy hands off of me!" Ike yelled trying to struggle out of Retah's grip.
"Stop fighting it!" Suolaej shouted grabbing onto his head tighter and went into Ike's mind. Ike could feel him crawling around inside his memories. He tried to lift up a block but Suolaej stopped him throwing a bolt of pain. Ike jerked licking at his lips nervously.
"No. He does not have the memories of what happened in the Enosa." Suolaej expressed feeling a little angry. Retah released the boy watching him rock off balance as he bolted away from them.
"Maybe the other one does." Yven said as they walked out of the bubble and then closed it.
"Just leave him alone! If I don't... you must realize he doesn't either. We weren't with Tay when it happened. We weren't even around the area at the time." Ike shouted when they all turned and looked at him turning into a deep shade of gray knowing he was probably right.
"I hate to say that the human is right." Retah rasped with frustration. They all turned and headed for Taylor. Taylor swallowed hard backing up again and almost fell bumping into the cushion as they stood next to the wall of his bubble looking very angry.
"We won't stand for any more stubbornness from you! You will tell us what we want to know!" Suolaej bellowed as Yven opened a gap in Zac's bubble next. Taylor fearfully looked toward Zac who backed away holding his arm against his stomach when Yven and Retah entered followed by Suolaej.
"Please don't! Don't hurt my brother!" Taylor begged sensing their intentions.
"Go away! Ike?! TAY?!" Zac screeched when the Faction grabbed him and twisted his left arm as Zac let out a scream of agony.
"NO! Stay away from HIM! STOP IT!" Ike shrieked with anger balling his hands into fists as he and Taylor helplessly watched the Faction lift him and roughly threw him down on his cushion. They held him down with their bodies glowing in shades of yellow.
"Your arm hurts young one?" Yven laughed as he squeezed it tightly causing Zac to suck in a sharp breath.
"Stop! Please stop it!" Taylor pleaded with tears starting to run down his cheeks.
"Ahhhhhhhhhh....." Zac screamed as Yven twisted his arm looking up at Taylor loving the fact that he was starting to shake. Zac tried to throw a bolt of telekinetic power to get them to stop hurting him. Yven pushed the energy back at him and sent a stream of intense pain into his mind. Zac twisted his body in agony.
"Oh GOD please!" Taylor shouted as his heart was pounding out of his chest.
"Then tell us what we want to know or we will continue with his pain!" Suolaej warned watching Taylor dart his eyes back and forth fearfully.
"I...I don't know what you want! Please? I don't know!" Taylor exclaimed running both his hands through his hair feeling sick to his stomach.
"Then I guess your mate will just have to suffer more pain." Yven declared with a evil look in his eyes.
"Please don't. I... I..." Zac rasped weakly feeling dizzy as fear stuck him looking into Suolaej's eyes.
Zac closed his eyes tightly when suddenly he felt another bolt of pain enter his left arm again. He burst into sobs of agony.
"STOP IT!" Taylor screamed in anger watching helplessly. He spun around in a circle wanting to desperately stop them from hurting his brother.
"You can't do this!" Ike bellowed desperately as he started to cry.
Taylor couldn't take it anymore.
"Stop! I will tell you! Just don't hurt him anymore! Please!?" Taylor begged pitfully when Yven sent in another bolt of pain into the young human as Zac groaned trying to twist his body away from them.
"NO! NO!" Taylor shrieked as he ran forward without thinking as desperation over came him wanting to save his brother. He struck the wall of waves as Ike looked on in horror.
"TAYLOR!" Ike wailed in overwheming fear seeing Taylor's body jerk against the magnetic waves that surrounded him.
Taylor let out a scream of horror feeling the waves bolt through him as he tried to pull back.
"Drop the field NOW!" Suolaej shouted running to the console and passed his hand over the switches. He never expected this reaction from the young human. The wall dropped as Taylor collasped onto the floor still shaking with uncontrollable spasms racking his body.
"I'll KILL YOU! I'LL..." Ike bellowed in anger dropping to his knees and hit the floor with his fists.
Zac moaned rolling over onto his side and weakly looked up seeing his brother's body shaking out of control. He desperately tired to sit up but every inch of him was filled with pain.
"Tay? Oh God." Zac murmured with tears running down his face.
"How is the human?" Retah asked feeling nervous as Yven and Suolaej bent down next to him. Suolaej grabbed his head entering his mind and sent a energy beam to the area of the brain to stop the convulsions. Taylor's body finally relaxed as he fearfully looked up at the ceiling sucking in rasping breaths of air. His entire body was numb as he laid helplessly on the floor.
"Let me go to my brothers. Please?" Ike begged as his heart raced with fear.
"The block! The block is down in his mind." Yven exclaimed with his body glowing in a light shade of gold.
"The power of the waves must have done it! Now we will know what that beast was hiding from us." Retah shouted with joy. She looked down at Taylor who had a look of terror crossing his face as Yven lifted him into his arms and carried him toward the lab.
"Please don't hurt him!" Zac weakly groaned trying to still sit up. He rocked backwards feeling dizzy.
"Let me help my brother. He needs help!" Ike demanded when Retah looked back at him and then at the door to the lab. She thought in order to calm this young one down she would let him go to the one with the long yellow strings. She passed her hand over the switches and brought down the magnetic waves as Ike stood there with tears running down his cheeks.
"You may enter your mate's bubble to be with him. Just quickly do it...NOW!" Retah demanded making Isaac jump. He quickly ran over listening to her and went to his brother Zac who painfully looked up at him. She closed the opening and then bounded into the lab feeling an excitement overcome her.

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