Color Of Blue

Chapter 25 - The Force

Taylor laid awake fearfully shivering on the cushion looking up at the ceiling of the magnetic bubble. He knew he was alone again. He was afraid to turn his head as he wondered where his brothers were. He could feel her eyes staring at him from outside of the magnetic field that trapped him. He swallowed hard waiting for her to say something, but the air around him was silent.

Ike turned and groaned noticing he was all alone in a magnetic bubble. He slowly sat up viewing the area around him curiously. He could see his brother on the right still laying on his cushion. He could see the female one sitting next to the wall staring at him in a shade of dark gray. His head still ached from the force of power that knocked him out earlier. He could see that Zac was also sitting up and looking around fearfully in another bubble on the other side of Taylor.

Zac's left arm throbbed with intense pain. He swallowed hard realizing that this Faction now had them separated in their own bubbles. Sadly he bowed his head wondering what they were planning to do next to them. He noticed the alien who sat on the floor turned her head and looked at him with her dark black eyes. He feared for his brother knowing what the Faction wanted to do to him. Zac sucked in a deep breath trying to concentrate on reliving the pain that throbbed in his arm.

"I know you are awake young one." Retah said breaking the silence as Taylor slowly turned his head and gave her a angry look.
"You really fear us don't you?" Taylor stated as he sat up and looked over at Ike feeling somewhat relieved to know that both his brothers were still close to him.
"We do not fear you!" Retah declared shifting a little to the right.
"Then why did you separate us? I thought that you are suppose to be more powerful then us." Taylor fumed watching Retah grow into a shade of deep gray.
"We put you in these individual magnetic bubbles so you will not fight us. You know our purpose young one. We will attain the secret to Nadroj's power. And with the help of your mates we will find the answers." Retah announced boldly liking the look that suddenly crossed Taylor's face with a look of surprise.
"What... what do you mean?" Taylor asked trying to hide the fear that raced through him.
"You shall see my young ones." Retah stated standing up as Ike, Taylor and Zac watched her walk into the lab in a shade of yellow feeling amused.
Taylor looked at Ike with a worried expression crossing his face.
"What do you think they are planning?" Taylor asked as he rubbed his hands nervously together.
"I think she just said that to scare us. At least I hope....." Zac began rubbing at his arm as his brothers nodded looking at him with concern.
"Zac? Are you okay? You don't look so good." Ike asked standing up and walked to the wall of the waves that was next to Taylor.
"I'm fine. My arm just hurts a little. I think I fell on it when I passed out." Zac explained not wanting his brothers to be worried about him. Taylor got up and walked to the wall of his bubble that was next to Zac's.
"Zac don't try to hide what you feel." Taylor said wishing he could help his brother in some way.
"Okay... it hurts really bad. I'm scared. It looks very white again....but I don't think that they would help me!" Zac blurted out angrily with tears welling in his eyes as he pointed at the door to the lab.
"Do you feel sick?" Ike asked wishing he could heal his brother desperately.
"No. Just my arm is throbbing guys. Just don't worry about me so much. I can take it." Zac answered bravely cracking a weak grin.
"I wish I knew what they were planning. What does she mean with your help they will find the answers?" Taylor rasped fearfully rubbing his hand through his hair.
"I think they will start again where they left off." Zac sadly stated watching his brothers crinkle up their eyebrows.
"Left off?" Ike asked.
"Yeah. I think they are going to torture us thinking Tay will then give them the answers. I can see they know how close we are....that we care about one another and they will try to use that to their advantage." Zac answered looking down at his feet as he started to shake a little.
"Oh God! I..I'm sorry guys. What they want to know I can't give them. They just won't understand that I don't know why Nodrow and I are like one." Taylor groaned as he sat back down feeling overwhelmed with saddness.
"Tay? It's not your fault. Just hang on. No matter what they throw at us just don't tell them anything!" Ike declared as Taylor looked up at him and nodded.
"I can't stand this! I can't stand the thought that they will hurt you guys." Taylor said as his heart started to race.
"We'll get through this together Tay. Just hang tough!" Zac expressed with determination noticing Taylor cracked a smile.
"Zac... I... I..." Taylor began.
"I know you LOVE me!" Zac finished smiling at him.
"Even though I'm scared I am glad you are here in a way. I don't think I could stand being alone in this. I...I know they will at some time do...the...the Enosa on me. That book predicted it... remember?" Taylor said fearfully noticing both his brothers frowned nodding their heads.
"I wonder how it will come about and if we can stop them Tay." Ike questioned sitting on the floor next to his magnetic wall.
"I wish in a way I had the book and then I could see if...."
"Taylor I rather not know! I want to create my own future without knowing." Zac exclaimed when suddenly they all jumped hearing the door to the lab open as the Faction walked up next to Taylor's bubble. Taylor glupped hard as he slid back on his cushion.
The Faction stood looking from one boy to the other. Suolaej walked up to the table with the switches and created a hole in Ike's bubble. Ike stood up backing away with fear surging through him.

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