Color Of Blue

Chapter 24 - Captured - Continued

Walker sadly gazed down at the ground feeling a great emptiness in his heart. He couldn't believe they would take his other two sons also. He looked up and noticed the Noil was hovering near Nadroj looking confused. He could sense that the beast wanted his friend back and that Nadroj was somehow like Taylor.
"Why can't I contact Tay? I can't locate him anymore." Walker angrily rasped looking toward Nadroj who was staring out in the distance.
"They have them back at the complex." Nadroj answered with his voice shaking as he watched the young one's fighting against the Faction. He didn't want his mates or Walker to see what was happening as he watched the Faction defeat them and then placed them apart in separate magnetic bubbles. He wondered what their intentions were. He still couldn't understand why they suddenly wanted all three.
Neque pulled out the golden book carefully from Taylor's back pack and gingerly ran her across the surface feeling in awe of actually having it in her hands. She looked up noticing everyone was watching her intently.
"Please don't read that thing!" Walker groaned hating the book as he crinkled his eyebrows together.
"But my Walker it holds the future. I have to see." Neque cooed in a soothing tone as she opened the book slowly. Walker turned his head not wanting to know. She turned the pages till she reached the end and began to read. Her body kept glowing in different shades as she read to look into the future. Mayte slid up next to her placing her hand gently on her shoulder.
"What does it say wiseone?" Mayte asked with fear shaking in her voice. Walker turned swallowing hard.
"It is not good my friends." Neque sadly stated bowing her head.
"What?! My...my sons...." Walker groaned feeling his heart start to race.
"This area is growing all around us and soon it will expand again." Neque informed them.
"But what about my sons?! What are you talking about Que?" Walker exclaimed wanting to know now what the book was foretelling.
"This land is growing again. Every one hundred years this magnetic inbalance stretches out further. And the Faction will be the cause of the next expansion. They do not realize what they are doing. It will doom this planet and it doesn't say how far the damage will be yet. Somehow the Faction is traveling through a secret unknown rip in this area and it is causing the balance to rock off center." Neque angrily stated glowing in a shade of deep blue.
"Yes. When they took them I know they went through a rip in time.....but I couldn't see where." Nadroj exclaimed remembering.
"When will this happen? How soon?" Demi asked looking around him with fear.
"We have to leave within the next five days." Neque answered.
"But you still didn't tell me what is going to happen to Ike, Tay and Zac!" Walker groaned filling up with anger.
"The book states that Taylor and Nadroj are the key to saving this world. It shows a drawing of the young ones trapped in time and space and that is where it ends." Neque said watching Walker rock backwards with fear covering his face.
"What about the Enosa?" Haelz asked remembering that the book showed the Faction starting to perform it on Taylor.
"It doesn't seem to explain what happens there yet. I don't know my Haelz." Neque answered sadly.
"I want my sons. This...this can't be!" Walker fumed standing up hating the feeling of helplessness that raged through him.
"Nadroj you must find this rip and we must continue forward. We have to reach the complex within five days." Neque expressed boldly looking up at Walker wishing she could somehow comfort him. She could feel his overwhemling love for his sons.
"You mean Nadroj must leave us? But he is the only one who can see what is happening to Tay, Ike and Zac." Walker exclaimed darting his eyes fearfully from side to side.
"It is important for us to find this rip in time and Nadroj is the only one of our kind to do that. Our lives and the young one's lives depends on it!" Neque warned as Walker sadly nodded.
She slid the book back into the back pack and stood up slinging it over her shoulder.
"Let us begin our journey. We can't waste any time." Neque exclaimed as Nadroj looked out over the barren waste land. He nodded at the wiseone and then took off at blinding speed.
"May the great one be with you!" Neque yelled after him as she turned to look at Walker who looked lost and dumbfounded.
"Will he be alright out there alone?" Walker asked with concern.
"He will be fine. He knows now what he has to do. It is for his love of Taylor." Demi expressed as they all started to walk toward the forest just up ahead. The Nettik hooted as Haelz held it in her arms. She knew the tiny creature missed his Ike. Saber had the sense to follow wanting to stay close as he began to hum softly.
"Why don't we travel in the same way as Nodrow?" Walker asked as they approached the edge of the forest.
"We shall when we get through the woods my Walker." Mayte said as Walker took in a deep breath of air trying to control his emotions. He vowed to himself that nothing would stop him from seeing his sons again.

Nadroj searched the area not seeing the rip of time feeling frustrated. He stopped in the spot again where they disappeared with the young ones. He closed his eyes and concentrated as his body swirled with the colors of the rainbow. Slowly he scanned the area. Determination filled him. He knew in his heart that he would see his Taylor again.
"I am as one!" He expressed scanning time and space with all the power that he held inside.

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