Color Of Blue

Chapter 24 - Captured

Retah gazed at the young creatures as they all layed on the floor inside the magnetic bubble. She felt joy after so many days of frustration chasing the Taylor one down. She had to give the creature credit for almost escaping them. She noticed the one with short yellow strings was starting to move. She cocked her head sitting down next to the wall of magnetic waves.

Ike groaned feeling a intense pain throb through his head. The last thing he remembered was looking into Nadroj's eyes then a bolting pain, then blackness. He opened his eyes slowly and turned his head seeing his brothers laying next to him. He swallowed hard wondering where he was. He jumped as he sat up and saw one of the Faction sitting on the floor staring at him intently.
"Where are we?" He rasped looking at her angrily feeling a little dizzy.
"Where you belong." Retah answered and cocked her head to the right. Ike threw her a dirty look.
Zac moaned rolling over and bumped into Taylor as he bolted up into a sitting position and felt the room spin around him.
"Zac? You okay?" Ike asked looking toward him. Zac's eyes filled with tears looking down at Taylor. He nodded his head biting his bottom lip.
"Tay?" Zac whispered as he gently put his hand on Taylor's shoulder. Ike bent over Taylor noticing his face was very pale.
"If you hurt him....I'll...I'll..." Ike fumed as the being didn't answer and just kept watching them.
Taylor moaned suddenly and opened his eyes with tears falling down the sides. He cried out in agony recognizing the room.
"Tay?" Ike asked when Taylor suddenly looked into Ike's eyes looking confused.
"Ike? Oh God! IKE!" Taylor shouted sitting up and flung his arms desperately around Ike's neck. He started to cry with racking sobs clinging onto his brother tightly. He felt a hand start to rub his back.
"Zac?" Taylor whimpered knowing they were both here with him.
"Why? Why did you take them?!" Taylor bellowed angrily seeing Retah glowing in a yellow shade feeling amused by the young mates.
"We have our reasons young one." Retah announced happily as Taylor cast her a look of hate. He loved being with his brothers but he feared for them.
"Taylor? Where are we? What is this place?" Zac asked hating the humming sounds of the wall that imprisoned them.
"They put that up so we can't escape." Taylor answered feeling sick to his stomach.
They all jumped when the other two entered the room. Taylor cast his eyes down to the floor.
"I told you that you would not escape us." Suolaej said as he squatted next to Retah.
"Why did you bring my brothers here? You want me...not them!" Taylor asked swallowing hard as Suolaej shifted and turned into a golden shade.
"You will cooperate with us young one or these mates that you hold so dear will suffer." Yven stated loving the shocked fearful expression cross Taylor's face.
"You wouldn't? Please! Please let them go!" Taylor pleaded as Ike put his arm around him.
"Tell us now what the beast hides from us in your head." Retah asked sliding a little closer to the wall.
"I think you already know!" Ike exclaimed angrily hating that they were threatening their brother.
"Quiet! You will not speak to me unless I ask you too!" Yven yelled warning him.
"The...the Enosa." Taylor murmured as he started to shake uncontrollably remembering the etched picture in the golden book of Serpow.
"Yes we know about the Enosa. But how did that make you intermix with Nadroj?" Suolaej asked feeling annoyed by this stubborn creature.
"I don't know. Please I don't KNOW!" Taylor cried with frustration filling him.
"If you don't know bring down the block in your mind and let us see what is behind there." Yven demanded as Taylor threw him a look of fear.
"I didn't put it there! I don't know how to take it down." Taylor answered licking at his lips.
Zac nervously rubbed his hands together noticing that the one who just asked Taylor a question was looking at him. Zac felt a stab of pain enter his left arm. He grabbed it and screamed in agony. Taylor reached out to him as Ike stood up angrily.
"Leave him alone!" Ike fumed knowing they somehow were hurting Zac.
"Oh God! It...it hurts! Please! Stop it! Stop it!" Zac begged as Taylor fearfully looked up at Yven who was glowing golden.
"Stop!" Taylor moaned when Zac collasped in his arms as the pain he felt was released.
"Then answer my questions!" Yven bellowed watching the young one's eyes dart nervously from side ot side. Zac looked up at him filled with anger.
"Tay is not going to give in to you...you sick, stupid looking monster!" Zac yelled sending out a bolt of telekinetic power at Yven sending him flying through the air. Retah and Suolaej jumped not expecting this reaction as they saw Yven hit the wall hard behind them.
"Zac? Don't!" Taylor fearfully shouted when he sensed Zac was going to do it again.
"Then he better not touch me again!" Zac warned angrily as he rubbed at his sore aching arm as Retah and Suolaej ran over to Yven filled with anger.
"Huh?" Taylor asked looking at Ike wondering what he wanted.
"We are together! Remember we are three minds as one Tay!" Ike shouted as Taylor stood up helping Zac stand up next to him.
"Can we do it?" Zac asked feeling unsure.
Suolaej and Retah helped Yven to his feet not really paying attention to the young ones. As they turned around they saw the creatures holding hands as their eyes were shut.
"What? What do they think...." Suolaej said when suddenly the magnetic wall collasped around them.
"We have to separate them NOW!" Retah shouted with fear filling her.
"If they think they can defeat the Faction then let them try!" Yven bellowed wanting to get back at the young creature who threw him against the wall. They saw a light forming into one in front of Taylor.
Suolaej, Yven and Retah stood ready to fight these creatures. The light burst forth striking the Faction as they gasped with horror.
"Taylor find the balance! Don't lose it!" Ike sternly declared as Taylor nodded concentrating the energy toward the Faction.
The Faction cringed in pain feeling the strength of power thrown at them. Suolaej grew black with anger when he formed a bolt of energy and placed it in front of the wave of light that was striking them.
"More power!" Taylor screamed feeling the block that was forcing the light back at them.

The Faction stood together forming the power that was between them. Slowly they pushed against the three young ones. Suolaej brought forth his power and added it to the block as it inched back toward the young humans.

Taylor knew that the Faction was growing stronger as him and brothers were locked in together desperately fighting back the force that was slowly draining their energy down. Beads of sweat rolled down their faces not wanting to give up.
"Ike? I can't....I can't fight it! I want more!" Taylor groaned rocking back his head.
"I don't have anymore to give." Ike moaned wishing did.
"Hold on Tay!" Zac demanded hating that they were losing the fight.
"NO!" Taylor screeched feeling the white heat being thrust back into their bodies. Suddenly Taylor was lifted off the floor and thrown violently across the room. Ike and Zac fainted on the floor when the power painfully ripped through them. Taylor slowly rolled over groaning in pain.
"Ike? Zac?" He desperately rasped before his world grew dark.

Yven slowly walked up to the two lying together on the floor. He couldn't believe that these young ones had such strength in them. He squatted down and noticed that they were breathing okay. He turned and watched Retah and Suolaej bend over Taylor. They checked to see how much damage the young one had taken from their powerful force. Suolaej placed his hand on his forehead gently.
"He is still alive. I wish now that we would have not brought the other two here!" Suolaej said shaking his head from side to side.
"They amaze me! I never dreamed that they had such power and strength in them." Retah stated with awe and actually found a new kind of respect for this young human.
"We have to keep them apart and can't let them connect anymore. We came to close to losing this one. I want him to answer the mystery of that beast ...Nadroj. What makes them like one being?" Suolaej said picking Taylor up off the floor and carried him to the cushion placing him down gently.
"If we are going to separate them we better do it soon before they wake up." Retah exclaimed walking up next to the console and brought up the magnetic waves that once again surrounded Taylor.
They quickly created two more magnetic rooms that were set up near one another but not close enough so they could connect with each other's minds. They put the energy at maximum power. Zac was to the right of Taylor and Ike to the left. Suolaej was content as he looked at the sleeping young humans. He sensed Taylor's love for his mates and now he could use these other two to get the answers he so desperately wanted to know.

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