Color Of Blue

Chapter 23 - The Path To Nowhere - Continued

Taylor and Saber broke out of the forest onto a barren waste land. Taylor swallowed hard with fear still raging through him. He knew they were close behind him. Tears welled in his eyes wondering if at any moment they would suddenly catch up.
"Taylor? You are very close to us! Just keep coming!" Walker shouted as Taylor desperately looked into the distance ahead of him wanting to see them. His heart ached for his father's arms around him.
"Come on Saber! We are almost there!" Taylor screamed hoping his friend could make it. He worried about Saber thinking he was running for hours now and feared he might be running him into the ground.

"Hurry! He is on the valley floor! We must reach him before he reaches that beast!" Suolaej fumed wishing they could go faster, but being in a forest was dangerous at top speed. Frustration filled every fiber of his being. Anger swelled within him.
"My Suolaej?! They are all here! I can see them!" Retah screamed with hate filling her mind.
"I know! We are almost out of this forest! Come on!" Suolaej raged and finally broke free of the trees stopping.
"Why did you stop?!" Yven asked filled with anger.
"There! You're mine young one!" Suolaej laughed with joy pointing out in the distance and then bolted at lightning speed with his mates behind him.

Taylor turned and sucked in a deep rasping breath seeing a ball of dust coming at him from behind a few miles away as he clung onto Saber's neck.

Nadroj was suddenly filled with a feeling of dread. He could see the Faction just behind his Taylor. He turned around looking at Ike and Zac and ran toward them. He grabbed Zac around the waist lifting him as Zac fearfully looked up at him and then did the same to Ike as the Nettik fell off his shoulder hitting the ground squealing in anger. Walker gasped when he saw Nadroj suddenly bolt forward at blinding speed carrying his sons.
"Wait! What are you doing?!" Walker bellowed not understanding.
"Come my Walker!" Neque shouted and lifted Walker off his feet as they all ran forward at lightning speed.

"Nodrow!? What?..." Ike shouted when he could suddenly see something running at them across the barren landscape.
"Tay! It's Tay!" Zac bellowed with joy filling him.

Taylor saw something up ahead when a force hit him from the back. Saber collasped onto the ground as Taylor fell rolling off hitting the ground hard feeling the wind knock out of him. Taylor sprung up trying to catch his breath and saw that Saber was knocked out on the ground. He spun around seeing the cloud of dust coming at him at blinding speed.
"NO!" Taylor screamed as he turned and tried to run as fast as his legs could carry him. Tears formed in his eyes when he saw another cloud of dust up ahead of him.

"NO!" Nadroj screamed seeing the Faction knock the Noil out from under him. He raced forward seeing his Taylor's face twist into a look of fear.
"Tay!" Ike shouted as they got closer.
"Oh God! They are going to reach him before we do!" Zac cried out in anger balling his hands into fists.

Taylor tearfully ran not wanting to look back. He knew Nadroj was coming for him. His mind could only think of reaching them.
"NODROW!" Taylor screamed in agony when he felt himself being lifted into the air.
"YOU'RE MINE!" Suolaej bellowed with joy as he tightly held on to the struggling boy around the waist.
"Please! Let GO of me!" Taylor shrieked as he pitfully saw Nadroj with his brothers stop just in front of him. Taylor reached his arms out desperately toward them.
"IKE! ZAC!" Taylor cried when a bolt of pain surged through his mind rocking him backwards against Suolaej's chest.
"TAY!?" Ike and Zac shouted in unison. They all stood face to face as silence filled the air.
"Let go of him!" Nadroj demanded glowing in a black shade of pure anger.
"He is ours!" Yven laughed looking at the other two humans with looks of horror covering their faces.
Taylor groaned as he hung limply in Suolaej's arms. Pain coursed through him as he blinked trying to focus his eyes.
"If you try anything Nadroj, the human boy will die right now!" Retah threatened sensing the black rage filling him as he looked hatefully at her.
"Back off and leave! You can not defeat the Faction! We are the superior ones and we will take our rightful place on this planet." Suolaej declared glowing in a dark shade of gray.
"You are NOT superior over our people. You are only deluding yourselves with this hunger of power that seems to eat at you. The people will not follow you!" Nadroj bellowed as his voice echoed through their minds.
"You and this boy are the only things standing in our way! We know now how to attain the gifts that you hold inside. It will only be a matter of days when this world will be ours." Yven said feeling smug.

Ike and Zac fearfully looked up at Nadroj feeling totally helpless. Ike desperately wanted to grab Taylor from them seeing his brother gaze toward him weakly with tears dripping down the sides of his face. They turned seeing a cloud of dust coming from behind knowing it was the others trying to catch up.
"Who are these human boys?" Retah asked staring at Ike and Zac. Zac swallowed hard taking a step backwards noticing Ike did the same.
"They are the other two. They form the three minds my Retah." Suolaej answered watching her suddenly glow in a light shade of gold. He wondered what she was thinking.
"Maybe we should take them with us also. Something tells me they are apart of this!" Retah said as Nadroj looked at her with rage.
"You will not touch them!" Nadroj exclaimed with fear filling his heart.
"Let my brother go! He hasn't done anything!" Zac begged finally finding his courage to speak to these dark beings.
"Yes! They shall come with us too!" Suolaej laughed as Nadroj looked at them feeling stunned.
"We will not go with you!" Ike screamed as Zac and him stepped further backwards wishing that the others would catch up soon.
"If you move Nadroj or try to stop us he will die!" Suolaej declared shaking Taylor in his arms who let out a scream of agony and passed out. Nadroj's eyes filled with tears feeling totally helpless against them knowing they would carry out their threat.
Retah bolted forward suddenly and grabbed Zac's sore left arm as he let out a scream of pain. Ike ran at her ready to protect his brother when Yven grabbed him around the waist. Ike kicked out his legs with fear racing through him. Retah lifted Zac into her arms roughly as Zac lashed out with his right fist punching her in the shoulder which didn't seem to faze her at all.
"Let GO of me! Nodrow!?" Zac screamed fearfully as she carried him walking up to where Suolaej stood with his brother. Ike was still trying to fight Yven.
"If you two try to struggle against us your mate will die. Do you UNDERSTAND?!" Yven yelled angrily noticing they both jumped and stopped fighting them with looks of fear covering their faces.

Nadroj stood staring at them with black hate covering his soul. He knew he couldn't do anything to fight them as he helplessly had to stand and watch them take Ike and Zac prisoners also. He bowed his head when they suddenly disappeared that shocked him leaving him wondering where they went. He looked around desperately thinking there had to be a rip somewhere, but he couldn't see it. All that was left behind was Taylor's back pack. He looked up ahead and saw the Noil still laying helpless on the ground. He then looked up at the sky and screamed with an raging anguish he felt in his mind and soul.

Walker and the others stopped as Neque quickly put Walker down on his feet. He covered his ears never hearing such a scream of anger in his life. He saw Nadroj's body was in a deep shade of black as tears dripped down his face.
"What happened? Where is Tay? Oh God! It is true then. The book was telling the truth." Walker moaned in agony with tears forming in his eyes.
"They took them!" Nadroj fumed looking deeply into Walker's eyes that widened as he spun around searching the area.
"Them? Ike!? ZAC?!" Walker bellowed fearfully as Neque turned into a deep shade of blue bowing her head sadly. Demi ran up to Nadroj hoping his son would calm down. He feared the anger that raged through him. Nadroj flung his arms around Demi desperately. Mayte and Haelz stood feeling helpless when the Noil suddenly started to make grunting sounds.
"Oh GOD! Not all of them! I can't take this anymore! Why?! Why?" Walker pleaded as he fell to his knees. He started to weep uncontrollably as Mayte bolted over to him and squatted down next to him. Walker looked into her sad eyes as she wrapped her arms lovingly around him. Walker leaned into her welcoming the comfort as she started to rock him gently.
"I will find them! I promise my Walker I will find them!" Nadroj attested as determination filled him. He looked out into the distance as the wind whipped across the barren landscape. He looked down and picked up Taylor's back pack hugging it in his arms.

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