Color Of Blue

Chapter 23 - The Path To Nowhere

Taylor bolted up into a sitting position blinking his eyes as fear raged through him. Saber was hissing and looking out into the night.
"What is it?" Taylor whispered sensing something too was out there. He stood up slowly and searched the darkness. Saber stood up turning around in a circle feeling nervous. Taylor swallowed hard as he reached down for his back pack and slung it over his shoulder.
"We have to get out of here Saber. They are out there. I feel they are very close." Taylor rasped in a low voice. He watched as Saber bent down low so Taylor could climb onto his back. He climbed on knowing the Noil would go in a direction away from the dreaded feeling that overwhelmed them both. They traveled for a few hours in the darkness. Taylor kept looking over his shoulder still feeling scared. He wished he could just stop and rest for the night, but something inside him told him to keep going. He didn't want to disturb his father knowing they were probably sleeping. Saber reached an area near the mountain side and started to walk up a path taking them up higher into the mountains. He trusted Saber and felt safe as he held on when they reached some drop offs on the mountain side. Several times the Noil leaped from one ledge to another in his attempt to escape the dreaded evil ones who he sensed were still behind them.

"I think the young one knows we are close." Retah pointed out as they slowly followed the young human a few miles back. They could see now where he was but in the darkness they didn't want to try to capture him knowing the magnetic waves in this barren part of their world was even worse at night.
"I wish the sun would come up so we could just capture the young human!" Yven whined hating the darkness that surrounded them.
"Just be patient my Yven. He won't escape us this time. Let him feel somewhat safe for now." Suolaej said taking his steps carefully as they too started to climb the mountain side.
"He is with a Noil. I wonder if he was with him when we found him sleeping on the desert floor yesterday?" Retah questioned feeling awed that the young creature actually made friends with the beast. It amazed them all seeing him riding the Noil sitting on its back.
"Even though the human is inferior to us, I have to say he does amaze me." Suolaej chuckled as he took a giant leap to reach another ledge.

Taylor and Saber finally reached the top of the mountain as the sun was just peaking out over the horizon. He looked down and swallowed fearfully when he saw the Faction was climbing the cliff just about a mile down below.
"Oh God! What do I do? Why can't I shake them this time?" Taylor moaned darting his eyes back and forth fearfully. He noticed Saber was starting to make loud grunting sounds.
"Man this path seems to lead to no where." He thought when Saber started to run at full speed shocking Taylor. He grabbed onto the Noil tighter, not wanting to fall or lose his grip. The Noil bounded to the other side as quickly as he could. They finally reached the other side as Taylor gluped looking down over the mountain side. Saber immediately started to descend the cliff and this time went faster then when they were climbing the mountain on the other side.
"Please Saber take it easy." Taylor fearfully warned as the Noil jumped and then ran again down the path. He sucked in a breath and closed his eyes not wanting to look, putting his trust totally toward Saber to get him down safely. Suddenly he felt Saber leap as he opened his eyes and fearfully saw himself and Noil falling toward the ground about fifty feet below them.
"Oh NO!" Taylor screamed sucking in a sharp breath of fear when Saber landed on the ground gracefully as if the height of the jump meant nothing to him. He bowed his head still feeling his heart race with fear.
"Man that was...that was incredible!" Taylor laughed as Saber then bounded at full speed away from the mountain. He turned his head while the wind whipped at his hair and he couldn't see no sign of the Faction behind him. Taylor turned to face forward noticing a forest up ahead of them. He smiled thinking at least on this side he would have some cover hiding amongst the trees in the dense looking woods.
"Dad?! Can you hear me?" Taylor asked hoping that his father might be awake.
"Tay? Where are you?" Walker answered as Taylor sensed the presence of Nadroj with him again.
"I had to travel because the Faction was behind me again. I think I lost them." Taylor explained sensing the concern in his father's voice.
"Why didn't you wake me?" Walker asked sternly.
"Well I..I thought..."
"Tay never mind. Just keep heading through the woods. Nadroj said you are heading in the right direction." Walker exclaimed fearfully.
"Why do you sound so ...so worried?" Taylor asked swallowing hard as Saber started to bolt forward again.
"They are still behind you. You must get as deep as you can into the forest Tay! Okay?" Walker declared as Taylor felt a shiver crawl up his back.
"I'm scared." Taylor whispered under his breath thinking maybe this was the time he would be captured like it foretold in the book.
"Just keep going Tay. You are doing great son. We are packing up camp now and will be heading in your direction. Que says if you keep coming at the rate you are traveling now we could reach you today." Walker said trying to assure him.
"I..I will!?" Taylor exclaimed as excitement filled him wanting desperately to see his father and brothers again.

"He is up ahead! Come on Retah! You are slowing us down." Suolaej angrily yelled wondering why she was hesitating.
"I'm coming. I am just trying to see if I can locate them again, but I don't see them anymore." Retah yelled back as she bolted forward coming up behind Yven.
"Why is he going in this direction anyway? It is as if he is being led." Yven said hating to think that their assumptions were right.
"He is out there! Nadroj...that beast is somehow helping him. But I can't see where they are. We have to reach the young one before he does. I will not lose him this time! Now I know for sure this creature is the answer to all our hopes." Suolaej bellowed as he ran faster through the woods tracking the Noil's prints he left in the soil.

Saber ran as fast as he could knowing and sensing the evil ones behind them. Taylor held on starting to feel dizzy as his heart felt like it was going to pound out of his chest. Suddenly he saw a river just up ahead as the Noil bounded toward it.
"Follow the river Tay! There will be flatter ground and Saber can run even faster." Walker informed him as Taylor signaled the Noil of where to go. Saber started to run at full speed as the dirt flew from under his feet. Taylor bent low near the Noil's head feeling the strong force of the wind whip past him.

Nadroj felt frustrated not being able to speak to his Taylor, but he feared then the Faction would locate him if he tried. He looked down at Walker as everyone was walking as fast as they could over the dry barren land before them.
"How far is Taylor now?" Zac asked coming up behind his father.
"We still have a distance to go my young one. Taylor is still ahead of them. He is gaining ground right now. He is so lucky to have Saber to ride upon." Haelz explained still staying close to Zac as her maternal instincts still worried about him. Zac nodded and noticed his father had a look of concern covering his face.
"Why won't Nodrow let us in to see what is going on?" Ike asked feeling a little annoyed that they were being left out.
"Nadroj and Walker have to concentrate and to many links will confuse the situation right now my Ike. I too would like to see but we can only follow at this moment." Neque said lovingly walking next to Ike with Lucky still on his shoulder hooting fearfully as he too sensed the fear and anticipation surging through everyone around him. Ike looked up and tried to calm the Nettik down.
"I can't stand the thought of them capturing my brother. Why?" Zac fumed when suddenly Walker and Nadroj started to run.
"Dad?! What's wrong?" Ike yelled as everyone started to bolt forward after them.
"He is only a mile away! Come on!" Walker screamed running as fast as he could next to Nadroj.

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