Color Of Blue

Chapter 22 - Secrets Revealed

Taylor started to shake slightly staring down at the book of Serpow. He felt like he was not worthy to open this treasured book of his friends. He looked up and ran his hand gently over the smooth surface again.
"Open it my young one!" He heard Neque's voice say with excitement.
He nodded and gingerly opened it to the first page. He saw strange writing on the golden page. Each page seemed to be made of gold and very delicate.
"Turn the pages gently my Taylor." Nadroj stated with awe filling him.
"I don't understand the writing." Taylor said as he turned a page. Saber turned his head becoming curious to what he was looking at so intently.
"Keep turning the pages until I say stop, my young one." Neque instructed. Taylor did as he was told noticing on some of the pages there were pictures etched beautifully in the gold. He kept turning to each page when suddenly he stopped sucking in a sharp breath of air.
"Stop!" Neque exclaimed.
"There... there is a drawing of us! Why are we in here?" Taylor asked staring at the image of him and his brothers.
"That was the time when it was foretold about the healing of the balance of the tides, my young one. Now turn a few more pages." Neque crooned in a voice of awe.
"I..I don't like this. I don't want to..." Taylor moaned suddenly feeling afraid of what he might see.
"It's okay my Taylor." Demi cut in sensing Taylor's fear.
"I'm afraid. I don't know why." Taylor whispered with tears welling in his eyes. He shakingly turned a couple more pages and jumped. There he saw a drawing of Nadroj and him. The eyes of both of them stood out showing the intense blue of their eyes in the sketch. Taylor swallowed hard staring at it.
"It's us." Nadroj murmured in a soft tone.
"No! I don't..don't want to see this!" Taylor cried out turning his head and blinking back his tears.
"Please. my young one, look at the book. I have to see through your eyes." Neque demanded sternly trying to calm the young one's fears. Taylor turned his head looking at the image again as he breathed deeply trying to take control of his emotions. She read the words inscribed on the page.
"What... what does it say?" Ike asked wanting to know, feeling a little scared himself.
"It speaks of the power between them." Neque said with wonder. "Now turn to the next page my Taylor."
"Please I don't want to know the future." Taylor begged as his heart started to race with intense fear.
"It's okay my young one." Neque crooned softly as he fearfully turned to the next page. He let out a low fearful moan.
"No! NO!" Taylor screamed in anguish seeing a picture of the Faction staring back at him. He was with them floating in the tides.
"Tay?!" Walker shouted with concern wondering why his son was in so much fear.
"It is foretold." Neque said sadly as her mates bowed their heads. Taylor started to shake with tears dripping down his face.
"The E..Enosa." Taylor rasped with terror staring at the image. He suddenly felt dizzy and sick to his stomach.
"There is no more written for now. It ends there." Neque sadly stated looking toward Nadroj, who now was weeping softly also.
"What?! What does it mean Que?" Ike questioned with his heart pounding in his chest. Zac leaned against Haelz feeling a overwhelming sense of dread cover him.
"They will capture him again my Ike. It doesn't say when this will happen though. The pages stop there." Neque answered looking into his worried eyes deeply.
"Does it have to happen? I can't! Oh GOD please!" Taylor shouted in anguish as he sobbed uncontrollably looking up at the sky, balling his hands into fists. Saber grunted and moved toward him filled with concern. Taylor reached out and hugged the Noil desperately, burying his head against him.
"Why does the book stop there?!" Walker declared angrily not wanting to believe what the book was revealing to them.
"The book writes itself, because of the mystical energy that it contains within its pages. In a few hours it will have more. It is a very special book. I'm sorry my friends. If I would have known I wouldn't have..."
"I won't let this happen to my brother!" Zac bellowed, standing up feeling intense anger fill him.
"We can not change the book my young one. But this doesn't mean that the out come will be bad." Neque pointed out trying to calm them down.
"I just want to go home!" Taylor moaned bowing his head and angrily slammed the book shut. He wished he would not have found it. He sucked in a shaking breath of air and looked up at the sky biting his bottom lip wishing this was all just a bad dream.
"My friends... there is a purpose to everything. We must stay calm." Neque pleaded wishing she could comfort them in some way.
"I don't understand." Taylor whispered sadly rubbing the side of his face fearfully.
"The image did not show that you were totally in the Enosa my Taylor. It only showed them preparing you for it. We don't know what will happen." Neque pointed out.
"That... that is true. Maybe you will save me before they... they do it!" Taylor exclaimed blinking back his tears and sucked in a deep breath shutting his eyes tightly, hoping that is what the future held in store for him.
"Que? How long will it take for the book to reveal what is going to happen?" Ike asked petting the Nettik lovingly on his lap.
"I don't know my Ike. It does it in its own time. Do you realize how important you all are to our future? You are special beings to be written into the book of Serpow." Neque claimed with awe and ran her hand gently down the side of Ike's face turning into a soft shade of gold.
"Personally I don't want to feel or be special." Taylor exclaimed looking down at his hands as the sun was setting in the distance.
"Did it say when Tay will be captured again?" Zac asked licking at his lips nervously as Haelz placed her hand on his shoulder gently.
"No it doesn't say when that will happen. But Taylor must still come to us. He has to keep walking toward us."
"I'm so scared. I can't stand the thought to be with them again!" Taylor angrily exclaimed leaning up against Saber who started to hum softly.
"Can we change the future? I mean does it have to be this way even though it states it in that book?" Walker asked feeling helpless.
"The book foretells the truth my Walker. What is written is fact." Nadroj answered wondering what the purpose of Taylor and him really was.
"The word of the book is important. There is a reason why the book is writing this moment in our history. Nadroj and Taylor's bond is very special to our kind. They hold the answer to this planet's survival. It did speak of the birth of Nadroj. It revealed the power between them. It is unlike any power we have ever seen before. This future will come to pass my friends. Somehow Ike and Zac will be included also." Neque explained as Ike and Zac's eyes opened wider with wonder.
"We are apart of this too?" Zac mumbled in awe.
"I just want to understand why." Taylor said feeling a little more calm as he sat up straight with interest.
"It doesn't reveal the 'why' my Taylor yet." Demi said wishing he knew the answer also.
"If the future says that I have to go through this... Enosa... thing with them, I guess it will be for a reason. But I'm still afraid. Just don't leave me Nodrow. Stay with me when this happens." Taylor pleaded with fear and dread in his heart.
"I won't my Taylor. We are as one. I feel everything you feel." Nadroj promised wishing he could hold him tightly in his arms.
"Then I feel better. I just can't stand the thought of being alone." Taylor tearfully stated twisting his ring again around his finger.
"Don't give up my Taylor. Even though it showed that you will be captured again by the Faction you must still fight to be free and come toward us." Nadroj explained hoping the young one understood.
"I...I won't give up." Taylor assured them. He rested back against Saber again and looked up at the bright stars above him. He felt exhausted and just wanted to go to sleep.
They all became silent and decided to go to bed for the night. Taylor turned and looked at the book as his eyes became heavy. He drifted off as Saber curled his body around the sleeping young man, having a sense of wanting to protect him. He sensed that the evil ones were close as he growled softly.

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