Color Of Blue

Chapter 20 - The Gold

Suolaej rested against the cliff wondering where his mates went after his nap that he decided to take a few hours ago. He angrily sat there running his hand through the sand. He heard them coming down the side of the cliff as he stood up in a shade of light gray.
"Where did you go?" Suolaej asked feeling annoyed. He noticed they both were in bright shades of gold.
"We just took a walk." Retah shyly admitted casting her eyes down.
"You have MATED!" Suolaej fumed feeling intense anger climb inside of him.
"And why does that concern you?" Yven asked feeling smug knowing Suolaej was intensely jealous.
"It doesn't! But we have to find that young one and you two are fooling around out there!" Suolaej yelled not wanting to admit how he felt inside.
"We have a right to do this Suolaej. We have been bonded together years ago by the great one." Retah defended liking the idea that he was feeling jealousy over them.
"Well... I..I just think it is a stupid time to suddenly want to...."
"Suolaej we had to wait out the storm and I love her and want to be with her." Yven exclaimed seeing Suolaej turn black in shade. He hated that she chose him first. He always thought since their marriage between the three of them that he would be the one to mate with Retah first. He rubbed his cheek trying to get over his anger toward them. He knew they had the right.
"Well let's get started and find that young one." Suolaej stated desperately wanting to change the subject.
"First I want to know why we couldn't feel his mind." Retah questioned looking from one to the other.
"That's easy to answer you fool! He is hiding behind that block in his mind!" Suolaej bellowed not believing her stupidity. She turned a shade of black.
"Don't you dare address me like that or in that tone of voice!" Retah shouted angrily looking at him straight in the eyes.
"Then don't ask such stupid questions. I have this strange feeling that someone is helping that human. He seems to be following a path. And someone is leading him." Suolaej informed both his mates.
"I have thought of that myself. The human doesn't know this terrain and he seems to be escaping our every move toward him. And I think it is the beast. He is out there somewhere." Yven added in as Suolaej started forward into the desert. Retah felt hurt by his rude remarks as she followed wanting only to be close to Yven. They picked up speed again starting to search the desert for any sign of the young human.

Taylor was feeling extremely tired and felt a little dizzy. His stomach was starting to feel upset. The heat was stifling as he opened his shirt in the front trying to get cool.
"Taylor? Don't do that. Close your shirt." Walker warned feeling concerned.
"But it is so hot. I can't stand it!" Taylor moaned feeling sticky and way to hot. Saber came up to the side of him and gingerly pushed him on the back.
"Don't!" Taylor yelled feeling annoyed. He took out the water bottle again and took a another long drink.
"Taylor look to your right." Neque instructed feeling scared for the young one. She knew the heat was getting to him.
"Where?" Taylor mumbled with tears welling in his eyes.
"There is a crop of large boulders there. Go over there and rest my Taylor." Neque said watching him nod his head and cracked a small smile. He quickly walked toward them as the Noil still followed close behind. Taylor sat down resting in the shade and leaned his head against the rock feeling very sleepy.
"Taylor don't fall asleep. You have to stay awake!" Walker demanded watching Taylor's face turn into a frown.
"I'm so tired. I can't take much more of this." Taylor cried out grabbing a hand full of sand and threw it angrily into the air.
"Tay. Please calm down. You're going to be just fine." Walker said in a soothing voice.
"Don't tell me to calm down! I hate this! They had no right to kidnap me! I want to go home! I want....." Taylor screamed as he broke down into sobs covering his hands over his face. Saber layed down a few feet in front of him and cocked his head watching the creature curiously.
"Tay we feel the same way. We are going to get you out of here. With every step we are getting closer to you and you to us." Walker assured him, wishing he could hold him in his arms, seeing his son crying in anguish.
"I know. I'm sorry Dad. I didn't mean it. I just want to go home. I want to stop feeling afraid. They are out there probably looking for me again. I'm scared. I'm scared DAD!" Taylor cried in pain, looking out into the distance. He wondered if he was going to make it. The mountains looked very far away.
"Tay? We're here. They won't catch you. You are stronger then you think. Look you came this far Tay. You have to make it!" Zac boldly yelled trying to give his brother encouragement. Taylor nodded with tears still streaming down his face as he twisted his ring around his finger nervously.
"I...I love you!" Taylor shouted and smiled sniffing back his tears.
"Hey! I love you too!" Zac bellowed back smiling.
"And look Tay. You're not alone. Saber loves you and will protect." Ike added as Taylor smiled again watching the Noil staring at him.
"I wish you guys were with me. I miss you so much." Taylor said blinking back the tears. He stood up with his legs shaking a little and walked up to the Noil. He reached out and petted Saber between the ears. The Noil happily started to hum.
"Well let's go Saber. We have a long way to go." Taylor told the beast as he stood up and turned walking next to Taylor again.
"If you want to rest more you can Taylor." Walker said as Taylor shook his head.
"No. I'm alright now. I can walk some more." Taylor answered finding new strength feeling determined to move on.

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