Color Of Blue

Chapter 19 - Pain And Fear - Continued

Walker ran over to his sons as they came into the camp noticing Ike was sniffing back tears as he carried the small Nettik lovingly in his arms.
"What happened?" Walker asked looking from Zac to Ike.
"Lucky saved us Dad. But he is hurt! I think really bad." Zac sadly answered bowing his head. Ike walked to the center of the camp and gently put down Lucky onto his blanket. He looked up at Neque with a look of anguish covering his face.
"Please Que help him. Don't let him die." Ike whimpered with his bottom lip quivering. She ran her fingers down his face lovingly turning into a shade of light blue feeling concerned.
"We will try my Ike." Neque said as she softly petted the Nettik who hooted weakly. She could see the deep gash on its side. Blood was dripping down his stomach slowly. Ike sucked in a shaky breath still petting Lucky on the head. Everyone gathered around as Nadroj and Neque looked at one another.
"We have to understand his structure first." Nadroj stated placing his hand just above the tiny creature and scanned the damage within. He frowned seeing the wound went very deep.
"Give me the image my Nadroj." Neque instructed as he cast the image into her mind. She nodded and then grabbed Ike's hand and placed it directly on the open cut. She placed her hand on top of his.
"Together we shall do this my Ike." Neque cooed as Ike blinked tearfully and swallowed hard.
"Okay. Just tell me what to do. Don't worry Lucky. We are going to make you all better." Ike said in a soothing tone when the Nettik shifted his body.
"Reach for your healing light now Ike." Neque said as Ike did as she told him. He met hers as they both entered the tiny Nettik's body together. Ike jumped feeling the pain and cast his light over the area. Neque went in deep and healing the tiny organs that were ripped apart. The Nettik hooted softly looking up with trusting eyes at Ike. Zac reached out and petted it gently between the ears noticing it started to purr.

"Dad?" Taylor's voice made Walker jump.
"What Tay?"
"What's going on? The wind storm is dying down out there." Taylor said when he suddenly stopped.
"That's good Tay." Walker answered watching Ike with wonder.
"The Nettik was wounded by a Emot Taylor." Walker mumbled seeing a golden light surround the tiny creature.
"Oh no. Will he be alright?" Taylor asked sadly.
"They are healing him. Ike and Que are doing it."

Ike could feel Lucky growing stronger and seeing that Neque was almost finished with her healing. He pulled back when Neque's light came forward out of the body. The area was totally closed and healed. Ike smiled as he petted the belly gently.
"We did it." Ike whispered looking up at Neque who turned into a golden shade.
"He will be weak for awhile, but he is healed. He will be alright my Ike." Neque lovingly crooned caressing the side of Ike's cheek.
Lucky hooted and then tried to stand up.
"No. Just rest Lucky." Ike said picking him up into his arms and rocked back and forth as he kissed it gently on the forehead.
"Thanks Que. Thanks for saving him." Ike smiled wiping the tears away from his eyes.
"I would do anything for you my Ike. This creature means so much to you." Neque stated as Ike blinked and smiled again.

"Is Lucky okay?" Taylor asked filled with concern in his voice.
"Yes Tay. He will be just fine." Walker answered still feeling in awe of his son Ike. It was the first time he saw him use this power.
"Taylor is talking with me Nadroj." Walker exclaimed as everyone looked up at him.
"Let's get into the circle again." Nadroj insisted as everyone sat down. Ike gently placed the Nettik onto his lap.

Taylor ran his fingers through his sand filled hair. He was glad the Nettik was alright. He stood up and went outside as the Noil followed him. He swallowed hard feeling the hot sun beating down on him.
"My Taylor I want you to start walking toward the crop of mountains you see up ahead of you." Nadroj told him as Taylor nodded.
"They are so far away."
"You won't reach them today, but there are places to camp out over night. First drink some of your water before you begin. I want your body to be hydrated as much as possible." Nadroj exclaimed as Taylor nodded his head. He took the back pack off his shoulder and took out a bottle of water. He untwisted the cap and began to drink slowly. He squinted again up at the sky.
"Stay with me." Taylor pleaded not liking the looks of the hot sand before him.
"We are all with you. Just walk slow and at a even pace." Neque cut in.
"Okay. Where is the Faction?" Taylor asked feeling dread as he thought about them.
"They turned back during the wind storm. They are not close to you." Nadroj assured him as Taylor began to walk across the hot sand. Saber followed walking next to him. Taylor suddenly drew in a rasping breath.
"What the?" Taylor exclaimed looking at the Noil curiously.
"What's wrong Tay?" Walker asked feeling concerned.
"Saber... he..he is suddenly larger?" Taylor stepped back looking at the Noil with awe covering his face. Saber grunted and started to hum blinking at him lovingly.
"It is normal Taylor. They grow at a very rapid rate. They need to do this to survive." Mayte answered feeling amused by Taylor's shocked expression written on his face.
"He is as big as a horse now!" Taylor chuckled shaking his head thinking how he was never going to get use to this world and all the oddities that came with it.
They walked for several hours. Taylor was hot with sweat pouring down his face. He wiped it off with the sleeve of his shirt. He drank some more water wishing soon there would be a place to rest out of the blazing hot sun. He licked at his dry cracked lips and swallowed hard. He shuffled along with Saber at his side.

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