Color Of Blue

Chapter 20 - The Gold - Continued

They walked for several hours more and Taylor noticed the sun was dipping down in the horizon. The air didn't feel so hot anymore but he was exhausted and saw a group of trees in the distance.
"Trees! I see some trees." Taylor announced walking quickly toward them.
"Rest there for the night my Taylor. You will be safe." Nadroj said lovingly as Taylor suddenly tripped over something sticking up in the sand. He fell hitting the ground hard face forward.
"Owww!" Taylor groaned and rolled onto his back to see what tripped him.
"Are you okay Tay?" Zac asked feeling a little worried.
Taylor sat up and saw a tiny pyramid like shape sticking out of the sand. It was shining in the dim light. Taylor looked at it with awe as the Noil gingerly sniffed at it and then pulled back cocking his head. Taylor crawled up toward it.
"It's some kind of gold pyramid and very little." Taylor murmured as he reached out and touched it.
"What do you see young one?" Demi asked curiously.
"Wait." Taylor said brushing his hand next to it and noticed there was a flat smooth surface that seemed to be attached to it.
"Taylor? Uncover the whole thing!" Neque suddenly shouted excitedly making everyone including Taylor jump. Taylor rubbed his hands until the surface was uncovered. It was the size of a large book. He started to dig around it thinking it was beautiful. It had symbols and markings on the surface. He reached down and with all his strength pulled it out of the ground. He flew backwards and then sat up placing it in his lap.
"Awesome! It's a book. What is it?" Taylor asked feeling astounded by the bright gold. Saber walked up and sniffed at it again. Taylor gently pushed Saber's head away. Taylor ran his hand over the surface liking the feel of the smooth surface.
"My wiseone! It's the book of Serpow!" Demi bellowed feeling amazed.
"The book of what?" Taylor asked still admiring its beauty.
"It holds the secrets of our people. It was lost centuries ago. It contains all the ancient prophecies of our world. My Taylor you are amazing." Neque crooned in wonder looking at Ike, Zac, and Walker who sat with shocked expressions covering their faces.
"Que I just tripped over it. It has a..a diamond shaped dent near the pyramid thing and the dent has an odd glow to it, like some kind of energy is deep inside the book, but something is holding it back." Taylor said running his finger over the dent lightly.
"The only way to open it is with a key. And I have that key safely stored in my home. The energy you see is what writes the book, my Taylor." Neque stated in a bright glowing shade of gold. Excitement ran through her as Demi, Haelz, and Mayte felt the same way.
"You must bring it with you. Don't lose it." Neque sternly declared wishing she held it in her hands.
"I'll put it in my nap sack. It is heavy though." Taylor said standing up and carried it toward the trees. He sat down near a large boulder and placed the book next to him, still staring at it. The Noil sat down next to Taylor facing him and started to grunt loudly.
"He must be hungry Tay." Walker said smiling.
"Yeah I think he is." Taylor answered and reached in his sack pulling out the container and opened it bringing a bunch of the mold out into his hand. Saber lapped it up greedily and grunted wanting more.
"I wonder if I have enough for him." Taylor said bringing out the second container and reached in the fungus feeding more of it to Saber who lapped it up happily.
"When he grows larger he won't need it anymore." Nadroj informed him and smiled.
"What does the book say?" Taylor asked as the Noil rested his head on his front paws.
"It will tell us the future and past. It is very valuable my Taylor. We can't let the Faction get a hold of it." Neque warned watching Taylor dart his eyes back and forth.
"It will be safe with me. I'm so hungry myself." Taylor added in but wondered if Ike's Nettik was up to it.
"I'm sorry my Taylor, but Lucky is to weak right now to bring you anything." Nadroj exclaimed sadly.
"I understand. How is he?" Taylor asked as he yawned feeling exhusted.
"He is sleeping. Poor little guy." Ike crooned softly, petting him on the head as he slept contently in Ike's lap.
"I think I will get some sleep to. I'm so tired." Taylor yawned as Saber moved up near Taylor and let him lay his head down on him again. Taylor shut his eyes falling asleep quickly as his friends and family watched.

"Poor Tay. He looks really ragged." Walker stated watching Taylor sleep against the Noil.
"We should get some rest also my friends. But first let's look at Zac's arm." Neque said as Zac jumped slightly.
"It feels pretty good." Zac informed them as Walker squatted down in front of him.
"Pull up your sleeve and let's take a look." Walker demanded. He watched his son pull up the sleeve and reach out his arm. The coloring looked almost normal again.
"It does look good." Haelz asserted looking into Zac's bright eyes.
"See. I heal fast!" Zac exclaimed smiling up at his father.
"Well we'll still rub more of the medicine on it to make sure it is completely healed my Zac." Mayte crooned softly grabbing the container and then rubbed the paste onto his arm gently. Zac smiled at her as he laid down next to his father with Haelz laying down on the other side. They all fell quickly asleep feeling exhusted from this day's activities.

Taylor jerked awake hearing a hissing sound and fearfully sprung up. He noticed the sound passed him. He sucked in a deep breath bolting for his stuff, waking up Saber who grunted wondering why Taylor looked afraid. He perked up his head sniffing the air and made a low hissing sound.
"You sense them too? Let's get out of here." Taylor fearfully said grabbing up his stuff including the book and placed it also in the nap sack. He didn't like the feel of the weight but knew how important it was. He ran deeper into the trees trying to keep out of sight.
"Dad!?" Taylor shouted in his mind hoping he would answer.
"Taylor? The Fac..."
"Yes... they are close. Where do I go? Which way?" Taylor asked desperately with his heart starting to pound in fear.
"Go toward the mountains. Hurry!" Walker told him as Taylor swallowed hard hoping he wouldn't see them coming for him again. He ran out of the woods not liking that he was out in the open.
"If they come here... they will spot me." Taylor groaned looking fearfully behind him as he quickly walked forward with Saber following behind him staying close.
"They aren't in the area now. Just keep walking. That is what Nadroj wants." Walker advised sounding just as nervous as he was.
"Okay." Taylor mumbled under his breath and kept walking, when suddenly Saber knocked him down face first and then sat on top of him covering his body completely. Taylor couldn't move and felt desperate wondering why Saber was trying to hurt him. He squirmmed trying to catch his breath and positioned his head between Saber's legs finally finding air to breath. He heard a hissing sound and cringed. He noticed Saber put his head down covering his head up gently. He knew why now. The Faction was out there and he was protecting him. Taylor squeezed his eyes shut as he started to shake knowing they were looking at Saber curiously.

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