Color Of Blue

Chapter 2 - The Need

Neque fearfully looked out the window of her spiral home, seeing that the sky was growing more intense green as the minutes ticked by. The evil mist was once again upon them. She looked back toward the center of the room, watching Nadroj grow more angry in a shade of black.
"They are at it again. The Faction is growing stronger my wiseone." Nadroj tearfully moaned resting his head onto his hand.
"My sweet Nadroj can you locate the area where they are now?"
"Yes. I see them. They are as one again." Nadroj whispered glowing in the color of the rainbow.

Neqeu was awed by such power. No one could ever possess the power that this young one held inside. His eyes looked up into hers as they swirled in shades of blue. Tears flowed down his cheeks. It still amazed her that he could cry like their human friends. He seemed to attain the ability from Taylor's genes. He could smile like the young human also. She reached out caressing the side of his face. He was their only hope against the ones of the Faction. She sadly bowed her head remembering how these beings came into existence. During the time of the imbalance of the dimensional tides it affected the births of these three young ones who were born at the same time period that Nadroj was born. They were malformed in thought and mind. Their skin was a sickly gray and their eyes were black in shade. Somehow the magnetic pulls of the broken rips made them evil and more powerful then most of their kind. They wanted complete control of all who lived on their world. Their precious Nadroj was all they had to fight back with. Somehow he had the ultimate power over them. The Faction grew jealous and angry that one was greater then them. As the years passed by they wanted to find out why he seemed to attain these powers. They knew the legend of the three young ones who saved the balance of time. Neque feared for them. The Faction's interest grew with the one called Taylor, knowing somehow Nadroj was different because of him. But they couldn't break through the mind block that Nadroj released over his people, to protect their friends from these evil ones.

"The sky grows blue in shade my wiseone. I have stopped them again. Their strength was weakened once more." Nadroj crooned softly fading into a shade of white as his body relaxed.
"Emitforecnalab heard Taylor call out to him last night my Nadroj. He wanted to go to him, but I had to stop him. Emitforecnalab is growing desperate. The headaches are causing all of us to grow very sick, each time Retah, Suolaej and Yven release their psychic powers upon us." Neque informed him as he stood up towering over his beloved wiseone.
"I know. For some reason our Taylor, Ike, and Zac are filled with fear. Their need is strong. I want to speak with my Taylor, but the Faction has been watching me to close for the past few weeks. I can't risk that they might find out where my Taylor lives. I know they are looking for him. I can't let them find out the secret of why I am the way I turned out." Nadroj exclaimed blinking back his tears.
"The human factor created by the Enosa brought forth your special abilities my young one." Neque said looking lovingly up into his eyes as he smiled and nodded.
"Through the healing his genes intermixed with Mayte and Emitforecnalab's. Taylor gave me this gift. He doesn't even know what he has created in me." Nadroj cooed feeling a intense love toward the three young human friends.
"I know my Nadroj and the Faction must never find out!" Neque proclaimed turning into a shade of blue.
"There is something that I felt when I stopped the psychic mist. It is as if they created this to deter me away from something. I couldn't pin point what it was though. When their minds work as one even I have a hard time breaking through their thoughts. Their powers, like mine, grow stronger everyday." Nadroj sadly said looking into the distance.
"You don't think it has anything to do with our young one?"
"I don't know my wiseone. I am fearful though. Taylor was calling out to us and I couldn't feel or see what was causing his fear. It is as though he has no memory of it." Nadroj groaned rubbing his hand along his forehead wondering if maybe his Taylor was in danger. Neque walked over to the window gazing at the beautiful deep blue sky. She knew very soon they had to reach out to Taylor. Her dreams once again were coming into reality. Taylor was the center of that dream. Like before the paths of time were coming to a head, but this time her dreams weren't as clear and focused like the one where the balance of the magnetic tides were healed by Ike, Taylor and Zac. She shook slightly with fear overwhelming her.


"Did you receive the location this time?" Suolaej asked looking angrily at Yven.
"Yes. The one of the blue eyes lives on a different world unlike ours." Yven answered feeling smug that he cracked through Nadroj's memories. Only for a moment he saw the image of the one called Taylor. Now he knew how to travel through the rips to get to the exact point in time. He was tired of entering the dreams of this creature. Several weeks ago he discovered the link through the hated Emitforecnalab. During one of their attacks he finally broke through, quickly picking up the information without being detected.
"When shall we bring this being here?" Retah impatiently moaned blinking her black eyes up at Suolaej who shoved her aside as he walked over to the console and flipped a switch. The room of the bubble burst open before them.
"Don't ever push me away! I will not tolerate such treatment!" She screamed while she ran her hand across the light to activate the magnetic field around the bubble.
"Quiet Retah! I am checking the power levels of the room, besides you are always in my way." Suolaej demanded as she threw him a cold hearted stare. She loved and hated him at the same time. Her attraction grew toward him lately. She wanted to mate with him, but he seemed to not find interest with her.
"Will it hold this creature? He may be very powerful." Yven asked walking up near the magnetic bubble and lightly placed his hand on it feeling its power tingle against his fingertips.
"Remember how the legend goes. He is only powerful with his mates. They are three minds as one. Without them he can't fight us. We will then find out through him why he is apart of Nadroj." Suolaej replied feeling like all the preparations for the young one was now ready. He passed his hand over the switch watching the bubble close down.
"When shall we bring him here?" Retah asked, wanting to capture this creature called Taylor soon. Then they could find the secret of Nadroj's abilities and the world would be theirs. Every being would bow to their wants and needs like it should be. They were the superior new race. She couldn't understand why their people could not understand this fact. They hated the idea that they looked up to the malformed one named Nadroj. He was not pure like them. This Taylor was of a different type of being that somehow polluted the genes of this beast. She shuddered at the thought of how powerful he was.
"I want to go as soon as possible. Nadroj, the beast, may find out and then all our plans will be lost. We need this creature and I don't want anyone stopping us in our goal. So lets go my mates. We are now going to get our link to freedom!" Suolaej shouted joyessly, when the bubble into the tides opened and they quickly passed through racing toward this world called Earth.

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