Color Of Blue

Chapter 1 - Nightmares

The blackness covered him as he moved through the unknown darkness. Something sinister was reaching out to him. He backed away, licking at his lips, trying to see what was after him. Shivers crept up his spine when he felt a presence invading his mind. He took a step forward, wanting desperately to escape, but didn't know which way to go. He knew he had to run. The presence was growing stronger, taking over all his thoughts and actions. The control he felt overwhelmed him.
"No! Please whoever you are go away!" He screamed lashing out his arms trying to block the force that was trying to take over his body and mind.

Taylor bolted up into a sitting position staring into the worried eyes of his brother, Ike. The sweat poured down his face as he gasped for a breath of air.
"Tay? Are you okay?" Ike asked watching Taylor rub the side of his face looking totally confused. "Ahhh... yeah. I... I'm fine."
"Are you having the nightmares again?"
Taylor turned, pulling the covers up to his chin while his body shivered from the sweat that covered him, making him feel cold.
"I think so. I can't remember it Ike." Taylor murmured biting his bottom lip.
"Nothing? You told someone to go away this time." Ike stated placing his hand on Taylor's shoulder.
"I did?" Taylor questioned looking scared. These nightmares were driving him crazy. For the past two months he kept waking up in cold sweats, but couldn't remember any of the dreams.
"Taylor I am getting worried about you. Zac went to go get Dad."
"Why? I'm okay Ike."
"Tay your nighmares are getting worse. It is like something has taken control over you. I can see it in your face." Ike expained sadly looking into his brother's scared eyes.
"Ike... I..." Taylor began when Zac came into the room followed by their father who was looking like he was still trying to wake up after being awakened from a sound sleep.
"Now what is going on guys? What is so important to wake me up at two in the morning?" Walker asked as he sat down on the edge of Taylor's bed.
"Taylor is having the dreams again." Zac declared looking concerned.
"Dad... I... I'm sorry."
Walker reached out and caressed the side of Taylor's face as he cast his eyes down that filled with tears.
"Can you remember what you dreamt this time?"
"No. But I know it was... it is like something is after me. That is all I can remember, Dad. Why is this happening to me?"
"I don't know son. Do you think it has something to do with the time you were kidnapped by The Project?" Walker asked searching Taylor's eyes.
"It can't be that. It is something different." Taylor asserted as he looked up at the ceiling feeling a shiver run up his spine.
"Like how Tay? What is different?" Ike questioned wanting to help his brother try to figure out why he was having these dreams.
"I can't explain it." Taylor mumbled as he shifted his body and swung his legs out over the side of the bed.
"Well something is disturbing you. Your subconscious mind must be burying something and it is coming out in your dreams." Zac said squatting down in front of him.
"But it can't be that. I'm not creating these dreams. Something else is." Taylor explained, knowing something or someone was doing this to him.
"Huh? Taylor I don't understand." Walker stated sliding up next to him. Taylor looked up into his father's eyes hating the fact that he was scaring everyone over these nightmares lately. He drew in a deep breath closing his eyes feeling exhusted.
"I know it isn't me. I don't know who or what is doing this to me." Taylor nervously gulped, resting his head on his father's shoulder. Walker put his arm around him and hugged him gently trying to comfort his son.
"We have to find out who it is Tay. You can't go on like this." Ike proclaimed noticing Taylor was nodding off again.
"Why don't we link together and enter Taylor's memories? Maybe we can see what the dreams were about." Zac suggested looking toward Ike who nodded his head in agreement.
"Tay? Let's do it. Maybe then we can get to the bottom of this." Ike declared boldly.
"Okay. Sounds like a plan." Taylor smiled sitting up as he yawned. Walker stood up letting Zac sit down next to Taylor as Ike sat down on the other side. He watched his sons as they linked together with their psychic ablities. It still amazed him that his sons had these powers.

Ike, Taylor and Zac reached down into his mind. They entered the area where all Taylor's memories were stored. Images surrounded them. The recording of their new record, the concerts, meeting with the fans, times alone.... Everything came forward except for the dreams. Taylor crinkled his brow trying to let Ike and Zac find the source of the nightmarish dreams.
"It's not there." Ike stated sounding frustrated as he searched further.
"Tay try to clear your mind. Relax a little." Zac instructed.
"I'm trying to." Taylor moaned sadly.
"I don't see it. It's like you have no memory of your recent dreams." Zac exclaimed.
"Maybe it is like I said before. I didn't create them. Something else did and that could be why I have no memory of them." Taylor pointed out fearfully.
"This is weird. I think you should talk with Nod Row about this Tay when he contacts you the next time." Ike said as they all disconnected seeing their father watching them with questioning eyes.
"Well?" Walker inquired looking from one set of eyes to the next.
"Nothing Dad! We can't see it." Ike answered looking down at the floor.
"Dad... I will talk with our friend Nod Row about this the next time he contacts me. Maybe he will understand what is happening to me. It is the only thing I can think of to do." Taylor said feeling suddenly very scared.
"Well let's go back to bed then. In the morning we will try to work this out." Walker began heading for the door. He looked back as Taylor cracked a small smile trying to look brave. He knew his son was scared, but he felt helpless in this situation.
As he walked back to his room he began thinking about the closeness that his sons seemed to have with these beings who were so much apart them. He knew how close Taylor was to this alien that they called Nod Row. For over six months they kept in constant contact. Many times the family caught Taylor in silent conversation with the being. There was something special about their bond that they had with one another. Sometimes he didn't like the link that they seemed to share. He remembered the day the family met these beings that his sons talked about so much, who helped them during their time they were held against their will by The Project. The being with the blue eyes gave him the creeps. His eyes were like looking into his own son's blue eyes. And yet there was something more about this being then what was seen on the surface. He seemed to possess a mysterious power unlike anything he ever felt before. He knew Taylor was somehow apart of it. The other beings seemed to hover and constantly protect this one. Even his own sons seemed not to be aware of what was going on around them. The one they named Demi, seemed to fawn and stay close to Taylor through out the whole visit. It was as if these aliens had some kind of possession over his sons. The oldest one constantly stared at Isaac like she knew something about him that was beyond his reach of understanding. Zac seemed intranced by the one he called Hazel. She remained by his side as if she never wanted to let him go. May also stayed close to Taylor constantly looking at Nod Row and then back at Taylor. She seemed to know that somehow their link to one another was more then just the blue eyes. A shiver ran up his back at the thought. He slowly opened the door and saw Diana still sleeping as he slid into bed beside her, not wanting to wake her. He stared up at the ceiling saying a prayer that nothing more would happen to his sons. He enjoyed the fact that their lives were finally getting back to normal, until these nightmares starting popping up with Taylor. He swallowed hard and closed his eyes drifting back to sleep.

"Ike?" Taylor fearfully looked to his brother as Ike shut off the lights.
"I... I'm afraid to go back to sleep. What if the dreams come back?" Taylor shuttered at the thought. Ike walked back over to Taylor's bed and squatted down next to Zac who didn't move from Taylor's side. He lovingly placed his hand on Taylor's knee.
"We'll stay next to you while you go back to sleep." Ike smiled trying to reasure him.
"I wish Demi was here. I don't understand why this is happening to me. Plus why hasn't Nod Row talked with me lately? It has been over a week now." Taylor mumbled, darting his eyes from side to side fearfully.
"Tay... Nod Row will contact you soon. Maybe the reason he hasn't connected lately is because they are busy or something. Then you can talk with Demi too." Zac confirmed wishing he could do more to comfort Taylor. He hated the fear they were all feeling lately.
"Yeah I know. I wish we could link with them anytime we needed them, like they do with us."
"I guess that is one power we don't seem to have. They sense us when we call out to them or when we are in trouble." Ike chuckled trying to cheer Taylor up.
"Yeah why is that? Didn't they sense that now? I mean I...we need them now." Taylor said wondering why for the last few days they didn't have any contact with their friends.
"Well let's get back to sleep. Don't worry Tay." Ike assured him, as Taylor laid back down with his brothers staying by his side. He closed his eyes but still feared falling back to sleep. He felt Zac touch his hand and he grabbed onto it with Zac squeezing his gently. Ike and Zac sat next to Taylor as he drifted off to sleep again. When they felt it was okay, they went back to bed also.

The blackness enveloped him again. The presence seemed to be waiting for him. Taylor fearfully looked around but only saw the emptiness around him. Sweat started to roll down his forehead.
"What do you want?" Taylor asked trying to reach out for an answer.
The being entered his mind again as Taylor shot awake and fearfully looked over to his brothers who were sleeping soundly. He sat up in the bed, pulling the covers up around his shoulders and leaned against the wall. He knew he had to stay awake. He swallowed hard hating the fact that he couldn't remember again. He was only left with a feeling of dread. Something wanted him and he couldn't understand why he knew this. Tears formed in his eyes as he shivered silently against the wall.
"Please Demi I need you!" He screamed in his mind.

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