Only Time Will Tell

Chapter 2 - The Need - Continued

Taylor picked at his scrambled eggs on his plate, shoving them around slowly. Walker watched him noticing Ike and Zac were looking at him too.
"Tay? Are you going to play with your food all morning or are you going to eat something?" Zac smiled trying to cheer his brother up. Taylor looked up at him and frowned.
"Huh? What?"
"I said..."
"Zac... leave him alone." Ike stated as Taylor leaned back in his chair, putting down his fork and crossed his arms over his chest.
"Why won't Demi talk to me? I don't know why they are not communicating with us." Taylor complained casting his eyes down at the table.
"Just give them time Tay." Walker said watching Diana put some dishes in the sink. The rest of the kids went outside to play.
"Something is wrong. I can feel it too." Ike announced suddenly, shocking Walker, who turned and looked at him with his face filled with concern.
"I know. I tried to reach out to Hazel this morning, but no response." Zac said feeling his stomach turn into knots.
"Did you get back to sleep okay Taylor?" Walker asked as Taylor looked up at him sadly shaking his head.
"No. I had another bad dream. I just stayed up the rest of the night."
"What is going on here? I don't like this. Maybe your bond with these aliens should end. I will not see my sons going through anymore......"
"Dad! You can't say that! They are our friends. If it wasn't for them...we..." Taylor began, but couldn't finish seeing his father cast him angry look.
"I know they saved your lives. But look at you three again. It is like the last time. You're all moody and tense. It scares me. I feel like I can't protect you from danger anymore and I hate that!" Walker bellowed out angrily, pounding his fist against the table making them jump. Diana turned around looking scared.
"Dad... I...I'm sorry. We just feel this overwhelming dread around us. We can't seem to find out why. We can't help it!" Taylor groaned with tears filling his eyes. Ike bowed his head looking at his hands nervously.
"I know. I know Tay. I'm not angry at you son. I just don't want to feel helpless again. I love you all so much." Walker pointed out as Zac grabbed his father's hand and squeezed it lovingly.
"We'll work this out Dad. Maybe it is nothing, but we know something is wrong out there with our friends and we feel helpless too." Zac added in looking shyly up into his father's worried eyes. He reached out and gently grabbed the side of Zac's face and ran his thumb against his face lovingly. "I don't want anything happening to you again. Listen to me. I want none of you holding anything back from me this time. If you see or feel anything strange come to me right away. Okay guys?" Walker sternly instructed them.
"We will Dad. We promise." Ike avowed boldly, smiling up at him.
"Well I guess we shouldn't just sit here thinking about this all day. I want to get my mind off it." Taylor said yawning, feeling totally exhausted.
"Taylor are you alright? You look beat." Ike asked knowing Taylor was very tired from lack of sleep.
"I'm fine. Let's go to the studio and work on that song. I just thought of the perfect words to the next verse." Taylor smiled standing slowly up and stretched his arms over his head trying to shake off the sleepy feeling that was over powering him. If anything, he didn't want to fall asleep. He needed to talk with Nadroj again before he did. He hoped he would hear from him sometime today. "Okay? Great! Let's go then. I would rather work on something so I can relax a little." Ike agreed following Taylor and Zac out the door.
Diana silently watched her sons leave the room. She looked over to Walker who had a look of concern cover his face.
"Walker I'm scared." Diana moaned as a tear slid down her cheek. Walker grabbed her hand pulling her toward him.
"Diana they will be alright. I promise you that. Okay?" Walker declared looking into her eyes deeply. She sadly nodded wanting to believe him.


"See right here. That is where the chorus should begin." Taylor pointed out as Ike crinkled his eyebrows together, with Zac looking over his shoulder.
"Are you sure? I think we should start it after the second verse, not the first." Ike questioned looking from Taylor to Zac.
"I agree with Ike. I think it would sound better." Zac added in when Taylor turned and looked up at him.
"Ahhh... let's see." Taylor yawned and then began humming the tune with his brothers smiling at him.
"See it does flow better that way Taylor." Zac assured him.
"Yeah I guess you're right." Taylor smiled and yawned again, rubbing the side of his face.
"Tay? Stop that!" Zac exclaimed when he started to yawn also.
"You're making us yawn Tay." Ike chuckled as Taylor yawned again and started to laugh.
"Sorry. I can't help it."
"Well just stop doing it or I will fall asleep on you guys and then where will you be?" Zac asked smiling and walked toward his drumset noticing one of his sticks was on the floor.
"Well why don't we lay down a rough track and then go from there." Ike proposed as Taylor nodded his head.
"Guys?!" Walker yelled from up stairs as they all turned to look.
"What Dad?!" Ike yelled back answering his father wondering what he wanted.
"Someone is on the phone for you? It is one of your friends!"
"Ike... it's Pete!"
"Okay! I'll be right there!" Ike answered and quickly got up heading for the stairs. Taylor looked back down at the sheet reading over the words to their song. He noticed that Zac was going up the stairs too.
"Hey? Where are you going Zac?" Taylor asked when Zac turned and smiled.
"I want a Dr. Pepper. Should I bring you back one?"
"Yeah. I'm thristy. Don't take to long and tell Ike not to talk with Pete forever." Taylor replied watching Zac nod and climb the stairs. He looked back to the paper and yawned again. He shook his head trying to fight the groggy feeling that overwhelmed him.
"Ohhhh... wake up!" He yelled at himself as he fought to keep his eyes open, reading over the song again.

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