Color Of Blue

Chapter 19 - Pain And Fear - Continued

"A wind storm is coming up. I don't see any more tracks!" Suolaej fumed as the winds pressed against them.
"I think we should go back to the cliffs!" Yven yelled over the winds. Retah nodded hating the idea that the young one had escaped them again. They turned back giving up the search for the day.

Taylor fought against the wind feeling the sands sting his eyes. He raised his arms as he fell forward tripping over some rocks.
"I can't see!" Taylor cried as the Noil came up to him and licked his face gently.
"My Taylor follow the Noil. He can withstand the winds. Noil's are used to it. They have second eyelids that protect and let them see through the wind and sand." Nadroj explained watching Taylor stand up and squint.
"Saber!?" Taylor cried trying to locate him through the blinding wind and sand. He heard the Noil grunt loudly in front of him. Taylor reached out and grabbed gently on the Noil's small tail. He started walking again as the Noil pulled him forward. He noticed he was having a hard time breathing and brought his shirt up over mouth and nose. He shut his eyes and let his friend guide him through the wind storm that whipped around him.
"Dad please talk to me!" Taylor begged feeling helpless as he carefully took each step letting Saber lead him.
"I'm here Tay. How ya doing?" Walker asked sounding out of breath.
"I feel so blind. And the sound of the wind is driving me crazy. It's...like...screaming." Taylor added swallowing hard.
"You're doing fine Tay. Nadroj said you are heading in the right direction."
"I wish there was a cave or something to hold up in for the night. How long is this storm going to last?"
"I don't know." Walker answered feeling concerned looking up at Nadroj for a answer.
"They are weird. Sometimes only a few minutes and then some can last for days my Taylor." Nadroj informed him hoping his Taylor could find a place to get out of the storm.
"I feel so strange. I can't sense any direction out here." Taylor moaned when suddenly his hand slipped off Saber's tail. He stopped gluping hard.
"SABER?!" Taylor screamed out in fear. He tired to open his eyes as he desperately reached out in front of him.
"Taylor don't move! Just stay where you are!" Nadroj declared feeling Taylor's fear rip through him.
"But I have to find him!" Taylor yelled gripped in fear as he took a unsure step forward. He fell tripping over a pile of rocks. The powerful force of the wind whipped across his face as he weakly raised up his head.
"Taylor! Are you alright?" Walker asked with fear growing inside him.
"Saber? Please!" Taylor moaned tasting sand in his mouth. He started to cry when he suddenly felt the familar skin of the Noil caressing him on his face. He reached out pulling himself up into a sitting position and hugged onto Saber's neck.
"Don't ever leave me like that!" Taylor shouted over the wind. The Noil grunted and hummed at the same time. He started to push at him gently.
"What? What do you want?" Taylor asked spitting out sand from his mouth. He stood trying to fight against the powerful wind that threatened to knock him down again. Taylor grabbed tightly onto Saber's tail again and followed.
"Dad he found me!"
"I know Tay. Just stay with him. Don't lose him again!" Walker sternly said watching through Nadroj's eyes.
"I...I won't. I think I can see something up ahead. But I can't make it out." Taylor bellowed as the Noil slowly led Taylor.
"Oh thank you Lord!" Taylor yelled with joy. He could see a cave just up ahead.
"What Taylor?" Walker asked.
"Saber led me to a cave. I can finally get out of this sand storm. I didn't know how much longer I could have stood it." Taylor answered noticing the wind wasn't as strong anymore due to the large rocks and cliffs just up ahead of him. He released the Noil's tail and ran up a small embankment, ducking into the opening of the cave. He blinked trying to adjust his eyes to the darkness. He sat down heavily feeling exhusted next to a wall, as Saber came up next him and sat down also. Taylor sucked in a deep breath shutting his eyes.
"I can breath again." Taylor smiled as he looked down at his sand covered clothes. He shook his head and rubbed his fingers through his hair. The sand fell to the floor of cave.
"Just stay in there till the storm passes young one. I think it is going to be a long one." Nadroj stated feeling glad his Taylor found a safe haven to ride out the storm.
"Oh don't worry. I'm not moving from this place." Taylor smiled and then frowned hating the fact that his body was covered with dirt.
"We will be stopping for the night also my Taylor. Zac is exhusted and we don't want to push him any further." Nadroj informed him.

Walker looked up at Nadroj feeling relieved that Taylor found a place to stay for the night. He looked back seeing Zac who looked tired and drawn.
"I think this is a good place to stay for the night my friends." Neque said taking off the huge backpack and dropping it on the ground.
"Hey! I like the trees here. It's like a little forest." Zac smiled looking around him as Haelz gently caressed the top of his head.
"Hazel stop worrying so much. I'm okay." Zac said looking up at her.
"You still look a little pale to me young one."
"I'm just tired."
"I know my Zac. I will help set up the tents and you just rest here." Haelz instructed as Zac sat down wishing everyone would stop fawning over him. He knew he wasn't totally healed but he felt like he was going to be alright. He watched everyone set up camp and thought of Taylor. He hated the idea that those aliens were always so close to his brother. Everytime they caught up to him, he wished he could help in some way. If only he could give Tay his power to move objects. Then he could somehow have a power to fight back instead of always running. Tears welled in his eyes as he said a silent prayer to God to keep his brother safe.

"Huh?" Zac jumped looking up at Ike.
"What are you thinking about? You're so quiet. Are you becoming like Tay?" Ike smiled and sat down next to him.
"No way!" Zac laughed. "Actually I was thinking about him. Man....Ike I just wish we were together. Then we could whip some butt off those creeps. Everytime they are near Tay....I just want to....."
"Me to! I feel the same way. It is like they took a third of our soul away. I haven't realized how linked we really are until they took Taylor away. He must feel so frustrated." Ike said looking down at his hands sadly. Zac nodded his head.
"I want my brother back! I hate this place Ike. We can't do anything. Nodrow must feel the same way. Here he has this power and he can't use it due to the magnetic waves around here." Zac fumed grinding his teeth feeling angry.
"Yeah." Ike murmured softly nodding his head.
"Ike? I have to go to the bathroom. Want to come with me?" Zac asked shifting his body.
"Sure. Let's tell the others first though." Ike stated getting up and then helped his brother up as they walked near the bonfire that their father started.
"Dad? Zac and I are....going to relieve ourselves." Ike said looking shyly down at the ground noticing their friends were watching and listening.
"Ike? Just say it! We have to pee!" Zac chuckled as Haelz turned into a light shade of gold feeling amused.
"I was just trying to make it sound nice." Ike smiled rolling his eyes.
"Just be careful and don't go to far away." Walker declared watching his sons go through a bunch of trees. He smiled as the Nettik scrampered after them.

"Well this is as good a place as any." Zac said getting ready to relieve himself when the Nettik ran up near them.
"You even have to follow me when I have to go?" Ike laughed as the Nettik hooted up at him.
"Well he loves you Ike. He can't live without you." Zac teased finishing and turned around feeling better.
"Yeah...I guess that is true. Lucky is..." Ike didn't finish when he noticed the Nettik started to hiss drawing back it's ears.
"Why is he doing that?" Zac asked when the area around them became suddenly silent. Zac swallowed hard.
"Ahhh...Zac something is here." Ike whispered fearfully looking around them trying to spot what the Nettik seemed to be sensing. The Nettik hissed again and took a step forward drawing its claws out.
"Ike?" Zac gulped feeling very scared as he started to shake.
"Zac just stay still." Ike whispered as fear raged through him too.
"Oh GOD!" Zac screamed when he saw a translucent form approaching them about thirty feet away. The Nettik bounded forward at attack speed.
"Lucky?! NO!" Ike screamed as Zac grabbed his arm and pulled him as he started to run.
"Ike come on! Let's get out of here!" Zac cried.
"Lucky? He can't fight that thing!" Ike shouted looking back as he ran.
They heard a hissing sound just in front of them as Nadroj suddenly appeared with a look of panic crossing his face.
"Nodrow! Please help Lucky! I think it's a Emot!" Ike moaned as Nadroj bolted forward past them. They stopped turning around and saw a flashing light through the trees.
"What was that?" Zac asked when they saw Nadroj walking toward them.
"The Emot is gone my young ones. I created a blinding light which Emot's hate." Nadroj explained sadly looking down at his feet.
"Where's Lucky?" Ike asked searching Nadroj's face.
"He...he is hurt very bad." Nadroj mumbled seeing Ike's face twist into a look of agony. Ike ran back to the spot and saw the Nettik laying on the ground whimpering in pain. Ike fell to his knees and lifted him up gently noticing a deep gash in Lucky's right side.
"Oh noooo!" Ike groaned with his eyes filling with tears. Lucky hooted softly and rubbed his head on Ike's arm lovingly.
"Is he still alive?" Zac softly asked as the tears spilled over onto Ike's cheeks while he nodded his head.
"He saved our lives. He warned us that the Emot was near." Ike choked trying to control his tears.
"Can't we heal him?" Zac asked looking up at Nadroj desperately.
"I never healed one before." Nadroj said sadly feeling Ike's deep saddness and pain. He knew his friend grew very attached to this creature and he was their link to Taylor to bring him food and water.
"Let's bring him back to camp. We will try my Ike. Don't worry." Nadroj cooed in a gentle tone rubbing Ike's shoulder gently. Ike nodded his head noticing Lucky was growing weaker.
"I told everyone that you are okay. We saw what was happening. That is why I came as quick as I could." Nadroj informed them as they all walked back to the camp.

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