Color Of Blue

Chapter 19 - Pain And Fear

The Noil watched as Taylor slid further down the side of the cliff. He sensed fear in this creature who desperately looked up at him with painfilled eyes. Anger grew within him knowing these creatures above them were somehow evil and wanted to hurt his friend.

"I don't see him. But I see rocks falling down below." Suolaej exclaimed pointing his hand towards the area just below them.
"If it is him, why can't we sense his mind?" Yven asked when they suddenly heard a grunting sound.
"What was that?" Retah mumbled feeling confused as she kept watching the pebbles falling.

Taylor tried not to scream out as he kept sliding down the cliff. He looked up but couldn't see the aliens above him. The ledge was blocking his view.
"Oh God! Please." Taylor moaned feeling his hands getting cut up as he desperately tried to find a hold to stop himself from falling. Suddenly he found a hole and grabbed into it desperately with his fingers and his body stopped with a jerk, as his legs were dangling over the edge. He looked below him noticing the ground was just about twenty feet down. He licked his lips tearfully looking up at the Noil who was not sitting under the ledge anymore.
"Where did he go?" Taylor thought shutting his eyes tightly feeling the pain throb through his hands.

"Maybe it is not him Yven." Retah mumbled still feeling frustrated as they intently looked down over the cliff.
"But I saw him! When we were coming he was standing up here. Somehow he blocking us so we can't sense him." Yven said inching himself forward.
"Something else is down there. Why are we just standing here? Let's go!" Suolaej bellowed as he saw a path to climb down the cliff. He started to descend when suddenly he heard Retah scream out in fear. He turned quickly seeing a Noil running at his mates from the left.
"NO!" Retah screamed as the Noil hit her pushing her off the other side of the cliff. Suolaej bounded up the path seeing Yven start to run down the other side.
"Retah!" Yven gasped still not believing how this creature suddenly came out of nowhere attacking them. He saw Retah's figure laying helpless on the ground.

Taylor was losing his grip slowly. He looked down and sucked in a sharp breath when he heard a scream from above and lost his hold. He fell hitting the ground with a thud. Everything around him starting turning blue feeling the wind knock out of him.
"Taylor?!" Walker's voice shouted in fear feeling totally helpless. Taylor looked to the right and saw the Noil as his world turned black.
The Noil walked up to the creature and gingerly pushed his nose against his head. The creature wouldn't move. He grunted and then gently bit onto the cloth at the shoulder as he started to drag the limp creature across the ground. He sensed he had to somehow get this creature out of this area.

"Retah..." Yven moaned as he lifted her limp body up into his arms. He felt relieved that she was still breathing. "Is she okay? Where did that thing come from?" Suolaej angrily asked as Yven gently patted his hand on the side of Retah's face.
"I don't know. She won't wake up." Yven crooned sadly rocking her body desperately wanting her to wake up.
"The young one will get away!" Suolaej bellowed feeling caught between wanting to help his mate and wanting to go after the evil creature.
"I really don't care right now! Ohhhh..Retah please wake up!" Yven groaned when she suddenly jerked opening her eyes.
"A...a NOIL! NOOOOO!" Retah screamed full of fear.
"It's okay my Retah. You're safe now." Yven assured her gently as her body turned green. She started to shake looking into Yven's concerned eyes. He steamed with anger thinking of the Noil.
"Are you hurt Retah?" Suolaej asked squatting down next to her. She blinked up at him.
"I don't think so. I don't feel any pain except for my head." Retah answered as Yven gently petted her head noticing a bump. He turned golden bringing forth his healing light. Retah closed her eyes feeling the soothing warmth enter her head.
"Thank you my Yven." Retah said turning golden feeling a intense love toward him.
"Can you stand up?" Suolaej asked feeling a sense of jealousy overwhelm him. He watched his mates looking deeply into one anothers eyes.
"I think I can." Retah murmured as Yven helped her stand up. She rocked a little with Yven still holding onto her. Suolaej turned into a light shade of red.
"What about the young one? We have to catch him." Retah exclaimed looking up toward the cliff in front of them.
"Let's hurry. He must be on the other side." Suolaej stated feeling worried that Taylor once again had gotten away from them. They all ran up to the top and scanned the area below.
"I don't see him." Yven said as they all descended the cliff taking careful steps. They finally reached the bottom and looked around.
"Suolaej? Look up there." Retah pointed at a ledge just above them.
"Blood. It has to be Taylor's. He is hurt." Yven announced turning into a light golden shade.
"He must not be too far away then." Retah said as she turned and looked toward the desert that lay before them.
"Why couldn't we sense him? We should have sensed his mind energy." Suolaej attested angrily rubbing his forehead when he noticed footprints in the sand.
"The Noil was here. Maybe it has attacked the young one." Yven exclaimed turning blue.
"It seems to be dragging him. Look at how the tracks lead out in that direction." Suolaej said as a strong wind whipped across them.
"We better hurry before this wind covers up the tracks." Yven instructed as he his mates nodded in agreement. They started to follow them into the desert.

The Noil was getting tired dragging Taylor across the sand. He stopped near a large boulder releasing his hold and panted as he sat down next to him. He saw blood dripping off Taylor's left hand and began licking at the cuts.
Taylor jumped and popped his eyes open feeling something licking at his hand gently. He turned his head and blinked to focus his eyes.
"Where am I?" He whispered under his breath as he winced feeling his hands throb in pain.
"Tay? Can you hear me?" Walker asked sounding desperate.
"They are tracking you Taylor. Can you walk son? Are you okay?" Walker asked with his voice cracking with emotion.
Taylor sat up slowly watching the Noil licking his wounds away intently from his left hand. He looked around him and didn't see the Faction in sight.
"I don't see them Dad. Oh man my hands." Taylor groaned when the Noil started to lick at his right hand. Taylor let him knowing he was healing the cuts. He swallowed hard and looked up squinting at the bright sun above him. A strong wind whipped across his face.
"You're in the desert Tay. If you can you have to keep on walking. They are about a half a mile behind you." Walker informed him. Taylor looked down lovingly at the Noil who finally healed his hands.
"He..he saved me." Taylor whispered as his eyes welled with tears. He reached out and gently petted the Noil between the ears. The Noil shut his eyes contently and started to make a low humming sound.
"Saber." Taylor murmured looking deeply into the Noil's eyes who looked up at Taylor lovingly.
"What?" Walker asked.
"His name. I want to call him Saber. He looks like a saber toothed tiger in a way and he has such powerful strength." Taylor said as another strong gust of wind hit him rocking him backwards.
"Taylor? The winds are picking up. Nadroj says a sand storm is brewing out there. You have to find safety somewhere." Taylor stood up feeling a little dizzy and turned in a circle not knowing which way to go.
"Which way? I don't know which..."
"Go in the way you are facing right now. Head in that direction." Walker instructed as Taylor stepped forward with Saber following at a close distance behind him.

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