Color Of Blue

Chapter 18 - Running Toward Freedom - Continued

Ike walked behind Neque as Lucky slept in his arms. He swallowed hard wishing they could somehow reach Taylor sooner then five days. He hated hearing his brother's voice filled with so much fear. He longed to hug his brother close to him. He missed him so much. Neque turned looking at him sensing his longing.
"Don't worry my Ike we will reach him. Taylor is a strong person." Neque cooed noticing Isaac smiled up at her.
"Reading me like a book again Que. I can't hide anything from you ...can I?" Ike smiled as Neque glowed golden feeling amused.
"No. I can always feel your emotions my Ike." She answered walking next to him as he turned and saw Zac who was walking with Haelz just a few feet behind him. He noticed Zac looked kind of pale. He knew Zac wasn't going to complain about how he felt.
"Ike! I'm alright. Stop worrying about me." Zac groaned knowing his brother was concerned and sensed his feelings.
"Just checking. You don't look so good." Ike stated as he stopped.
Zac gazed up at him shyly and licked his dry lips. Actually he felt awful but wanted to keep going for Taylor's sake. Haelz gently put her arm around him as everyone stopped looking over at him. She made him sit on the ground and then felt his forehead.
"You feel very warm my Zac." Haelz stated in a caring voice.
"What's wrong?" Walker shouted running up to them and bent down as Zac looked up at his father sadly.
"I'm okay. Let's just keep walking guys." Zac rasped feeling weak.
"I think he needs more medicine on his arm. We can rest here for awhile." Demi said with everyone nodding their heads in agreement.
"I'm slowing us down!" Zac moaned with tears filling his eyes.
"Zac... no. We just have to take it slow so you don't get sick again." Walker explained grabbing the side of Zac's face and smiled trying to comfort him.
"Yeah... well... I..." Zac stammered with his voice cracking when Neque walked up with the container of medicine in her hand. She squatted down next to him and gently grabbed his left arm and pulled up the sleeve. She softly rubbed on more of the paste as Zac watched her. He felt the tingling sensation penetrate his arm.
"We will rest here for an hour so you can regain your strength young one." Neque crooned running her fingertips along his face as he blinked back his tears. He nodded agreeing with her. Walker sat down next to Zac and hugged him to his chest. Zac rested his head against him, sucking in a deep breath.
"Don't worry Zac. We'll reach Tay in time." Walker whispered rubbing Zac's shoulder lovingly.
"I know." Zac answered closing his eyes and smiled.

Taylor climbed the embankment and rested when he reached the top. Sweat was pouring off him from the climb. The Noil sat down next to him and started making short grunting sounds. Taylor chuckled and then thought maybe the baby was hungry. He flipped the sack down between his legs and pulled out one of the plastic containers filled with the mold and opened the lid. The Noil sniffed the air and started to grunt in a excited tone.
"Your hungry?" Taylor smiled and dipped his hand into the sticky substance. He reached his hand out toward him as the Noil greedily lapped up the fungus.
"Can't get enough of this stuff... huh?" Taylor laughed watching the Noil quiver his body. He gently reached out his left arm wanting to pet him and then jumped feeling the soreness of the shoulder. He frowned as the Noil cocked its head wondering what was wrong.
"Looks a little sore yet." Taylor mumbled to himself lifting up the shirt and checked his wound noticing there was redness around the scab. He was afraid that a infection was setting in by the looks of it. The Noil leaned forward and ran its tongue over the wound as Taylor winced.
"Ahhh... don't. That hurts." Taylor said to the Noil who suddenly jumped and knocked Taylor over onto his back.
"Hey!" Taylor shouted as the beast pinned him to the ground. The Noil leaned in toward his shoulder and began licking at the scab intently. He felt a tingling sensation enter the sore area on his shoulder. Taylor tried to push him off but the Noil was to strong. Taylor started to shake feeling scared when he noticed a thick like brown liquid was running off the creature's tongue.
"Dad?!" Taylor yelled fearfully, as the beast licked hard at his sore shoulder.
"My Taylor it's fine. The Noil is healing you. Don't be frightened. He only cares about you." Taylor heard Nadroj's voice tell him.
"But it hurts! He's hurting me!" Taylor groaned feeling dizzy as the Noil started to suck at the wound running his tongue stiffly into the cut.
"I know my Taylor. Just stay calm. He won't stop until he is finished." Nadroj explained as Taylor cringed grabbing onto the legs and sucked in deep breaths. Suddenly he stopped and raised his head looking down at Taylor licking at its lips. Taylor blinked up at him noticing his shoulder felt numb. He turned his head and looked at his shoulder fearfully.
"It...it's completely healed! How?" Taylor exclaimed feeling amazed as the Noil backed up off him letting him sit up. Taylor gingerly touched his shoulder and then looked at the creature and smiled.
"See my Taylor! That brown fluid you saw was a healing liquid that they use for wounds." Nadroj explained.
"My shoulder is numb." Taylor stated when the Noil grunted at him again.
"That is normal. It will fade in a few minutes." Nadroj answered.
"Nod..row? What's wrong with Zac?" Taylor sat staring into the distance seeing a image of Zac resting against his father.
"Nothing young one. Just keep walking toward us." Nadroj declared not wanting him to feel concerned.
"Come on Nod..row! What happened to Zac?" Taylor demanded crinkling his eyebrows together.
"He was hurt by a deadly plant a few days ago. But he will be fine my Taylor. He is just resting."
"How? What happened?" Taylor sat up straight feeling concerned for his brother.
"It was a poison. But we have the medicine for him. He is still a little weak but he will be fine. Please don't worry Taylor." Nadroj begged wishing Taylor would start walking again.
"Oh. Tell Zac I hope he gets better soon." Taylor murmured as he stood up and felt a strong wind whip through his hair.
"If you turn right you will see the place to climb down my Taylor." Nadroj urgently announced.
"Why?" Taylor asked wondering why his friend sounded suddenly scared. The Noil started to growl under his breath. Taylor looked around and then saw a dust cloud from behind him in the distance. He knew what it was.
"Oh GOD! NO! They are coming!" Taylor shrieked watching the Faction coming in his direction at blinding speed across the valley below him. He ran and started to climb quickly down the cliff, with his legs shaking, feeling rocks sliding down from under his feet. The Noil followed taking his steps carefully. Taylor reached a ledge and dived under it to keep out of sight. The Noil pressed up against him as Taylor looked up fearfully and then closed his eyes tightly.

"Yven! He must be close. I don't see him anywhere in the valley below." Retah shouted looking over the cliff to see if she could spot the human but she saw nothing.
"Carefully scan the area." Suolaej ordered as his mates looked up at him.

Taylor started to shiver with fear, resting his face against the Noil's head as he grabbed it around the neck. Suddenly his foot slipped under him on some loose dirt, making his body slide downwards as he grabbed onto a rock to hold himself up. Rocks and pebbles fell down the sides of him making a lot of noise. Taylor gritted his teeth as he sucked in a sharp breath of air. He could feel himself slowly sliding down the side of the cliff and he couldn't stop himself. Tears filled his eyes as he desperately looked up at the Noil who watched him intently.

Joy filled the Faction thinking finally they caught up with the evil human. Suolaej, Yven and Retah turned and saw rocks falling in a area a few feet below them as they turned into shades of gold.

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