Color Of Blue

Chapter 18 - Running Toward Freedom

"Tay?! Taylor wake up now!" Walker demanded watching Taylor roll over onto his back. Taylor sat up slowly wondering why his father sounded so urgent.
"I'm up Dad! What's wrong?" Taylor asked suddenly feeling nervous. The Noil woke up and looked at him blinking his eyes slowly.
"They are coming back toward you Tay! You have to leave now! Collect your stuff and hurry! Scrap as much mold as you can in five minutes." Walker instructed as Taylor bolted up with his heart starting to race. He could smell a horrible stench coming off the dead mother of the baby Noil. He grabbed a plastic container and ran to one wall that had a lot of mold growing off of it. He quickly scraped the fungus into it and then filled another one. He ran quickly and grabbed the nap sack that the Nettik brought him yesterday and shoved all his stuff into it as beads of sweat formed onto his forehead.
"Dad?!" Taylor yelled bolting up and flipped the sack onto his right shoulder.
"Get out fast Tay!" Walker demanded sternly. Taylor looked at the Noil who started to moan sensing Taylor's fear.
"Come on! Follow me little guy. We have to leave." Taylor yelled and started to run noticing the Noil was following him. Taylor hit the darkness again and felt the wall as he quickly stepped toward the entrance. He could see the light just up ahead. He licked at his lips and looked outside carefully then threw the sack out first and squeezed himself through the hole. He stood up and looked fearfully around watching the Noil squeeze through also. His eyes teared from the bright sunlight and he spun in a circle wondering which way to head.
"Which way Dad?" Taylor shouted when he saw a dust cloud in the distance heading toward him.
"Go straight and hurry Tay! They are coming!" Walker yelled swallowing hard.
Taylor ran as fast as he could with the Noil suddenly bolting ahead toward some trees in the distance.
"Follow him Tay! Hurry!" Walker shouted shifting nervously.
Taylor didn't look back and concentrated on just getting to the trees. His heart pounded when he finally reached them and dived quickly behind one sucking in deep breaths as he bent over from the waist leaning against a huge tree trying to catch his breath. The Noil groaned walking up next to him. He turned looking back and saw that the aliens were by the hole where he came out of.
"Tay? Keep walking. You have to get as far away from them as possible. Que told me to tell you to go through the woods and then you will come upon some very rocky terrain. Just keep going straight when you reach them. It will give you cover if they follow you." Walker instructed as Taylor nodded his head listening.
Taylor started out with the Noil at his side. He walked as fast as he could. He fearfully turned to look back and noticed no one was behind him. Fear still raged through him knowing they weren't to far away from him in distance. He desperately wanted to get way ahead of them.

They finally were ready to leave as Nodroj took his place ahead of them as they started to walk to get to the other side of the mountain to climb down. He looked at Zac hoping he wasn't to weak yet to travel, but he insisted he felt just fine. He watched his Taylor at the same time keeping a watch over him.
"Stay close my friends. We will help you again." Demi stated staying close to Zac who looked up at him.
"Man that is a far way down!" Zac exclaimed gulping hard as they stopped forming into a line again as they slowly descended the mountain side. Ike had the Nettik sitting on his shoulder as it purred softly near his ear. The trek was slow when they had to stop several times with Nadroj helping them across wide gaps in the trail. It seemed like hours when finally they reached the floor of the canyon. Zac plopped himself down feeling exhusted with beads of sweat rolling down his face. Haelz felt concerned and squatted down next to him.
"Are you alright my Zac?" Haelz cooed softly running her finger down his cheek. Walker stepped up and sat down next to him.
"Yeah... just... out of breath." Zac whispered sucking in a deep breaths of air.
"You look a little pale." Walker said feeling concerned as Ike stood behind Haelz holding Lucky in his arms.
"Hey! I'm fine! Really." Zac shouted hating their concern. He was more worried for his brother and wanted to get to Taylor as quickly as possible.
"Let me see your arm Zac." Walker asked as Zac looked up at him. Zac reached out his left arm as Walker grabbed his wrist gently and pulled up the sleeve. It looked a little discolored but not to bad.
"It looks fine. It is healing nicely. I just think he still feels a little weak yet." Demi crooned lovingly.
"I'm just a little tired. I'll be okay." Zac smiled looking up at Demi trying to reasure everyone.
"Okay Zac. We'll take it slow today." Walker stated matter of factly.
"Dad? Please. I'm not..." Zac began.
"Zac I know you are not a baby, but you are still weak from that poison. I just don't want you to get sick on us." Walker asserted as Zac nodded his head.
"Well lets go then. I feel fine now." Zac said standing up and grabbed his nap sack smiling down at his father.
"Taylor is heading toward us from this direction my friends. We will at least try to cover five miles today." Neque stated pointing ahead of her. Nadroj blinked staring off into the distance as Walker ran up next to him.
"How is Taylor doing Nod..row?" Walker asked noticing Nadroj was in a shade of light blue.
"He's scared my Walker. But he is now far away from them." Nadroj answered.
"Is the Noil still with him my Nadroj?" Mayte asked looking up at her son proudly.
"Yes the creature feels his fear and is staying near him. I think you should talk with him again my Walker." Nadroj stated looking down at Walker who smiled.

"Dad? Am I heading in the right direction? I feel lost." Taylor groaned with tears filling his eyes. He reached in his nap sack and grabbed a bottle of water. He untwisted the cap taking a glup trying to relieve the dryness in his throat.
"Taylor try to calm down. You're very far away now." Walker stated in a gentle tone.
"I just can't let them capture me again. They know about the Enosa. I am... so scared they will try that on me." Taylor rasped with fear in his voice.
"You're about five days away from us my Taylor. Don't worry we will reach one another." Nadroj said trying to comfort Taylor's fears.
"Five! I wish we were closer. I just want to go home!" Taylor moaned running his hand through his hair nervously.
"They won't catch you Taylor. We are leading the way for you." Walker declared looking back seeing that everyone was listening in on their conversation as they kept walking.
"Tell me why I am apart of Nod..row. I want to know." Taylor asked as he climbed up a small embankment with the Noil following behind him.
"What happened between you and I was a miracle in itself my Taylor. I was actually never meant to be. When Demi and Mayte were healing you our bodies mixed together somehow. I attached myself to you during the healing. We were both so weak but together we gave each other strength. You are me and I am you Taylor. I have extreme powers because of you. I have my natural abilities like my people, but I also attained yours. With your genes and my own I am the new race of my people. I am human also that is why I can cry and smile like you." Nadroj explained trying to let Taylor understand their special bond.
"That is why I have some of your DNA in me?" Taylor asked sitting down on a rock feeling stunned at the news.
"Yes my Taylor. The Faction could never repeat what has happened to us. It was just a chance in a million that this has happened." Nadroj softly whispered with love.
"But if they capture me... what will happen to me if they try to do the Enosa on me?" Taylor fearfully asked wondering if he wanted to hear the answer.
There was a moment of silence as Taylor darted his eyes back and forth.
"Nod..row?" Taylor pleaded wishing he would answer.
"It... it could hurt you my Taylor." Nadroj answered nervously not wanting to tell him what would happen.
"How?" Taylor demanded rubbing his hand against his cheek.
"They... they are malformed and if they formed the Enosa with you... it could kill you." Nadroj rasped sadly. Taylor bowed his head feeling a little dizzy.
"Oh God!" Taylor groaned as tears fell down his face.
"I'm sorry. I didn't want you to know." Nadroj said sadly feeling Taylor's grief.
"Taylor? You have to believe me when I tell you that it won't happen son. We will reach you before they do." Walker attested trying to sooth Taylor's fear. Taylor nodded his head wanting to believe him desperately. He slowly stood up and sucked in a deep breath as he started to walk again feeling more determined now to reach his father and brothers. The Noil gazed up at him with a loving look in its eyes. Taylor cracked a small smile and was glad that the creature was with him. In some odd way the beast gave him comfort. They walked together slowly coming up on a steep embankment.

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