Color Of Blue

Chapter 17 - The Anger - Continued

Walker sat up with Nadroj and Neque near their bon fire, as his other son's were sleeping peacefully in their sleeping bags. Demi and Mayte cuddled together near Isaac as Haelz slept near Zac still feeling very concerned over the young one.
"Que? Why did you allow Taylor to become friends with that creature?" Walker asked watching Neque glow golden as she looked deeply into his eyes.
"That creature is very rare my Walker. I am glad that Taylor found him. He will protect him against so many dangers that lurk in this barren land. Also he needs something to feel and touch to love him. He is so lonely and scared out there." Neque crooned cocking her head as Walker nodded slightly and smiled.
"It does seem to like my son and I haven't seen him so happy in days." Walker said noticing Nadroj was smiling.
"He is sleeping on the Noil's belly. He looks so content my Walker." Nadroj smiled wishing he could touch Taylor gently and stroke his head.
"Very few have bonded with a Noil on this world, but when it is established the beasts will defend their masters to the death. Noils grow very rapidly. They have to...to survive. By the time Taylor reaches us he will probably be almost full grown." Neque added feeling a sense of gladness that Taylor would be protected out there.
"What will it do if the Faction comes near Taylor again?" Walker asked looking very serious.
"It will do as Taylor wants it to do. It will defend him. But I fear the beast could not stand up to them with their powers." Nadroj exclaimed looking at Walker.
"Well we should get some rest now. Zac is now able to travel and I want to start out early." Neque stated as Walker nodded.


Yven stared at the ground feeling angry, as him and his mates settled down for the night near a canyon. Retah sat close to Suolaej looking just as frustrated as he was.
"I don't understand how the young one could have escaped us! He was to close." Suolaej angrily yelled hitting the ground with his fist as the dust flew up from the impact.
"How is he doing it? I mean we can never sense him. He is using some power so we can't detect him." Retah growled rubbing at her forehead.
"I still say he was in that cave! I could hear him breathing in there. I know it was him!" Yven bellowed looking at Suolaej who turned into a shade of black.
"Don't start that again! He was NOT there!" Suolaej screamed disliking the fact that maybe by chance he was right.
"YES HE WAS! I say we should go back there when it is daylight and check it out again." Yven defended himself looking at Suolaej boldly.
"Don't ever tell me what to do?!" Suolaej stood up filled with anger.
"Who made you the boss? You are not my leader Suolaej!" Yven yelled standing up to face him hating the idea that Suolaej always thought that he could order them around.
"Would you two STOP IT!? You are both just angry because that human out smarted us again! But mark my words...we will find him!" Retah shouted as they both looked toward her glowing in shades of gray.
"Yes... yes your right my Retah. We must calm down here. I will not let this human pit us against each other!" Yven declared closing his right hand into a fist.
"I agree! That creature is evil and probably wants us to fight amongst ourselves! We should never underestimate his powers anymore." Suolaej stated as he sat back down staring off into the distance thinking of the human.
"I think we should check out that cave." Retah claimed looking up at Suolaej sternly looking deeply into his eyes.
"Okay! Maybe Yven was right. I'm sorry my friend for doubting you." Suolaej apologized feeling smug thinking he was superior for giving in.
"Let's rest now and then we will capture that human again and punish him for defying us!" Yven exclaimed turning into a golden shade imagining the torture he would put the evil human through, loving the thought of him in pain.

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