Color Of Blue

Chapter 15 - Finding The Power Within

Taylor screamed as he fell backwards into the water, as pain surged through his upper left arm as he sank deep into the depths of the lake, trying to desperately regain control. He pushed himself toward the surface fearfully seeing his blood surround him in the water. He broke the surface sputtering for air as he grabbed his left shoulder, sucking in a sharp rasping breath. He looked back at the shore line and saw the creature staring at him. He shivered looking down at his arm noticing a gash in his shoulder as he scuddled the water.
"Dad! Help me!" Taylor screamed knowing he heard his father's voice telling him to jump into the water. Tears sprang to his eyes as the creature kept moving back and forth as if it was waiting for him.
"Go AWAY!" Taylor shouted as he carefully headed toward the waterfall. The creature followed along the shoreline still moaning wanting a taste of blood.
"Tay!? Stay in the water. Do you hear me son? The thing can't get you in the water." Taylor heard his father's voice as he licked his lips nervously.
"Where are you?" Taylor moaned as he grabbed onto a rock near the waterfall.
"I am here with Nodrow. Just stay calm. I can't talk to you to long. We don't want the Faction to know that we are here."
"Where DAD? Where are you?!" Taylor desperately pleaded as he winced with pain.
"We are coming for you. Just hold on. It will take us several days to get to you. Don't let them capture you again. I...I have to stop talking to you now Tay. I love...you so much!" Walker's voice choked with emotion.
"No Dad! Please don't leave me! DAD! I...I'm scared!" Taylor cried as the tears slid down his face. Taylor listened but noticed the connection was gone. He bowed his head leaning against the rock as he started to sob. His legs floated in the water as he used most of his strength to hold onto the rock. He fearfully looked to the side of him seeing the creature still waiting near the waterfall.
"Oh please go away! Leave me alone!" Taylor bellowed angrily as he looked up at the waterfall. He could see some kind of small cave was behind it. He slowly climbed up the rock as the water spilled on top of his head when he finally flopped his body into the waterfall. The pressure of the water knocked the wind out of him. Forcefully he dragged himself, finally breaking through the waterfall as he saw that there was a small cave like area behind the water. He heard the beast shriek in anger behind him. He sat up feeling dizzy and sick to his stomach. He scanned the area around him and turned trying to see if the creature was still lurking on the other side. He gulped hard when he noticed that the beast was still there lurking near the shoreline. Taylor slid fearfully against a wall of the wet rocks and leaned his back up against them. He gingerly touched the gash as he jumped when he lifted the bloody shirt and saw a two inch cut on his arm near the shoulder.
"Oh man!" Taylor moaned as he tried to see how deep it was. He noticed it wasn't to bad, but it hurt a lot.
"I have to stop the bleeding." Taylor murmured to himself as he pressed his hand against it. He groaned throwing back his head, sucking in deep breaths of air. He squeezed his eyes shut hoping the creature would leave the area soon. Taylor darted his eyes back and forth thinking about his father.
"How did he speak to me?" Taylor thought feeling amazed that his father spoke to him through the mind. He wondered if somehow his father had psychic powers like him and his brothers. A smile crossed his face through the pain. He felt good knowing they were coming to save him and that his Dad was with them, but he couldn't understand why they just couldn't come to him through the rips. Sadly he bowed his head still holding his hand tightly against the cut. He shivered suddenly feeling cold.
"My stuff!" Taylor cried when he realized that his food and water bottles were probably on the bottom of the lake by now. The rushing sound of the water started to make him drowsy, but he fought to stay awake.
Slowly he pulled himself forward a bit when he noticed that the sounds of nature started again. He felt relieved that the creature must have finally given up.
"Thank you." Taylor murmured to himself biting his bottom lip when a jolt of pain entered his shoulder. He sat down near the rushing water and looked down at his cut seeing that the bleeding had finally stopped. Suddenly he heard a familar hissing sound and looked up fearfully. He backed up quickly sliding on his butt until he hit the wall.
"Oh no!" Taylor thought when he saw the three aliens walking near the shoreline of the lake looking around the area.

"He was here." Yven exclaimed looking at the footprints in the sand.
"Something else was here also." Retah added in seeing long strokes in the sand near the shoreline of the lake. She looked up to see Suolaej looking in the direction of the waterfall.
"Those tracks are from a Emot. They go from the waterfall to here and then back towards the waterfall again." Suolaej murmured curiously cocking his head.
"You don't think the beast..." Retah fearfully gasped wondering if the boy was attacked by the Emot.
"No... well I don't know. There is no blood around the area. Maybe the Emot was here after he was." Suolaej said as he walked near the water's edge and looked down into the lake. He jumped a little when he noticed a bundle that was on the bottom of the lake on top of some rocks. He pointed making his mates look at what he discovered.
"He was here! That is his cover." Retah exclaimed.
"Why is it in the lake?" Yven muttered as he rubbed his forehead nervously.
"He must have confronted the Emot. But there is no sign of a struggle." Suolaej added as he started to feel frustration overwhelm. He noticed Retah was turning into a shade of green.
"If the Emot did attack him the human might be severely wounded." Retah moaned rocking her body back and forth feeling her insides turn into knots.
"Or it could have killed him. Emot's are blood thirsty beasts!" Suolaej groaned not liking the idea of losing this boy to this creature.
"If that was true we would see more evidence of the fact. Look around you. There is no sign of a attack. Maybe the human was so scared he accidentally dropped his bundle in the water and then escaped." Yven assumed wanting desperately to be right.
"Well we might as well stay here for the night. We can't track him now. Let's just hope that the Emot hasn't killed the human!" Suolaej bitterly fumed thinking after all they went through to lose him to a beast would be such a waste.

Taylor cringed against the wall, biting his bottom lip, as he listented in on their conversation. He hated the idea that they were going to spend the night just a few feet away from him. He hoped they would not see him or detect his presence. He slowly slid him self down onto his right side wanting to lay down. Every muscle in his body felt worn out. He curled into a ball feeling cold and hungry. He watched the Faction settle down for the night as he laid on the cold floor of the cavern. Slowly Taylor drifted off to sleep.

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