Color Of Blue

Chapter 15 - Finding The Power Within - Continued

Walker bowed his head hating the idea of Taylor out there all alone. Tears filled his eyes when he lost the connection with his son. He could feel the fear and hated that he couldn't just go to him. Nadroj put his arm around him wanting to comfort him.
"Tay." Walker rasped leaning against Nadroj fearfully wondering if the Emot was still waiting for his son.
"He found a cave behind the waterfall. He is in there now my Walker." Nadroj stated as Walker looked up at him sadly.
"Is he alright?"
"He is checking his wound. It...it doesn't look to bad. The Emot just skinned the surface." Nadroj explained feeling relieved that the cut wasn't to deep.
"I hate this! He is out there and doesn't understand why we just can't come to him. I feel like I just abandoned him. I want my SON!" Walker screamed filled with anger and slamming his knee with his fist.
"I know. I know my Walker. I feel the same way. I just wish I could run to him." Nadroj said with his eyes filling with tears.
"How is he going to survive out there Nodrow? I mean he doesn't know the dangers that surround him." Walker asked shaking his head sadly as he looked out over the horizon.
"Walker? When you were talking to him I noticed something."
"What?" Walker asked curiously turning to look into Nadroj's eyes.
"For some reason your link with him was different then when I speak to him. It is as if your psychic bond with him can't be heard by no one else. I can't explain it. You're using a different area of the brain to speak with him." Nadroj stated looking down at Walker who crinkled his brow.
"What does that mean? Can I talk with him right now? I want to...." Walker expressed excitedly.
"No! You must not do it now. We can test it later when he is alone." Nadroj exclaimed looking fearful.
"He's not alone? Who?" Walker fearfully moaned licking his dry lips.
"They are there. The Faction is now by the lake shore."
"No! Taylor!? Do they see him?" Walker shouted standing up feeling helpless.
"No Taylor is hidden. He knows they are there. He is watching them right now. The Faction knows he was in the area." Nadroj explained turning into a medium shade of blue.
"Oh... he must be so scared." Walker groaned rubbing his forehead.
"They have decided to spend the night there." Nadroj hissed as he watched Taylor lay down and curl into a ball. He sadly wished he could comfort him somehow.
"Will he be safe?" Walker asked searching Nadroj's face.
"Yes my Walker. Taylor is hidden behind the barrier. Hopefully they will leave in the morning and then Taylor can go on." Walker nodded his head watching Nadroj stand up.
"We should be getting back to our friends. They must be wondering where we are Walker." Nadroj said as they both slowly walked back toward their camp site.


Zac wanted to sit up hating the fact that he felt so weak. He watched as Haelz was rubbing the cream again onto his arm.
"How many times do you have to put that stuff on my arm?" Zac asked when Neque came up and sat down next to him.
"How are you feeling young one?" Neque questioned noticing the young one did not look to happy.
"Fine really. I hate laying here and and...."
"You are getting better my Zac. The color is starting to come back into your arm. Can you move your fingers for me?" Haelz crooned lovingly as she petted his hair back from his forehead.
"Can I sit up?" Zac asked as Neque and Haelz helped him to sit up. Zac felt a little dizzy and looked down at his arm and slowly moved his fingers. He noticed it wasn't so painful anymore.
"Doesn't hurt to much. Where's Dad?" Zac wondered knowing they have been gone for most of the day.
"They are coming back now. I can see them." Neque informed him while Haelz cocked her head to the side, wondering why her Zac seemed to be in a bad mood.
"Are you alright my Zac?" Haelz asked as Zac looked up at her.
"I just don't feel right. Something happened to Tay. I don't know why I feel this. I....."
"I feel the same way." Isaac cut in walking up to Zac and sat down as the Nettik followed him.
"Tay's in trouble." Zac murmured looking at Ike who nodded his head in agreement.
"Your bond with him is strong." Neque stated looking lovingly at Ike wishing she could somehow comfort him and his brother. They all turned as they saw Walker and Nadroj walk into camp looking sad.
"Dad? How is Taylor? Did something happen to Tay?" Zac exclaimed knowing their father knew something. He walked over and sat down next to Neque and looked at both of his sons.
"Tay is going to be okay. He had a run in with a Emot."
"A EMOT!" Ike shouted as his heart started to pound in his chest.
"Guys he got away. He's fine." Walker exclaimed trying to calm them down from the news.
"Are you sure? Hazel said that they are so dangerous!" Zac moaned fearfully rocking into Haelz who let him rest against her.
"What happened Dad?" Ike asked licking his lips as the Nettik jumped into his lap curling into a ball.
"Taylor was...is by a lake and when the Emot tried to attack him....Taylor jumped into the lake."
"Thank goodness he was near water!" Haelz expressed turning into a light shade of green.
"He is behind a waterfall now, in a cave and is safe." Walker said looking down at his hands sadly.
"Why? Do they hate water?" Ike asked looking at Haelz curiously.
"Yes. Water will kill them. Their form of being would disintegrate." Haelz explained feeling relieved to know that the young one was safe.
"Dad? What else are you not telling us?" Zac questioned looking at his father.
"That is it. He will be okay." Walker said looking from Zac to Ike.
"Dad? I can see you are trying to keep something else back. Tell us. Please?" Ike asked watching his father take a deep breath and cracked a small smile.
"Can't keep anything from you huh?" Walker mumbled noticing both of them were searching his face for an answer.
"My young ones the Faction are near Taylor, but don't be alarmed. Taylor is safe. They can't sense him. The barrier I put into his mind is protecting him. He is sleeping now. He is cold and hungry and I am watching over him." Nadroj expressed noticing that both of them shifted angrily.
"I think by tomorrow I will be ready to travel. We have to get to Tay. He needs us!" Zac bellowed fearfully hating to think that his brother was so much in danger out there by himself.
"My Zac. You need to rest at least one more day. We can't risk your health." Neque declared noticing Zac looked up into her eyes desperately.
"Yes I can! I'm feeling pretty good now. Please... we can't just sit here. We..." Zac began.
"No! Zac I want to go to him just as much as you. But you have to heal first." Walker cut in as Zac crinkled his eye brows together.
"But Dad... we..."
"No Zac. Listen to me. Both of you listen to me. Nadroj is watching Taylor constantly and for some reason I can talk with Tay without the fear of being detected. But to test this we are going to wait until the Faction has left the area and Taylor is alone again. Then even though we aren't near him physically we can at least guide him to us safely." Walker explained as they both nodded looking at him seriously.
"You can Dad? How?" Ike asked smiling a little and started to gently pet Lucky who was sound asleep in his lap. "Nodrow found this out when I was talking to Taylor after the Emot attacked him. He said for some reason I have some kind of bond that is different." Walker smiled looking from Zac to Ike who looked amazed.
"How come we can't do it?" Ike asked.
"Walker uses a different part of his brain to speak through the mind." Nadroj explained smiling a little feeling amused by their wide eyes staring up at him.
"Don't ask me how or why." Walker said darting his eyes.
"Well my friends I suggest we to should rest until morning. Then we can help our Taylor." Demi suggested as they all turned to look at him. They finally got settled for the night and everyone in the camp drifted off to sleep except for Zac who looked up at the stars and the two moons. He felt restless and for some reason he sensed Taylor. He could feel his brother's fear. Zac licked his lips wishing he could somehow reach out to him.

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