Color Of Blue

Chapter 14 - The Chase And Freedom

Zac woke up and groaned when he tried to lift his left arm feeling the pain surge through it. Haelz sat up and gently caressed his forehead. Zac cracked a small smile looking up at her knowing she was still very concerned about him.
"How do you feel my Zac?" Haelz asked looking into his eyes.
"Weak and my arm still hurts Hazel." Zac stated turning to see his father sleeping next to him.
"He was up most of the night watching over you." Haelz informed him, still petting at his soft hair.
"Oh. What time is it?" Zac asked as he yawned and shivered a little.
"It is just morning. I want to rub more medicine onto your arm." Haelz said picking up the jar next to her and opened it, dipping her hand in and then rubbed the paste softly onto his hand working her way up his arm. Zac watched her intently and hated that his arm still didn't look right.
"Why is it still so white? It hurts when I move it." Zac frowned as his father woke up on the side of him. He sat up with a concerned look on his face, seeing Zac looking scared.
"Are you okay Zac?"
"Yeah... well... I don't like how my arm looks." Zac expressed with tears filling his eyes.
"They told me the color will come back to normal Zac. Don't worry. You just get better okay?" Walker smiled a little trying to console him.
"Yes Zac?"
"I... I'm sorry about this. I hope Taylor is okay. I hate the fact that I am holding everyone back. Taylor needs us." Zac said swallowing hard feeling quilty for getting hurt.
"Hey! This wasn't your fault. I should have never let you go into that garden in the first place. Anyways according to Nodrow, Taylor has escaped from that Faction." Walker smiled as Zac's eyes grew large at the news.
"He did? How? I think I remember him saying something about that, but I don't..." Zac began.
"Well you were pretty delirious yesterday. Taylor used music to escape." Walker chucked looking at Zac smile.
"He did!? Hey! Yeah I remember when we sang for Demi and the others in the tides they went into a trance like state and we thought they were never going to come out of it." Zac explained sucking in a deep breath.
"I guess Taylor remembered to and used it as a weapon." Walker said pulling a loose strand of Zac's hair behind his ear lovingly.
"HA! Music as a weapon! Bet they never saw that coming." Zac smiled when Haelz finished rubbing the paste onto his arm.
"Well the poison didn't take away your sense of humor young one." Haelz teased as Zac smiled up at her.
"And thank God for that!" Zac countered back feeling the medicine tingle against his arm.
"That Nettik really likes your brother my Zac." Haelz crooned watching Zac and Walker look over at him. The Nettik was curled into a ball sleeping huddled against him. Zac smiled and then looked up at his father.
"Yeah looks that way. Wonder why it chose Ike to like?" Zac asked resting his head back down.
"We will never know. They very rarely attach themselves to a being like that, but when they do they can be very loving and loyal to that person." Haelz explained noticing Ike was stirring out of his sleep. He rolled onto his back and stretched his arms over his head. The Nettik jumped onto his chest cocking its head staring at him as it started to hoot softly and purr.
"Well good morning little fellow." Ike murmured softly to it and smiled as he petted the head of the tiny creature who seemed to enjoy his attention.
"Hey Ike?!" Zac yelled looking at him.
"Why don't you give it a name?" Zac asked smiling over at his brother.
"A name. Hmmm... what should I call you? Lucky. That's it....Lucky." Ike said still petting the Nettik between the ears.
"Lucky? Why Lucky?" Zac asked rolling his eyes.
"I don't know. I just sense he will give us good luck in finding Tay." Ike smiled as Zac smiled back.
"Okay. I accept that explanation." Zac expressed.
"Well thanks for your approval." Ike said sarcastically as he sat up and lifted the Nettik into his arms.
"You're welcome." Zac chuckled shifting his body a little.
Walker smiled liking the fact that Zac was feeling better again. He noticed that Mayte and Demi were still sleeping and Neque and Nodroj weren't in the camp area.
"Ahhh... Hazel? Where are Que and Nodrow?" Walker asked looking into her eyes with concern.
"I don't know my Walker. When I woke up they were gone." Haelz said sadly now wondering also why they weren't in the camp.
"I don't like the way they just leave us alone sometimes. I really would like to be included in what they are planning." Walker grumbled feeling annoyed when they both walked back into the camp.
"Where did you go?" Ike asked standing up and walked over to where Zac was sitting down near his brother's feet.
"We wanted to see the garden that Walker and Zac found." Neque explained wondering why they were so curious.
"Why?" Walker hissed hating that garden for what it did to his son.
"Well we wanted to see which flower Zac was attacked by, but everything there was dead. It was as if some kind of force destroyed it." Nadroj exclaimed sensing Walker's anger.
"It was? Well good." Walker exclaimed looking down at Zac who blinked up at him.
"Walker did you do it?" Neque asked curiously squatting down next to him.
"No. All I know is I wanted to get out of there and hurry to get Zac some help." Walker explained wondering why they thought he did it.
"Walker you were angry at the flowers weren't you?" Nadroj asked curiously as Walker frowned at him.
"Well... yeah! They hurt my son! And I don't have..."
"Walker can we ask you to do something for us?" Neque questioned looking at him seriously.
"What? What do you want me to do?" Walker asked noticing everyone was looking at him.
"You see that dead fire over there? Try to light it up for us." Nadroj asked pointing at the cold rocks that was their bonfire last night.
"Well I don't have the matches to start..."
"No Walker. We want you to start the fire with your mind." Nadroj expressed smiling at him.
"Huh? I can't do that. I don't have powers like that." Walker exclaimed swallowing hard as he turned to see Neque searching his face intently.
"We think you do my Walker. Will you try?" Neque asked when suddenly Demi and Mayte approached the group sitting down next to Haelz.
"Well... I... I'll try." Walker agreed rubbing the side of his face noticing both his sons were watching him.
"Good. Just concentrate invisioning a fire and cast forth the power that comes from this part of your mind." Neque instructed entering his mind and showed him where the power would come from. Walker raised his eyebrows a little in shock realizing he did have this power and didn't even know it.
"Oh my! I can do this." Walker exclaimed and easily sent forth the power as everyone watched the coals burst into flames.
"Wow Dad!" Zac chuckled touching his father's arm as he looked down at his son.
"You mean I killed all the flowers?" Walker asked feeling astounded.
"Yes I think you did. You were protecting your son." Nadroj pointed out and smiled.
"Hey... nothing hurts my kids and will get away with it! But I didn't even know that I did that!" Walker chuckled taking Zac's right hand and squeezed it gently. Zac smiled with tears springing to his eyes.
"Thanks Dad." Zac rasped with emotion in his voice. Walker petted Zac's forehead softly and looked down at him with love.

A few hours later Walker and Nadroj took a walk together as everyone tried to keep busy with different activities to past the time. Ike played with his Nettik trying to teach it to know its name, while Zac still rested, sleeping on and off through out the day. Haelz fawned over Zac staying near him as she nursed him back to health. Demi and Mayte kept busy looking at the map to plan when they could travel again after Zac was feeling better.

"My Walker? Taylor is still free." Nadroj announced when Walker stopped and looked at him.
"Where is he?" Walker asked wanting to know as they sat down looking out over the horizon near a steep edge of the cliff.
"He is swimming in a body of water and enjoying himself." Nadroj smiled feeling and seeing his Taylor in his mind.
"He's what?" Walker asked feeling amused.
"Here my Walker. I will let you see him." Nadroj exclaimed placing his hands on his head and opened the image that was in his mind. Walker could suddenly see Taylor floating in some water near a waterfall looking happy.
"How? How do you connect with him Nodrow?" Walker asked with tears filling his eyes wanting to reach out and hug his son.
"I am apart of him. He is apart of me. Together we are as one." Nadroj expressed with intense love emanating in his voice.
"Oh Tay! I love you!" Walker moaned as he smiled seeing Taylor go under the water and then coming back up again.
"I know it hurts me that I can't just go to him, but the magnetic waves prevent me from doing that. And I can't let the Faction know that we are here. Taylor is sensing me also but doesn't really understand why. I told him yesterday how to block the Faction from finding him by just going behind the barrier that I have placed in his mind to protect him. He is using that power. If he keeps it up they won't find him. They now have discovered that it has something to do with healing of why Taylor and I are apart of one another and they want to perform the Enosa on him if they capture him again." Nadroj explained watching Walker intently darting his eyes back and forth.
"Please tell me why can they hurt you if they find out about your bond? Why is it so important?" Walker asked still watching his son play in the water.
"What happened between Taylor and I was a miracle in itself. I was actually never meant to be. I have extreme powers because of him. I have my natural abilities like my people, but I also attained his. With his genes and my own I am the new race of my people. I am human also and the Faction can never know this or they would think of hurting your people. But only humans like your sons could only do this. Your sons my Walker are very special. There are only a few humans who are as psychically gifted as Ike, Taylor, and Zac." Nadroj explained as Walker sat with a look of awe covering his face.
"I didn't know." Walker murmured seeing Taylor step out of the water and looking down at his clothes with frown on his face. He watched as Taylor swished them through the water and placing them on the rocks to dry in the sun. He smiled as Taylor sat down looking content and then stretched out laying on the sand.
"I am glad he is free. How far away he is?" Walker asked watching Taylor fall asleep under the sun.
"Very far I am afraid. It would take us probably seven days to reach him from where he is now." Nadroj answered as they sat there together staring off into the distance.
"I am glad you are here Nodrow and I want to tell you that you were meant to be. Don't ever think otherwise. Your mother and father saved my son and for that I can never repay them. They saved a life and my son saved yours." Walker expressed looking deeply into Nadroj's blue intense eyes that filled with tears of emotion.
"Thank you my Walker. I would do anything for Taylor. He is like my brother. I love him very much." Nadroj said wanting Walker to know his feelings toward his son. Walker nodded his head understanding.
A few hours passed as they sat there together just enjoying the view. Nadroj jumped with Walker looking up at him wondering why his face turned into a frown.
"Oh NO!" Nadroj yelled with fear raging through him. He grabbed Walker's head again and let him see what he was seeing. He saw his son looking fearfully around him backing up toward the water.
"What is he afraid of? Is the Faction near him?" Walker asked shifting nervously as he grabbed onto Nadroj's hands.
"No it's a Emot! A Emot has sensed him! Taylor can't see it."
"Where?!" Walker moaned trying to see the creature.
"It is near the waterfall. Taylor sees it now! He must get into the water! It can't touch him there." Nadroj exclaimed fearfully.
Walker could see the translucent form coming near him as Taylor backed closer to the water with fear covering his face looking helpless, staring up at the creature.
"Tay the WATER! Jump in the WATER!" Walker screamed on the top of his lungs as the Emot lunged forward.

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