Color Of Blue

Chapter 14 - The Chase And Freedom

Taylor kept on walking till he felt like he would collapse. He wanted to get as far away as possible. He found a small cavern to spend the night. He fearfully looked into the distance wondering if they were now following him as he wrapped the blanket tightly around his shoulder's feeling the night's chill. He picked up a container with the mush and opened it, cringing again at the smell.
"I wish I had a hamburger to eat." Taylor mumbled to himself dipping his finger into the mush and placed the so called food into his mouth. Taylor frowned hating the sour taste, but ate it knowing he needed the nourishment if he wanted to go on. He darted his eyes fearfully when he heard a hissing sound fly past him. He backed up into the cave quickly.
"Oh God no! Please I can't let them find me again." Taylor thought with his heart starting to race with fear. He closed his eyes praying they wouldn't detect him.
"Use the light."
Taylor jumped hearing Nadroj's voice.
"The light?"
"In the memories my Taylor. The barrier I have placed within you."
Taylor suddenly sat up straight understanding. He reached in concentrating and hid his mind behind the block. He heard them just outside the cave.

"I thought I could feel him. Now he is gone!" Yven shouted reaching with his mind trying to find the connection again.
"Are you sure? I don't sense him at all. He must be still ahead of us." Retah complained stomping her foot angrily on the ground.
"I know I did! Don't tell me what I feel Retah!" Yven shouted back with his body turning into a shade of black.
"Well? He isn't here is he?!" Retah screamed back desperately looking around her. She couldn't believe that they could actually lose him or he could escape them.
"Stop bickering and let's stay calm here. We might as well go a little more further and then rest for the night. We'll pick up his trail in the morning." Suolaej instructed as he disappeared racing forward with his mates keeping up with him.

Taylor slowly came out from behind the barrier and peered out cautiously feeling relieved that they were gone. He sat back taking in a deep sigh of relief and smiled.
"Thanks Nodrow." He whispered under his breath. He was very tired and laid down onto his side bringing up the cover around his head. He went back into the barrier and fell asleep finally feeling safe.

Taylor woke up hearing a scratching sound near the entrance of the cave. He jumped seeing a small odd creature walk up to his food stores. It was purple in color and sort of reminded him of a rat but it was much larger. Taylor quietly slid his body against the wall when the thing made a hissing sound at him.
"It's okay. Take the food. I am certainly not going to stop you." Taylor murmured staying very still not wanting to startle the creature and fearfully watched it grabbing a container into his teeth and shot out of the cave at lightning speed.
"Man! That thing is fast!" Taylor exclaimed quickly picking up the rest of the food and the water bottles, wrapping them back up in the blanket and stepped outside into the sunlight. He looked up at the sky and squinted his eyes at the bright sun, wondering why the sky appeared to be a dull blue. He stepped carefully down the embankment and started walking in the direction over the cavern. He finally crossed to the other side and hoped that the aliens didn't go this way. He reached in his bundle for a bottle of water and opened it taking a few sips looking into the distance noticing a valley filled with yellow grass was ahead of him. He started to walk toward it feeling a sense of freedom. He knew his friends were very far ahead of him. Taylor looked down at himself thinking how dirty he felt.
"Wish I could take a bath. I stink!" Taylor chuckled as he tramped through the long yellow grass. He stopped when he suddenly saw something moving up ahead of him and then gluped hard seeing some force coming quickly at him. He dropped to the ground hiding in the tall grass knowing it was the aliens again. He went behind the barrier in his mind, when they stopped just inches away from him. He tried to control his breathing not wanting them to hear him and stayed as still as possible watching their feet fearfully.

"He has to be somewhere in this area. He couldn't have gotten any farther then this." Retah cried wondering why they couldn't pick up his presence.
"I could have swore I saw something around here just a moment ago!" Yven said still searching with his eyes scanning the grass.
Suolaej stood staring into the distance thinking intently and then a thought suddenly hit him.
"Suolaej do you sense him?" Retah asked becoming curious as to why he had a shocked expression on his face as if he realized something.
He turned and looked at her, then at Yven.
"I know what it is that the beast is trying to hide from us." Suolaej announced watching them cocking their heads at him in question.
"What my Suolaej?" Retah cooed looking up into his eyes.
"It is healing, but what has been taught to us to do in cases of extreme injury or sickness my mates?" Suolaej asked feeling smug that he realized this fact before them.
"To perform the Enosa. THE ENOSA! YES!" Yven shouted suddenly realizing what his mate was getting at.
"Now we have to find him at all costs!" Suolaej demanded looking up at the sky.

Taylor closed his eyes tightly hearing them say the Enosa. Fear engulfed him as he started to sweat and licked at his lips hoping they would leave.
"Oh God they know. Please let them go away!" Taylor begged in his mind as tears filled his eyes.
He heard a swooshing sound and saw them disappear. He sat up slowly and ran his hand through his hair. He knew now he couldn't let them capture him. Only one fact that he knew that they didn't understand was that Mayte was pregnant with Nadroj at the time when they healed him in the Enosa. He fearfully looked around wanting to get out of this valley as soon as possible. He stood up and ran toward a group of trees wanting to reach them so he would have more cover. He finally reached them and leaned against one trying to get his breath back. He noticed the air here was so much thinner and tired him out quicker then on their world. He could see some rocks through the trees just up ahead of him. He sensed that they would cover his trail even better. He quickly walked and kept looking back fearing that the aliens would see him somehow. When he reached them he climbed up and started to follow a path up the side of one of them.
The hours wore on as he walked and only stopped for some sips of water. He felt happy that they didn't seem to know where he was. As he sat on a rock he turned thinking he heard water rushing from somewhere. Taylor stood up and took a couple of steps and then saw to his delight a water fall.
"Yes!" Taylor shouted and ran toward it discovering a lake just below him. He carefully climbed down the rocks and plopped his bundle down stepping near the lake of water thinking how much he wanted a bath.
"Well no soap, but at least I can wash off all this dirt that is stuck on me." Taylor said as he quickly undressed and dived into the water. He came up to the surface throwing his head back loving the warm water surrounding him as he wiped the water away from his eyes and smiled. He swam happily toward the falls and then floated, letting his body drift, soaking in the warm rays of the sun. He dived down again and loved the feeling of the water on his skin. He playfully swam around enjoying his sense of freedom. He ran his arms through the water finally heading back to where his clothes were laying on the ground. He got out and ran his fingers through his wet hair pulling it back away from his face. He frowned looking down at the dirty clothes.
"Yuck! I have to put these back on?" Taylor mumbled to no one. He picked them up and dipped his jeans into the water swishing them through and then squeezed them out placing them onto a rock to dry in the sun, then did the same with the rest of his clothes. He sat on the ground enjoying the peace and quiet around him. He listened to the sounds of odd creatures hooting and whistling around him. He closed his eyes and laid back , stretching his body out on the soft sand, making sure he went into the barrier again and decided to take a nap.
Several hours later he woke up noticing the sun was dipping down in the horizon. He reached for his clothes feeling that they were dry and put them back on as he looked around wondering why he didn't hear any sounds in the area. There was only dead silence. He hated the feeling that suddenly filled him sensing some kind of danger. He looked around fearfully and jumped hearing a weird like moaning sound about a few feet away from him, yet he couldn't see anything. He backed up grabbing his food and water in the blanket feeling like something was just in front of him. The moaning sound was closer and his heart started to race.
"Wha... what is that?" Taylor whispered under his breath when a odd like translucent form seemed to cross over near the waterfall and started to head toward him. He swallowed hard backing up near the water. The thing moaned again when it started to hiss at him as Taylor's eyes opened wide with fear watching it approach.

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