Color Of Blue

Chapter 13 - The Test - Continued

Walker collasped onto the ground as Zac still hung limply in his arms. He noticed his son was breathing weird.
"IKE! Help us!" Walker shouted with fear raging through him. A hissing sound surrounded him as Haelz appeared in front of him. He looked up seeing Ike running to him following the others.
"Dad?! Wha... oh God! Zac?!" Ike yelled bolting to his side, falling onto his knees.
"He is in shock. What happened my Walker?" Haelz moaned caressing Zac's head lovingly.
"I don't know. We came upon a valley of flowers. It was beautiful, but a weird purple flower I think stung him. It seems to be moving up his arm. Please help him! Oh God Zac! Hang on son." Walker implored feeling extremely exhausted. Haelz lifted Zac into her arms and quickly ran with him back to their camp site. Neque sped ahead to meet them there.
Haelz gently laid Zac down onto a sleeping bag and ripped his shirt off, turning into a shade of blue. She could see the poison working its way through his body. She sadly saw that it had reached his shoulder.
Walker and Ike came up from behind watching their friends take care of Zac.
"Is he going to be alright?" Walker pleaded looking at Nadroj who bent down on the other side of Zac and touched his head lightly.
"We have to stop the poison. That flower he touched is deadly. Where is our wise one?" Nadroj asked looking desperately around.
"I am here. I have the medicine my friends." Neque announced holding a container in her hand.
"Why don't you just heal him?" Ike asked feeling his body shake noticing Zac was hardly breathing.
"We can't with this my Ike. The poison will enter us if we try to attempt it. This is a living thing that has entered his body." Neque explained as Ike swallowed hard with his heart starting to race. "Oh why did I let him go in there?" Walker groaned bowing his head sadly. Mayte rubbed his back trying to comfort him.
"We must wake him. He has to wake up so we know where the thing is in his body." Nadroj stated looking at Walker with tears filling his eyes. Walker slid forward and cradled Zac's face in his hands lovingly.
"ZAC! Zac? Please son wake up! Come on Zac! Please!" Walker begged slapping his face softly as everyone watched with anticipation. Walker fearfully kept calling to him with no response.
"Please Zac wake up!" Ike pleaded with tears starting to run down his face. He could see that Zac was getting very pale.
"ZAC!? PLEASE!" Walker yelled caressing Zac's cheek. He jumped slightly when Zac moved his head in his hands. "That's it Zac! Wake up! Come on son....listen to me!"
Zac moaned fluttering his eyes open.
"It hu... hurts Dad. Please get it out." Zac rasped in a weak whisper looking up into his father's scared eyes.
"Tell me where you feel it Zac. Where is it in your body?" Walker implored petting back Zac's wet hair from his forehead.
"My neck. Ohhhh... Dad it's in my neck! It's burning ME!" Zac cried swallowing hard as he started to shake. Ike reached down grabbing Zac's right hand and softly ran his thumb over his knuckles.
"Walker please move back a little. We have to get the poison out as fast as we can." Neque gently said as Walker moved back next to Ike. Neque opened the container she had and reached in dipping her hand into the paste like substance. She brought her hand up to Zac's neck and rubbed the paste onto the area. Nadroj softly but firmly held Zac's head as they all watched the area suddenly bubble up under the skin.
"DAD!" Zac screamed in agony feeling intense pain throb in his neck. Neque watched intently when the skin split open as the poison hit the air and dripped out down Zac's shoulder. Walker and Ike watched as their friends held Zac down who was starting to struggle against them.
"Don't move my Zac. Everything is going to be alright." Haelz cooed softly as Zac started to sob feeling very sick to his stomach.
"It is almost completely out my young one." Neque crooned lovingly trying to sooth Zac who she knew was filled with panic. The oozing finally stopped and Neque wiped the area gently with a cloth. She dipped another one in the substance and then dabbed the area softly. Demi placed his hand over the wound and healed up the opening. Zac shut his eyes as the tears dripped down his face.
"The main poison is out, but he still is very sick my friends." Neque stated looking up at Walker who's face was covered with concern.
"What do you mean?" Ike asked still holding Zac's hand noticing his brother was looking very sleepy and worn out.
"We have to rub this medicine over his left arm and shoulder that was infected by the poison. It will take awhile to heal." Neque informed them as Haelz took the jar and started rubbing Zac down with the medicine. Zac moaned looking up at her sadly.
"It still burns. Please make the burning stop." Zac groaned with more tears filling his eyes while he licked at his dry lips.
"This will take the pain away my Zac." Haelz cooed lovingly caressing his cheek as she looked deeply into his painfilled eyes. Zac nodded turning to look up at Ike who cracked a small smile trying to reasure him that he would be alright.
"I... I'm sorry." Zac whimpered softly with his bottom lip trembling a little.
"How long will this take for him to feel better?" Walker asked with concern looking from Neque to Mayte.
"We can't travel for at least two days. He is very weak." Mayte answered looking over to Nadroj who was gently stroking Zac's hair.
"I didn't mean to." Zac murmured looking up at Ike.
"Zac no one is mad at you." Walker consoled touching Zac's cheek lovingly.
"But I touched the flower. I shouldn't have touched....."
"Zac the flower jumped up at your hand. You didn't touch it. The flower attacked you!" Walker expressed bitterly remembering. Zac swallowed hard feeling very thirsty.
"Can I have some water?"
"Sure. I'll get you some." Ike exclaimed jumping up and running over to their supply and grabbed a canteen. He hurried back to his brother's side and put it next to his lips. Zac swallowed the water loving the cool wettness going down his parched throat. He put his hand up weakly signaling he had enough.
"But what about Taylor? We have to find him." Zac declared sadly feeling very sleepy as he blinked his eyes slowly.
"My friends I have something to tell you." Nadroj suddenly exclaimed standing up with a smile crossing his face.
"Nodrow? What is it?" Ike asked knowing their friend seemed suddenly excited.
"My Taylor! He did it! He put them into a trance like state." Nadroj chuckled smiling from ear to ear.
"Huh? What do you mean trance?" Walker asked looking up at him.
"He sang them into a trance. He used the gift that only your kind know how to do!" Nadroj announced feeling proud of his Taylor.
"Yeah! I remember when we sang for you in the tides our singing caused you to go into trance. GO TAYLOR!" Isaac shouted. Zac weakly closed his eyes feeling exhausted from the pain.
"He is standing outside now wondering which way to go." Nadroj informed them as Walker stood up.
"Can you show him the way?" Walker asked wishing he could run to his son.
"I gave him the sense of coming toward us. He is walking now and he has packed up food and water." Nadroj explained staring into the distance.
"But will he be alright Nodrow? He is alone out there." Walker asked with concern noticing Zac fell asleep with Haelz still petting his hair lovingly watching him.
"We can't go toward him until our Zac is well again. Don't worry my friend. I am watching over him." Nadroj declared trying to make Walker's fears calm down.
Ike jumped when the Nettik came up to the side of him and hooted. Walker looked at his son confused.
"Ahhh... the Net Tick likes me Dad. He is kind of cute." Ike stated reaching out and gently patted the little creature's head.
"I still don't like the color of Zac's arm. It's looks so white." Walker said with concern.
"It is normal. I will keep putting the cream onto his arm. He is resting peacefully now my Walker." Haelz expressed glowing in a light shade of gold.
"Thank you so much for helping him." Walker smiled looking up at the beings who bowed their heads.
"We would do anything for your young ones my friend. They are very special to us." Neque expressed turning into a intense shade of gold. Walker crinkled his eyebrows together at the statement.
"They saved our world from destruction and for that we are forever in their debt." Demi exclaimed proudly looking at Ike who blushed a little.
"We are legends." Zac mumbled as everyone jumped and then chuckled seeing that Zac was smiling even though his eyes were closed.
"Yeah Zac. Just rest now." Walker laughed caressing his son's cheek and prayed silently that Taylor would find his way to them. He felt a sense of pride that Taylor found a way to escape these evil ones.


Retah jumped when she suddenly felt herself being shook by the shoulders roughly. She looked up seeing Suolaej in a shade of intense black. She shook her head trying to rid herself of the feeling that overwhelmed her.
"Come on Retah! Snap out of it! The creature has done it again!" Suolaej bellowed angrily as she looked toward the table and saw that the young one wasn't there.
"Where is he?!" Retah yelled with fear suddenly coursing through her.
"What kind of power did he use on us? He tricked us again!" Yven bitterly moaned hating the fact that the creature had once again escaped them. He vowed to himself that he would inflict severe punishment this time when they captured him again.
"Well we can't just stand here! Let's get him!" Suolaej exclaimed heading for the door. He threw out in his mind trying to get a sense in what direction the creature went, but he couldn't sense it. He wondered how long they were trapped in that trance like state he put them in.
"I can't locate him." Suolaej grumbled as he headed for the door outside.
"He took water and food with him." Retah said pointing at the doors that were left open by Taylor.
They all bolted outside noticing it was night. Frustration and anger grew within them.
"I see his foot prints in the soil. He has headed north. He got a good head start this time." Yven exclaimed looking into the distance.
"We'll get him. He is only a human and he doesn't know how to survive in this wilderness." Suolaej said as he sped forward following the tracks of the young one with his mates following.

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