Color Of Blue

Chapter 13 - The Test

Taylor woke up finding himself strapped tightly down on a table, that was tilted a little forward. Slowly he opened his eyes still feeling the pain throb in his head. He noticed he was alone and tried to lift his head up. His hands were strapped down near his head and he felt his feet and legs were strapped down also.
"Where am I?" Taylor thought with fear coursing through him. This room was different from the lab. It had a few pieces of odd looking machinery that surrounded the area. He shivered slightly noticing his shirt was off again and probe like things were stuck onto his chest.
"What are they going to do to me this time?" Taylor thought when suddenly the Faction entered the room making Taylor want to cringe as they approached him.
"It's about time you woke up young one." Yven mumbled glowing in a shade of light blue feeling annoyed and still angry at the creature who stared at him with fear.
"Well I want to begin the testing." Suolaej stated stepping up near Taylor who sucked in a sharp breath.
"What are you going to do?" Taylor rasped fearfully searching the alien's face for a answer.
"We are going to test the theory of healing."
"What? What do you mean?" Taylor asked crinkling up his brows as he shifted a little, squeezing his hands into fists pressing against the straps that bound him.
"So far through our analysis of the information we have attained, we think that healing had something to do with the fact that your body had somehow intermixed with our DNA code." Suolaej explained watching the young one's facial expression turn into a frown.
"I..I don't know what you are talking about." Taylor murmured sucking in a deep breath.
"We are going to hurt you and then heal you to see if you intermix again." Retah informed him as Taylor's eyes filled with tears.
"How? Please I can't take much more of this! I think you are wrong!" Taylor shouted twisting his hands against the straps as his stomach turned into knots.
"Then tell us what Nadroj is trying to hide from us in your memories and we will end this test." Yven bellowed stepping up near Suolaej.
"I..I can't. You want to destroy my friend and I won't let you." Taylor exclaimed licking his lips angrily.
"Well then we will proceed." Suolaej coldly expressed walking up near a table lifting up a instrument and walked back to the front of Taylor. He switched the tool on as it hummed in his hand. Taylor swallowed hard watching him. Suolaej brought the tool up near the creature's left side.
"No! Please don't!" Taylor moaned with tears springing up in his eyes. He shut them tightly getting ready for the pain.
"Then tell us?" Retah asked again watching the young one shiver.
"NO!" Taylor yelled defiantly as the tool softly touched his skin.
"This won't hurt you to bad." Suolaej explained watching Taylor's face twist into a look of pain.
"Ahhhhhh....please!" Taylor screamed feeling a sharp bolt of energy painfully shoot into his side. He felt as if his ribs were cracking.
"I think that is enough." Yven stated watching the monitors to check the levels of reaction from the creature.
"STOP! Oh GOD! PLEASE!" Taylor begged as he tried to twist away from the pain that the tool was causing. Suolaej drew back intently watching Taylor who moaned with tears flowing down the sides of his face. Retah stepped forward as Taylor looked fearfully down at her. She raised her hands and gently pressed them onto his wounded side.
"Go AWAY!" Taylor rasped as he shook with sweat rolling down his body.
"I am just going to heal you now. We will become apart of each other." Retah declared feeling excitement course through her as she brought her healing light forth and enter the area of damage. She glowed in a intense shade of gold. Taylor felt the soothing warmth fill him as he slowly turned his head taking in deep breaths. Retah stepped back and cocked her head. She blinked as she looked down at her hands.
"I don't feel any different." She said turning toward Yven who approached her.
"Let's go into the lab and check out your DNA code to see if any of his mixed with yours." Yven asserted boldly.
"What if nothing happened?" Retah asked feeling a little disappointed with the test. She expected more to happen.
"Then we will do it again until we discover this mystery." Suolaej answered leading his mates into the other room.

Taylor looked up at the ceiling and then toward the room where he knew they were testing out the results. He knew they would find nothing. Angrily he twisted his right hand.
"I have to escape! I can't let them keep doing this to me." Taylor thought dreading the idea that they were going to hurt him again. He desperately thought of his family. He wanted to be with them so much. He wanted his mother's arms around him. Tearfully he turned his head to the right, looking at the strap around his wrist. A feeling suddenly overcame him knowing they were coming for him.
"Nadroj? Are you there? Please tell me if you are. I can feel you." Taylor whispered under his breath. A smile crossed his face when the room took on a golden hue. He knew it was Nadroj trying to tell him in his way that he was with him. Taylor closed his eyes and sighed deeply.
"As one." Taylor thought wishing he could go to him. Even though he was scared he started to hum one of their songs in his head to try to calm down his nerves. He jumped hearing something bang in the other room. He knew they were coming back probably to inflict more pain on him. Anger built up inside of him as he squeezed his right hand against the strap. Suddenly he felt it give way as it snapped forward a little from the pressure he used against it. He heard the door to the room slide open. He noticed that they were glowing in a shade of dark blue. Yven approached him grabbing his face roughly under the chin with his hand.
"We found nothing!" Yven shouted angrily with Taylor just staring back keeping silent.
"We will do it again. Maybe there is a certain area on your body that is the source." Suolaej said matter of factly and went to get the instrument again.
"Please. You can't keep doing this. You won't find the answer." Taylor pleaded cringing against the table as Suolaej looked at his body up and down trying to figure out where to hurt him next.
"Quiet! I will find the answer even though that beast is trying to hide it from us!" Suolaej declared noticing the young one started to shake again. He thought maybe the area was near the heart of this young one and raised it up to touch the area.
"Wait! Please before you start." Taylor pleaded licking his lips remembering something from his past.
"What?!" Suolaej grumbled cocking his head to the right.
"Whatever my friend is trying to hide from you is a mystery to me too. I swear to you, I don't know why my DNA mixed with his. I know when my friend Demi healed me he always wanted me to sing to him first. I...I can't take this anymore and I think I know the answer. Please I don't want to be hurt anymore!" Taylor said looking at the tool fearfully hearing it hum and hoped they would fall for his plan.
"Sing? What is sing?" Retah asked cocking her head curiously.
"Ahhh... it is music. My kind use it to heal. But I have to do it first. I remember before I was hurt I sang and before he healed me he told me to do it again. It was how he healed me." Taylor explained watching their bodies turn into a shades of yellow.
"I don't believe you." Yven declared not trusting this creature who turned to look at him.
"I am telling you the truth. I swear it! Please let me sing." Taylor expressed fearfully.
"Let him do this sing thing if it makes him happy. You are just trying to stall us from doing the test." Suolaej attested as Taylor blinked at him casting his eyes up and down.
"Yes. I want to hear this sing or music." Retah stated feeling smug knowing he wasn't going to trick them again.
"Do it then if you makes you happy! Get it over with so I can proceed with the test young one." Suolaej demanded hearing the creature clear his throat.

Taylor decided to sing to Save Me. He hoped it would have the same effect on them like it did with his friends. He sucked in a deep breath trying to look pitiful. He closed his eyes and with all the passion he had within him, he began.

The sound filled the room as Suolaej, Yven, and Retah stood in awe of the feeling that overcame them. A kind of peace and serenity filled every pore of their bodies. They never heard a sound like this before and the affect was so soothing. Suolaej dropped his arm down and the tool slid out of his hand as he went into a trance with his mates.

Taylor watched the beings as he sang with all the passion in his heart. Excitement filled him when he saw them start to sway with their eyes half shut in pleasure. He knew they were caught in the sound like his friends were so long ago. He turned still singing and pushed against the strap watching it pop away from his right hand. He ran his hand through his hair ending the song dramatically with extra emphasis on the last words. He looked at them as they still stood in a trance with their bodies still swaying back and forth.
"Can you hear me?" Taylor asked noticing they didn't respond to his question. He smiled and reached over to the other strap that bound his left hand and figured out how to release it. He ripped the probes off his chest feeling them sting a little. He quickly took off the straps over his knees and feet as he slid off the table. He rubbed at his arms feeling cold and saw his shirt laying on the floor under the table. He picked it up and put it on, turning to make sure they were still in the trance. He walked up to the female and poked her gently in the stomach, hearing her moan slightly.
"You never knew the power of music huh?" Taylor chuckled as he walked out of the room into the lab. He quickly went through the other door knowing he had to hurry if he wanted to escape. He was glad he felt no pain from the last healing that they did to him. He turned looking at the room that was his prison for the last few days. He ran and ripped the blanket off the cushion and went to the wall where he knew the water bottles were stored and passed his hand over the panel like the female alien did and saw it open up. He grabbed several placing them on the blanket and then ran over to the other wall opening it also as he crinkled his nose looking at all the food they had prepared for him. He searched for some of the mush like stuff that he remembered tasted like chicken. Then he wrapped up the stuff in the blanket forming a pouch and slipped it on his shoulder, bolting for the door to freedom. The air outside was cool and not as windy as yesterday. He looked at the land before him wondering which direction to go. A feeling overcame him to go straight north. He looked back at the door swallowing hard as he walked at a fast pace, knowing they would be in their trance like state for at least another few hours.

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