Color Of Blue

Chapter 11 - Tell Us Now

Retah stared at the sleeping young one, who was on his side facing away from her. She gently petted his soft strands running them behind the flesh around the ear with her fingertips. Even though she was angry with him for traveling around with his mind eariler, apart of her felt sorry for him. She knew he still felt the pain that they punished him with. She wondered why he was so stubborn. In a way she felt more attracted to him because of this quality about him. Everytime she looked into his blue eyes it made her yearn for him more. She wished she could shake the feeling, but somehow his presence brought out her feelings she had toward Nadroj. In her heart she still loved Nadroj and this human creature reminded her of him constantly. Retah gazed up and down his body that was sleeping in a fetal position. Suddenly he rolled onto his back moaning a little as he turned. She cocked her head intently looking at his features. She reached out and slowly ran her fingertip down the bridge of his nose. She watched as he fluttered his eyes open and saw him jump looking deeply into her eyes fearfully.

Taylor jumped feeling shocked that Retah was sitting next to him by his cushion. He licked at his dry lips wondering how long she was there watching him.
"Water?" He murmured softly still feeling his head ache with pain.
She reached down and brought up a bottle that she had placed next to her when she came into the room, thinking he may need some when he woke up. She placed her hand under his head gently and raised it up slightly. Taylor looked shyly up at her, taking a sip as she brought the bottle to his lips.
"Are you hungry young one?" Retah asked in a cold tone of voice.
"Yes." Taylor answered wondering why she asked. He knew they said they weren't going to feed him.
"I will get you something to eat then." Retah stated standing up and started walking toward the entrance into the room.
"But I thought you weren't going to give me ...."
"We have decided that this plan of action won't work with you. You are to obstinate to give in young one."
Taylor just looked at her as she left the room heading for a room next to the lab. He saw the magentic waves close up the opening as she left. He gazed up at the ceiling with tears filling his eyes from the pain that throbbed in his head. He wondered what they had in store for him today and why all of a sudden they made this decision, when they seemed intent on starving him eariler. Fear filled up his stomach wondering if somehow he let them know something when he wasn't in control of his thoughts as they filled his mind with extreme pain for punishment yesterday. He tried to sit up, but the pain was to much and made him dizzy. He sucked in a deep breath laying back down.
"I'm afraid." Taylor mumbled under his breath when he heard the door to the room open and watched Retah come out carrying a tray with her. She approached the control panel opening a gap again and walked back in toward Taylor. She sat down next to him and cocked her head looking at him shivering.
"Why are you shaking young one?" Retah asked.
"I feel cold. My head hurts." Taylor moaned jumping slightly when she placed her hand on his forehead.
"Maybe some food will make you feel better." Retah cooed watching the creature's face turn into frown.
"Why... why are you being nice to me?"
"What do you mean?"
"I thought you were angry with me." Taylor answered swallowing hard as she lifted a bowl of a mush like substance near his shoulder.
"We are not angry with you anymore. But I still don't like you." Retah informed him watching his eyes dart from side to side. A yearning sensation filled her remembering Nadroj did that with his eyes too when he felt unsure about things.
"Can... can you heal this pain I feel?" Taylor pleaded searching her face.
"We want you to feel this pain till it subsides. You have to learn to listen to us." Retah answered watching the water fill his eyes.
"I won't use my mind like that anymore. I promised you." Taylor exclaimed hoping she would believe him.
"You have lied to us before. You will have to gain our trust back before we believe you." Retah attested lifting up a spoon and placing it in the mush.
Taylor watched as she scooped up some of the mush and brought it to his lips. He reached out placing his hand over her's pulling it away a little.
"I can't eat that. It..."
"I have changed the flavor of the food. I hope it is more to your taste young one." Retah declared pushing her hand toward his lips again. Taylor sniffed the food and cringed slightly at the smell.
"It still smells awful. I don't think I will..."
"Try it! You have to eat this human to survive!" Retah shouted making him jump fearfully.
He nodded his head opening his mouth as she placed the mush into his mouth. Taylor ran the food around noticing it had a chicken like flavor. It was a little sour but at least he felt it was edible this time. She brought up another mouthful and he ate the whole bowl full satisfying the alien who turned into a light shade of gold. She put the empty bowl back onto the tray and gazed intently at him again. Taylor cast his eyes up and down wishing she would leave. He didn't like the feeling he was getting from her. She reached out and gingerly ran her finger down his right cheek. Taylor cringed as he moved to the side.
"Please stop touching me." Taylor whispered fearfully as she then ran her fingertips along his forehead. He swallowed hard closing his eyes.
"You are just so beautiful young one." Retah purred enjoying the soft skin of the creature.
"I don't like it! Please go away." Taylor begged to afraid to stop her in fear she would give him more pain again.
"You're so much like him. Why is that? I want to know the secret that bonds you to him." Retah said softly still running her fingers over his face lightly.
"I... I..." Taylor began as he shivered from her touch.
"Why did Emitforecnalab heal you?" Retah asked noticing Taylor jumped back at the question.
"Hea... heal?" Taylor could only say back with fear suddenly raging through him wondering if they broke through the block in his mind. His eyes filled with tears as he licked his lips nervously.
"Yes. I heard you say heal in your mind. What are you so afraid of young one?" Retah asked liking the idea that his reaction indicated the answer that they were seeking.
"Uhhh... yes Demi healed me with his light one time when I was hurting a lit...little." Taylor answered as he sat up and backed away from her.
"Tell me Taylor... how did he heal you?" Retah crooned reaching out toward him and grabbed his arm pulling him forward gently as she placed her hand on his left cheek and gingerly ran her hand down to his chest.
"Wit... with his healing light." Taylor exclaimed fearfully looking into her eyes and tried to pull away from her. She gripped his arm harder as he fought her touch.
"The healing is the secret. Isn't it young one?" Retah asked looking into his wide nervous eyes.
"I don't know why. I told you that! Please stop touching me! Go AWAY!" Taylor shouted finally pushing her roughly away from him. He glupped watching her turn into a dark blue shade.
"Your reaction indicates that I am right. Tell me now!" Retah demanded grabbing him by the shoulders. Taylor squirmed his body trying to get out of her grip.
"Is it? You tell me!" Taylor yelled back angrily looking her straight in the face boldly. She roughly threw him backwards hating his definance.
"Time will tell us the answer. We will break through that barrier in your mind." Retah contested turning away as she walked out of the room and brought the wall back up. She felt smug knowing she finally touched the surface with the answer. She left him and entered the lab.

Taylor sat bringing his head down into his hands feeling his stomach turning into knots. He sucked in a deep breath wondering what she was going to tell the other two aliens. It relieved him knowing they really didn't know the answer yet. He raised his head suddenly feeling Nadroj's presence around him. He looked around longingly wondering why at times he could feel him. He looked toward the room and swallowed hard wanting desperately to know what was going on in there. Nervously he ran his hand through his hair.
"I have to see." Taylor thought bringing forth his mind again, but this time putting up the block like Demi taught him. He knew the last time he forgot to do this action. He breathed deeply and went through the magnetic barrier again and slowly with caution cast his energy toward the lab and went into the room seeing them standing around a monitor discussing something. Suolaej looked frustrated and angry. He carefully approached so he could see and hear what they were doing.

"But what does healing have to do with Nadroj's power? I don't see the point Retah!" Suolaej questioned looking back up at the monitor with the image of the creature's body on it.
"He became extremely nervous when I questioned him about it. There is something there my Suolaej. I know it!" Retah announced defending herself.
"Healing? But why?" Yven asked trying to figure out if Retah had figured out part of the answer.
"Look at him! I don't see it." Suolaej stated pointing at the image.
"But why are our genes apart of him? Look at how the DNA of both our species our intermixed in him. How did that happen? Maybe Nadroj is the same way." Retah exclaimed pointing at the area where their DNA was in the creature's body.

Taylor glupped as he heard what they said. He crinkled his eyebrows together when he heard them say that he had some of their DNA mixed in him. A shudder went up his spine. He never realized that the genetic makeup of Nadroj somehow mixed with him during the time they were healing him with the Enosa.
"Is that why I can feel Nod..row at times?" Taylor questioned feeling a little scared at this discovery. He stopped and listened wanting to know more.

"I agree. We will put him through another test. These human's are very sensative to pain and maybe that is how it happened." Yven said looking behind him feeling like something was watching them, but he couldn't pin point it.
"We will wound this creature and then heal him to see if somehow our DNA will intermix with him." Suolaej declared.
"If we can only find out the source of Nadroj's power then we could attain it and then destroy that beast!" Yven boldly shouted liking the thought that roamed in his mind.

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