Color Of Blue

Chapter 11 - Tell Us Now - Continued

Taylor jumped fearfully hearing them saying they were going to hurt him. He slapped back into his own mind and stood up with his heart racing wanting to get away. He ran to the magnetic wall sucking in rapid breaths watching the door to the lab nervously.
"Oh God help me! I have to get out!" Taylor screamed in his mind fearfully looking at the console with the switches.
"If I only had Zac's power, then I could move them." Taylor thought with tears filling his eyes. He backed up as he heard the door to the lab slide open and they walked out toward him. Yven went to console and opened a door into the wall.
"STAY AWAY FROM ME!" Taylor screamed still backing away as they approached him.
"Calm down young one. We aren't going to hurt you." Suolaej cooed watching the creature move to the right.
"No! Don't touch me!" Taylor pleaded as Suolaej reached for him. Taylor quickly sprung to the left as the alien's arm just missed him.
"You will do as we say!" Suolaej declared lunging his body at him. He caught Taylor's arm pulling him roughly toward him as he fought pulling himself backwards.
"Do you want us to control you again?" Yven warned as Taylor's eyes grew wide with fear.
"No... please!" Taylor moaned when he suddenly threw out a bolt of energy at them watching them all fly backwards through the air hitting the floor with a loud thud. Taylor stood there and shook nervously noticing they weren't moving. He cautiously walked up to the one named Suolaej and gazed down at him. He gingerly tapped his foot against the alien's side swallowing hard and saw that he didn't move.
"I... I knocked them out?" Taylor questioned himself feeling shocked that he actually did this to them.

He looked up and saw that the gap was still there. He raced toward it and saw Yven moaning softly on the floor. Taylor quickly ran to the door and rushed outside as the wind hit him in the face. He desperately looked around him wondering which way to run. His heart raced as he decided to run straight ahead as fast as he could. It was night and he ran till he felt like his lungs were going to burst with sweat dripping down from his forehead. He stopped and leaned heavily against a huge boulder gasping for air. Fearfully he slid down as he sat on the ground trying to regain his breathing. Suddenly he heard a hissing sound as he shivered violently against the rock. It seemed to pass him as he fearfully gazed ahead of him. He knew they were searching for him. He saw a small gap like hole near the bottom of the boulder and moved his body sliding inside. He peared out and fearfully shook when he saw all three suddenly appear just a few feet away from him.

"Where is HE?!" Suolaej roared with anger searching around with his eyes.
"I saw him running this way! He can't be too far from us!" Retah said angrily rubbing at her head still feeling the pain that the young one threw at them.
"I never expected he could do that to us. We can never underestimate him anymore." Yven added feeling frustration build inside him.
"We have to find him. We can't let him get away." Suolaej declared knowing and feeling that the young one was close.
"Why did he react like that anyway? It was like he knew what we were going to do." Retah questioned when they all turned toward the huge rock looking at it intently.

Taylor saw them look his way and tried to slide back as far as he could feeling panic overcome him. He watched them step near the rock seeing their feet just in front of him. He placed his hands over his face sucking in rasping breaths of fear.
"He is under the rock!" Retah yelled bending over and peered into the hole seeing the creature cringe in terror.
"Come out of there!" Suolaej demanded pushing Retah out of the way and looked at the creature who eyes were wide with fear.
"Noooo!" Taylor groaned as he started to sob watching Suolaej's arm reach for him. Taylor slid back farther until he felt his back hit the wall of rock. Suolaej couldn't reach him. He licked at his lips watching them intently. Suddenly he felt a force pulling at him moving him forward against his will. Taylor tried to fight the pull with all the strength he had within him, but he was so exhausted and slowly he was dragged toward them. He let out a sob of agony when Suolaej grabbed onto his arms and pulled him out roughly, lifting him angrily into the air shaking him.
"NOOOOOOO!" Taylor screamed in terror with his body and clothes covered with yellow dirt. He lashed out kicking his legs and swinging his arms into the air. Suolaej dropped him, watching him hit the ground, which knocked the wind out of him. The alien grabbed onto his head throwing the strongest surge of pain into Taylor's mind. Taylor twisted his body and brought his arms across his face trying to block the pain that filled him. They watched as his body went limp. They stood glowing in shades of black anger as Suolaej lifted him into his arms and began walking back to the complex slowly, with his mates following him. They now could proceed with their tests on the creature and determine the nature of why this one was apart of the beast. Suolaej knew they were closer to the answer as he looked down at the limp body in his arms of Taylor.

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