Livin' Tulsa, Lovin' Hanson

Chapter 7 - "He Grabbed My Hand"

"Come on Jacq, your hair looks fine, lets go!" Amanda winned.
"Coming...", she shouted from her bedroom.
The girls quickly skated down the road to Hanson's house.
"Hi Ike!" Jacq shouted from the road.
"Hey, How are you?" he asked.
"I'm good." she smiled.
"Hey Amanda." Tay greeted her.
"Hey! Where's Zac?"
"I'll get him." Ike told us. "Jacq, want to come with me?"
"Did you sleep well after the concert?" Tay asked Amanda.
"Yea, like a baby."
"What about you"?
"In two seconds I was out!"
Ike and Jacq stood at the bottom of the stairs.
"Zac!" he shouted. "Are you coming?"
"Yeah, I'm coming," he shouted back.
Amanda and Tay were getting ready to rollarblade.
"Ready to work on your turns?"
"Yeah, as long as I don't fall."
"You wont fall, I'll spot you." He blushed. "Just skate towards me".
"Here goes." Amanda started off.
She gently turned her skates but started to fall. Tay hurriedly reached out and grabbed her hand and pulled her up.
"Whoa, that was close."
"Don't worry, you'll get it. Try again."
Slowly she started skating towards Tay. She clinched her hands and gently turned.
"Wow, I finally did it."
"That was great."
"OK Jacq, now you gotta do it." Amanda told her.
"I want to learn how to skate backwards," she told Ike.
"OK, just move your feet back and forth, don't look down, look at me. And if you feel like your gonna bust it, I'll grab your hand."
"Let's see if I can do this."
"Remember, dont look down, you'll loose your balance."
Jacq slipped but Ike grabbed her hands.
"Are you OK?"
Jacq noticed that he still hadn't let go of her hands, but she didn't mind.
"Amanda, it won't be long and you'll be able to do tricks."
"You think so Zac?" she giggled.
"Yep, you're talking to a pro here."
"Well, Jacq, we better go. I've gotta go feed the horses."
"Oh, guess we should go."
"You have horses?" Tay asked her.
"I really like horses."
"You and your brothers are welcomed to come up and ride with me when you're free."
"That'd be awesome."


"Daddy, is the pool fixed yet?"
"Yes, they came yesterday while you and Jacq were out skating."
"Cool, so could I invite Jacq, Ike, Tay, and Zac over?"
"That'll be fine."
Amanda called Jacq.
"Hey, wanna come up and swim today? I'm gonna invite Ike, Tay, and Zac too."
"Of course I wanna come!"
"Well, let me go call them, I'll see you around twelve, okay?"
"OKAY, bye."
They hung up and Amanda dialed Hanson's number.
"Please be home.", she said to herself.
"Hey Ike. This is Amanda."
"Zac," he shouted, "quit banging on the drums! I'm on the phone."
"Sorry... he's a bit wild today."
"Well, I was wondering if you guys wanted to come over and swim?"
"Hold on I'll ask them."
"Taylor, Zac!? You want to go to Amanda's and swim?"
"Yippie!" Zac exclaimed.
"I want to go." Tay told him.
"Taylor, you only want to go so you can see Amanda", he teased.
"Shut up Zac! Ike's on the phone with her."
"blah blah blah." Zac mouthed to Taylor.
"Yeah, that sounds great. What time?"
"Around twelve. My mom is gonna set out some lunch stuff."
"That sounds good. We'll see you then."
"Okay, bye."
"Zac, do you have to be so loud when I'm on the phone?" Ike asked.
"She better not have heard you Zac or I'm gonna kill you." Taylor said.
"I doubt it." Ike said. "I could barley hear. So.. Taylor, you like her?"
"Yeah." He blushed.
"I seriously think she likes you back."
"Really?" He said in a surprised voice. "You like Jacq don't you?"
Ike smiled. "Yep."

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