Livin' Tulsa, Lovin' Hanson

Chapter 8 - "A Game Of Chicken"

"Jacq, does this swim suit make my butt look big"? Amanda asked.
"No, why are you so worried?"
"Because I really like Tay and I want to look nice but not show to much."
"Your not showing to much."
"So, it looks fine?" she asked again.
"Yes Amanda, stop worrying and lets go."
Back at the Hanson house, Ms. Hanson asked if the boys wanted some lunch.
"Nope." Zac said.
"We're eating at Amanda's."
"She sounds like a sweet girl," their mother said.
"Don't forget about Jacq, their best friends."
"How bout we invite them over for supper tonight?" Diana asked.
"Good idea, lets go guys," Ike said.
Amanda and Jacq were bringing out the food.
"We're gonna have a blast, they should be here soon." Jacq said.
"We're here." Taylor said.
"Lets go to the door." Ike told them.
The boys went and knocked on the door. Amanda's mom answered the door.
"Hi boys, I'm Amanda's mom. The girls are already in the back."
The guys walked over to the table, it had an umbrella over it. Jacq was the first to see them.
"Hey guys!"
"Hey, help yourself to the food, we've got sandwiches, chips, cookies, fruit." Amanda told them.
"This is nice of your mom to put all this food out." Ike said.
"I dont know about you guys but I'm jumping in," Zac shouted.
The guys quickly took their shirts off and headed for the pool. The girls hurried after them.
"Cannon ball" Zac shouted as he jumped in.
"Wow, I didn't think the water would be this warm." Tay said.
"Yeah, if feels great, how bout we play a game of chicken?" Ike asked.
"You guys go ahead, I'm gonna eat." Zac told them.
"Sounds good to me." Tay said.
"Let the war begin, your going down Amanda!" Jacq said.
"And what makes you think that?" she asked.
"Just wait and see."
They made their way to the shallow end of the pool.
"You want to get on my shoulders Amanda?" Tay asked.
"OK, I'm gonna go under and hold my hands up so you can get on."
Amanda carefully got up on Taylor's shoulders. She grabbed his hands and he stood up. Tay
put his hands right above her knees so he could try to keep her on during the fight. Amanda
knew her face was turning red. When Jacq got up on Ike's shoulders, Zac shouted. "Fight,
Fight" Ike and Tay walked towards each other with the girls on their shoulders. Jacq tried to
grab Amanda's arm but Tay backed up quick. Suddenly Amanda grabbed Jacq's hand and
pulled her sideways, getting her off balance. She fell over Ike's head.
"Ha Ha, we beat you." Amanda said.
"I'm gonna get something to drink, anyone wanna come?"
"I will." Ike said.
While Tay and Amanda shared a bowl of strawberries, Ike was telling them
about the cook out they were having and their parents wanted them to come
"Cool, my parents have been wanting to meet your parents." Amanda said.
"Yeah, that'd be cool." Jacq said, looking at Ike.
"How does 6 sound?" Ike asked.
"Sounds good to me." Amanda told him.
"Hey guys, it's already 3 o'clock and we gotta practice some before supper tonight."
"Yeah Zac, your right. I almost forgot." Ike said.
"Thanks for having us over, I had a great time." Tay said.
"Hey, I'm glad you guys could come." Amanda smiled.
"See you guys tonite." Jacq said, smiling at Ike.

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