Livin' Tulsa, Lovin' Hanson

Chapter 6 - "Rollerblading"

After all the fans left the building, Zac told them to come back to the dressing room with them. They snacked on some cookies and soda Ms. Hanson had made.
"You boys did a great show." Mr. Hanson told them.
"I never thought so many people would have come." Ike said.
"I knew they would." Jacq said.
"How did you know?"
"Well, you have three talented and attractive guys playing the best music I've ever heard."
"Yep! I agree with you Jacq."
Mr. Hanson walked back into the room.
"Guys, the equipment is loaded are ya'll ready?"
"Yep, but don't forget the cookies."
Zac ran over to the table and got them.
"Amanda, you know what we forgot?" Jacq asked.
"Umm, no what?" she said a little confused.
"Our posters" she shouted.
"Awww man."
"I have an idea,' Ike told them. "How bout we all go roller blading tomorrow around lunch, you can bring the posters then."
"Good idea Ike. Tay told him.
"Zac, wanna come?"
"I dunno, gotta check my schedule. yep I'm free."
They got in the limo, Jacq and Ike on one side and Amanda in between Tay and Zac on the other side.
"I'm just gonna warn you Ike, I'm not very good at rollarblading." Jacq told him.
"Don't worry, I'll help you."
"What about you Amanda?" Tay asked.
"I'm ok, the turns are what kill me."
"Remember the turn when you really busted it?" Jacq asked laughing.
"Yeah, I went down."she said, laughing along with Jacq.
"I'm the pro, can't I help her?" Zac asked.
"I could use some pointers from you to Zac." Amanda told him.
"Here's your house Amanda, hope you girls had fun."
"I had a blast, thanks for the ride."
"Thanks guys, this has been great."
"Hey, don't forget to meet us at our house about 1PM." Zac told them.
"We wont, bye." the girls said.

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