Livin' Tulsa, Lovin' Hanson

Chapter 5 - "Limo Ride And A Concert"

Jacq and Amanda were running around like they were crazy.
"Jacq, are you sure these boots go with these pants?"
"Yes, we're wearing the same pants and boots remember, hello where have you been?"
"Oh yeah. We only have 10 minutes until they get here."
"Lets go chill in the kitchen."
"Do we have everything, money, our brains?" '
Yep, I think so." she laughed.
There was a knock at the door.
"It's them, ahhhh!" Jacq screeched.
"It's show time." Jacq opened the door.
"Hi guys." "Hey, you and Amanda ready?" Ike asked.
"Yeah" they both said.
The driver was standing out by the limo. He opened the door for the girls, then the guys got in.
"Would anyone like something to drink?" Ike asked. He passed out their drinks.
"How long is it gonna take to get there" Zac asked.
"About 40 minutes" Ike told him.
"How many sprites do you think I can drink till we get there?" he asked with a grin.
"Zac, don't even try. you'll make yourself sick!"
"Just kidding Ikey-pooh."
"That's how little brothers are."
"You have brothers" Tay asked.
"Yea, 2, Kyle and Isaac."
"What about Isaac?"
"No goofy, Amanda has a little brother named Isaac."
"Oh, cool."
"Guys, look at all the people out front!" Zac said in shock.


"Well, only 15 minutes left till all the fans get in here. You and Jacq pick your seats. We're going to do another sound check." Ike informed them.
"Lets sit right here Amanda."
"This looks good. Hey, you didn't have much to say in the van Jacq."
"That's cuz I was to busy looking at Ike, I really like him."
"I think he likes you too. Oh look, there letting all the fans in now."
"Gosh, I've never seen so many people!"
"This is gonna rock!"
They started the concert by singing "Look at You." Amanda and Jacq stood up
and clapped and sung along with them.
Ike told the crowd, "Our next song is 'I Will Come to You.'
Jacq grabbed Amanda's arm.
"He looked me right in the eye!"
"Because he likes you duh!"
"I think Tay likes you."
"Why do you say that?"
"Well, for one thing, he's looking right at you."
"Are you serious?"
"Yeah, look up." She looked up and sure enough Tay looked at her and smiled. Amanda smiled back, still singing along with them.
They ended the concert with "MMMBop" and said goodbye to their fans.

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