Livin' Tulsa, Lovin' Hanson

Chapter 2 - "Water Gun Fight"

How much longer is this gonna take?", Jacq whinned.
"It's been 10 minutes, lets just pick up the pace."
"Hey aren't you having a pool party?"
"Yea, just as soon as the pool people come."
"Oh my god, stop!" Jacq shouted.
"Look at the boy down there, who does it look like?"
"Well, like Zac."
"I'm not believing this!"
"Omygosh, me neither." "Lets go say hi," Amanda suggested. The girls skated to the front of the house.
"Uh, Zac, hi, I'm Jacq and this is my best friend Amanda."
"Hi, nice to meet you." He gave a friendly smile.
"What are you going to do with all those water guns?"
"Me and my brothers are having a water gun fight, ya'll wanna join us?"
"Yeah, that'd be fun. Come on Amanda, lets change into out shoes."
"OK, I'm glad we brought out backpacks."
"I'll be right back, lemme go get Ike and Tay." Zac informed them.
"OK, Amanda, we've gotta be dreaming."
"Want me to pinch you?"
"No, I don't want a bruise on my arm."
"Just kidding," she threw her hands up.
"Lets go and sit under that tree where it will be cool." Jacq suggested.
Just then the boys walked out the front door.
"Come on guys, I want you to meet these girls I just met."
Amanda and Jacq got up as they were walking towards them.
"Hi, I'm Taylor."
"I'm Isaac."
Both girls shook their hands and said Hi.
"So, you guys like water gun fights?" Tay asked.
"Yeah, their cool." Tay seamed to like Amanda.
"Okay, let the war begin" Zac shouted.


"Okay," Ike said. I think it's a tie, we're all soaked!"
"I can't believe it got darks so fast." Jacq said in disbelief.
"Well, I can give you 2 a ride home, so you don't have to walk."
"Are you sure it wouldn't be any trouble?"
"Course not, Tay, Zac, ya'll wanna come with me to take Amanda and Jacq home?"
"Sure" they shouted.
They all hopped in the family van and headed down the road. Jacq sat up front with Ike and Amanda got in the back with Tay and Zac.
"Amanda, do you have AOL?" Tay asked.
"Yea, I have e-mailed you guys before."
"What's you e-mail address?"
"I remember that name."
"You do, cool."
"Well, we'll have to get together again, this has been fun."
"It has, me and Jacq didn't think we'd see you guys."
"Are you coming to the concert on Friday?"
"Yes, we can't wait. We got on first row."
"Great, I'll see ya later then."
The girls thanked Ike for the ride and told them bye.

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