Livin' Tulsa, Lovin' Hanson

Chapter 1 - "Tickets and Black Vinyl Pants"

"Jacq, I can't believe we're finally going to a Hanson concert! I mean we live in Tulsa." Amanda exclaimed.
"I know, this is gonna be a blast!"
"What are we gonna wear?, you think we need to go shopping?"
"Yeah, at least for some black vinyl pants,"
"I wont have the car tomorrow, you think your dad could drop us off at the mall?" Amanda asked.
"Maybe, we'll have to beg,"
"As long as we get there,"
"What's your plans for the weekend?"
"I'm taking Jag to a big barrel race." (Amanda is the horse lover, she's been riding
since she was 8, she's now 17. this part is actually true.) OK, back to the
"That's cool, Good Luck."
"Thanks, I better get back home, I've gotta feed the horses."
"OK, I'll call you tomorrow and tell you when my dad can
drop us off."
"All right, see ya then,"


The next morning, Jacq woke up and fixed herself some breakfast.
"So dad, will you be able to take me and Amanda to the mall today?"
"Of course, what time?"
"11 sounds good, thanks dad, I'm going to call Amanda,"


Amanda and Jacq rode in the back of her dads BMW on the way to the mall.
"Play MMMBop one more time dad."
"Again but this is the last time."
"Jacq, which part of the mall should we go first?"
"Hmmm, let's try the Body Shop, or 5-7-9, but first we have to go to Sam Goody and get the newest Hanson shirt."
"Sounds perfect!"
They purchased the shirts and headed down to the
Body Shop.
"Can I help you?", the sales lady asked.
"Yes, we need two pair of black vinyl pants."
"Right this way ladies."
"Jacq, these are perfect for the concert!"
"There like, The Best!"
"Well, I guess we should go ahead and pay for the pants, my dad will be here soon."
"Okay, lets go."
"Hey Amanda, we haven't been rollar blading in a while how bout we go after lunch,
we have eat at my house?"
"All right, cool." Jacqs dad pulled into the driveway and parked the car.
"Let me get my skates, then we can walk over to your house." As they walked across the street to Amanda's house Jacq asked,
"Do you ever think we'll get to meet them?"
"Of course, we live in the same
city, and their just a mile down the road."
"I've got an idea, lets rollerblade down there after lunch?"
"Forget lunch!, lets go now." They walked to the front porch and put their skates on.
"Wouldn't be cool if we actually saw them?"
"Yeah, it'd be weird."
"Amanda, you use that word way to much."
"No I don't," she protested. (Just for your information, Amanda
is 17, blond hair to her shoulders, her hair starts out straight but gets
wavy. She has green eyes, braces and weighs 108. Jacq is 15, thick
blond-brown hair to her shoulders, blue eyes, and weighs 115.)

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